Saturday, July 16, 2016

When alarm is no longer something that you can trust

In past several months I’ve developed this mind-boggling art of making up stories instantly.Oh,not the ones you make when you have to lie to someone but the ones you make to convince your brain. That too not at any ordinary moment,but early in the morning when you’ve to wake up.So many nights,I have convinced myself that the next morning I won’t let my brain trick my brain and push me to the comfort of my bed again.But alas!My brain has failed to defeat itself!
It’s not that I haven’t tried ways to get past this disgusting cycle I go through every morning(which obviously seems all good till I wake up and see my ever increasing to do lists).

I’ve put my alarm miles away(okay, exaggerated).But yes, near the bathroom and near the switchboard, that is at least a few steps away from where my bed is.Yes,I remember having woken up,switched on the lights,turned off the alarm only to find myself in the bed again a few hours later!

I’ve convinced my friend to call me when I seriously need to wake up and being a good friend that he is,he  even obliges each time.But there have been instances wherein, in sleep,I’ve texted him back that I’m wake.

I’ve tried changing my alarm tone for each iterative alarm that I keep so that my brain finds atleast one of them interesting and gets rid of the sleep producing chemical or whatever on this earth causes slumber! I’ve even tried haunting ones-the ones which keep on getting louder and louder-but to no avail!
I’ve once kept my phone in the cupboard, so that I wake up and take it from there.Huh.As if this was going to work.

And sometimes I don't even remember having heard my alarm and hitting the snooze button. :-|

All I need to do to convince myself to go and hug the bed again are these reasons, I don’t know why my brain believes to be true.

A person needs atleast 6-7 hours of sleep every night for proper functioning the next day.
NO! I’ve had days-the perfectly functioning days,even when I used to sleep less than 4 hours!Why can’t my brain think up of those times!

You won’t be able to concentrate the next day on your office work.
Can’t it just think of the unlimited caffeine supply in my office?! [Not that I don’t know the disadvantages of having it in excess,but right now,I’m just trying to convince my brain to think of it tomorrow morning :P]

You’ll feel sleepy the next dusk.
[Why care about tomorrow man!Wake up,right now!]

The struggles are enormous. I’m on my path of finding loopholes into my thinking process that takes place every morning. Till then,let me be the night owl! K