Sunday, May 21, 2017

Swing along!

Looking back to the posts of 2016
I feel pity for my poor blog.
Once, a source of joy for people
Has now become a place to barf my complaints.
One year and how could I have let that happen?
Is it my life that has turned so or just the writing filter that is working so?
Nah Nah! I remember I had my deepest laugh just yesterday.
Life is not bad c’mon!
A few friends, family and flatmates,
Filling up my life with the much-needed delight.
I promise you my alter-self,
I would use you not just to let my frustration out.
But in the coming months, I promise I’ll hug you tight.
Not to cry but to let tears of joy.
All it needs is to think of the good times,
And hope for better ones.
Then why weight the shoulders down
Thinking about what isn’t?

2am thoughts!

It’s 2 am in the morning.
Once, the favorite time of my day.
Then, I used to enjoy every bit of silence.
Now, the thoughts inside me seem to be louder than the silence outside.
“20’s are meant to be wobbly”-is what I hear people say.
A conversation with a dear colleague makes such thoughts sway.
“Everybody is sailing in the same boat”
What frightened some years back, now soothe the inside.
Yet, things do not seem convincing enough.
The thought that everything will fall in place is something I cannot fathom.
Always taught to fight to get what you want,
Now ask me to alter my direction.
“That’s not what you want” is the ultimate struggle between the brain and the heart.
Every day of my life goes in weighing the opportunity costs.
Should I meet my deadline or go out and enjoy.
“This time is never going to come back again”
Is the argument put forth by both.
Every day of the life goes in motivating myself a hundred times.
That the company should not be a deeper influence is what I learn.
You know what the struggle of an introvert inside but an extrovert outside is?
That people believe there is nothing hidden inside.
Yet this heart struggles to find a soul,
To which it can let its deepest fears out.

How beautiful it would be to just sail along?
How beautiful it would be to reach an undestined land,
More beautiful and greener than thought?
How about just letting go of the what-if thoughts?