Sunday, March 26, 2017

Being a Nosocomephobiac(Google that, folks!)

My first hospital visit in Hyderabad

You know how it feels right? Until and unless you belong to the category in which my flatmate belongs too-“Oh I love hospitals. That smell and those yummy idlis that they serve to the patients", you would very well know that it’s one of the most unpleasant experience that one can have.
I generally can do anything to avoid a visit to one. And that involves having beetroots daily, if that’s what it demands, or maybe having sprouts.

But some things are just unavoidable, you see. I recently had an ear infection and the left one seemed to have become numb. I had a few weird experiences wherein I asked my fellow mates standing to my left to repeat a few things a lot many times! Plus, my TT skills got deteriorated as I couldn’t hear the ball bang on the table clearly. I, as I do usually, tried out all the home remedies including dripping all sorts of oils recommended, into my ear but then I finally found out that things might go out of my control, I decided to break my own record and visit the nearest ENT.

Image result for scared girl clipartI took my office colleague along who belongs to ‘Hospitals are normal’ category and she sat there consoling me for the entire time. There was a point when I was waiting for the appointment and my legs were literally shivering. I am shit scared of doctors and hospitals. They make me feel nauseatic and uneasy. I find breathing hard. And plus, I was scared that she would advise for a surgery. That colleague was all the hope I had at that moment.

I went inside. She checked what was wrong. Tried sorting out the thing using her medical equipment but that didn’t help out. Next, she opened her drawer to take out a big huge syringe. And I found my legs shivering again. Looking at that, the uber-cool doctor herself started consoling me, saying it wouldn’t hurt. Next, while she was putting her studies to practice, I sat there tightly squeezing the nurse’s hand. Poor lady had to bear the pain equivalent to what I was!
Next, I started hearing every damn sound/noise. I just scratched my ear and I could hear that. I moved out of the room, into the waiting area and I felt as if I was in Bombay Railway Station. I could hear even the minutest of the resonances. 

Coming back home, I was the one describing all the sounds I could here. Poor people had to be patient and listen to all of the descriptions! :P

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