Sunday, December 25, 2016

2016-A year of disappointment

A while ago, I was reading an article on The Atlantic, titled,'2016-On blaming a year for the things that happened in it. The article described a series of mishappenings in the year we’re soon going to bid goodbye to. Stating the demise of boxing legend Muhammad Ali and the singer Prince, the doomsday that was November 8,2016 with Trump emerging as the leader of the world superpower, the deplorable state of human form that Aleppo is currently now in, the Brexit and several such events which we never had imagined or asked for.

Much like what 2016 was for the majority of the globe, personally too, it hadn’t been a satisfying year.Probably for the first time I say this, or rather blame a year, in my life. Of course,there are things and people in my life for which I’m very thankful for but I had to struggle a lot to get something and for the most attempts, I did not even meet the end result. Disappointing, I must say.

Nothing has ever been easy to acquire in my life. Everything I am is a result of hard work. Good thing because I never learnt to leave anything to my so called luck-if such a thing even exists. And I had always loved toiling and then tasting success. That’s what used to restore my faith in self. But 2016 turned the tables down. My belief in diligence seems to be shattered as of now. That was one thing I believed shall never betray me, but it did. Not once but many a times. Whatever I attempted this year, hasn’t savored success.

It seems silly to blame a year for the things that didn’t turn out to be in my favour. But then I don’t know whom else to blame. At least this way, as The Atlantic puts it forth, I can hope for a benevolent 2017.

2016, no matter how harsh you were to me and no matter how many times I had to fight to get what I deserved, I shall always be grateful to you. For all the bittersweet moments, for all the lessons. At this state, I don’t know how to get up and fight back-shattered I am, a bit, but I’m sure 2017 will teach me that too!


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