Tuesday, July 11, 2017

I opened the door and quietly sneaked in..

Something I wrote for the TTT [Terribly Tiny Tales] application!
For all those of you interested in writing, do go and check out their application form.You are surely going to tickle your imaginative mind and it'll be fun no matter what the results turn out to be.
Q: A paragraph that should end with I opened the door and quietly sneaked in.
Related imageShe thought she was strong enough to resist me.But little did she know how powerful I am.I am the most favorite of the authors and the poets. She was a writer too. But I wonder what made her keep on resisting me.Maybe she didn’t like the way people like belittling me.Maybe she wanted me in the utmost pure form. Maybe she didn’t want me in bits and pieces. Maybe she didn’t want to welcome any of my antonyms along with me.Years passed by.Yet, she was still the same. And I kept on wondering how do I sneak in.I loved her.I wanted to make her love me too.I gave her what she wanted the most--time. But now, that was not an option too. I know she wasn’t yet ready for it.I wanted to make her feel what always accompanies me-the butterflies in the stomach, the nervousness, the shyness, the possessiveness.I know that that would change her into a completely different person. But I wanted to make her feel and believe that she’s stronger than me.I am love.And I decided to get into her life. I opened the door and quietly sneaked in.