Saturday, June 18, 2016

Orangey Fanta Times: A Prank Call AGAIN!

I admit I’ve almost lost track of writing. From 5 posts a month to 0-1 posts, this is indeed a drastic change. Blame it on my laziness or lack of topics, the truth is, I somewhere miss the previous me-The one who had millions of incidents in life which she wanted to pen down.

Till today morning, I was the same. Either thinking of some topic to write about or creating some imaginary stories to pen down, but again, failed miserably. It wasn’t until 11:00 a.m. that I finally had something interesting in my life that I have to write about.

On 11th November,2013,I had begun a series of posts titled ‘Orangey Fanta Times’ which would be a collection of all the crazy stupid things which happen in college. It all started with a friend of mine who had executed an exceptionally well planned prank. And today, the same person does it again.*Bows*
(Link to the post that contains that Prank details :

After almost 3 years, I had an Orangey Fanta Time again! Here it goes.

It was around 10 a.m. and we flat mates were just deciding what to cook for the meals. Just then I heard my phone’s ringtone. I saw the number and it had 079 prefix. I knew it was from Ahmedbad.I expected it to be somehow related to my past life. :P

I picked up the phone and I hear somebody who introduced himself as ‘Syed Ahmed’.
He : Hi,Am I talking to Miss Pooja Karadgi?
I : Yes.
He : Hi,I’m Syed Ahmed calling from LinkedIn and wanted to talk about an interesting opportunity onboard. Is this a good time to talk to you?
I : Yes,Tell me?
He: As you might be aware,the company is now taken over by Microsoft and we have a new analytics department coming up.I just came across your profile and got to know that you’ve worked in analytics before.(I have a few projects mentioned in my profile).So you currently work for ABC company right?
I : Yes.
He : What work do you do there?
I : Mine is a development profile.I basically develop apps used to collect data.
He : So it’s not related to analytics?
I : No..
He : Which database do you use?
I : (this).
He : That’s so outdated.
(It’s actually not.But I had no intentions of spoiling my relations with any HR :P)
So,are you looking for a job change then?
I : As of now,I’m not actively looking for one.
He : Okay.Thank you.
I : Yep,Thank you.

I cut the call and went on with my usual chores not even thinking about this.

After a while,this college friend of mine calls me,whom I had called a few days back but who seemed to be too busy that day.I taunted him for a while and then began our usual conversation.

In the middle of the conversation regarding jobs and stuff, whether I was looking for a job change or something.
I,in my usual tone,told him about the recent call I had received. He asked me about the profile they were offering,that why did I reject straight ,why didn’t I give a try.To cut short,he tried to make me feel guilty.
After a while he mentioned that he too had received a call from ‘Syed Ahmed’ from LinkedIn a few days back.And that,he currently works into analytics,they even took his interviews.One conference and one Skype.And then he was called to their Mumbai office on Monday for the next round.I congratulated him and asked him for a treat.

After a while,he very seriously asks me,
“Pooja..Sachh Sach bata..Tu sad hui mera sunke?’
I :“Why would I be sad.As a natural human would feel,I would have felt a little sad if I had attempted the same and failed.But right now,No..Because I dint even give it a try”
He : “Hahahahah! Who Syed Ahmed mai hi tha.I got a new landline connection at home.Yay!”
I : “Kaminee..Kab sudhrega!”

Then he made me realize how much of hard work it had involved.
  • Syed Ahmed is actually the HR of LinkedIn.
  • If I had shown even 1% interest in the offer,he said he would have added me into a conference call and interviewed me there and then.Undoubtedly, he would also have been the technical lead and the HR as well.He’s a genius when it comes to fooling people.
  • And that how he would have made me study for the whole of weekend for the interview he would have scheduled on Monday.

I cursed him innumerable times imagining the what-ifs!

Finally,I accepted that, yes,I can be fooled and he does that exceptionally well.
I’m so glad that some people and some friendships and some bonds never change. No matter how your lives take different turns, how far you’re from one another, how frequent you share your stories with each other, there are people with whom you’ll always love laughing and fooling around!
Stupid people!