Sunday, October 16, 2016

Maybe just another phase of life!

The other day I was just rambling to my friend about how much I’ve changed, no matter whatever be it.Just an year back, every weekend my dad used to be fed up listening to my constant requests to take me out somewhere and now I find myself lazily drooling over food with laptop beside me and sometimes a book while I’m on my bed. This has started to seem like the ultimate pleasure of life. But then there are days, when I’m all motivated and want to conquer the world and all such stuffs. These are the days when I’m awake talking to my dreams till 4:00 am in the morning.

Not just this.I’ve been noticing that as and as the technology is evolving,I’m hating it as much.Such an irony for someone who is already contributing to the STEM industry!But what I’m referring to here is the GREAT GREAT advent of the Messaging apps.I believe those are required because then I’ve to hear my sister admonish me over my temporary but frequent Whatapp deactivation/hibernation, but then I just hate replying to people these days. Specially those stupid,’Ssup’ messages. I think my rudeness level is at its peak right now.

Then there is that ugly red message and notification highlight on facebook.I love the notification highlight only when I’m aware of the reason behind it.All other times,when it keeps on poking me for liking all sorts of pages,I just feel so irated.
With time,I’ve started to enjoy my own company.Not that I don’t need people around me,but,I’m around people who just keep on chattering about their own lives. Sometimes people need to understand that if a person isn’t reciprocating the same feelings of sharing their life with you, you just need to STOP!

I do not know whether I lost this resistance or maybe I never developed it,but I’m becoming averse to people who keep on complaining about their lives.And somewhere,I believe that negativity has swept in me too.And this makes me decide that I need to get rid of listening to any kind of pessimism.
At this point of time,I do not know where my life is heading to,of whether I’m metamorphosing from a caterpillar to a butterfly or am transforming myself to a dry flower from a fresh one.I do not know whether this is some form of maturity or impoliteness, I seriously do not know.

But I’ve promised myself to sail along to a place where my radar takes me to, making sure I don’t completely lose control over it,ofcourse!

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To sum it up..!

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