Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The God Solution

It amazes me as to how often we get busy with our day to day life, in our own circle of happiness thinking this is the usual. This is how it’ll always stay. Change cannot find its way and hence neither can sadness and failures.

And amidst all this,even if there’s a breeze of disappointment,it shakens you from deep within.All the above phrases just start seeming so silly!The times when you get to know who you really are.Subtracting the usual circumstances.That moment,when disappointment punches you hard,straight on your face,those are the moments you feel,there’s no more left.You start doubting your own senses.Everything starts seeming haphazard and gloomy.There’s not one constant thought you can engage your brain into.Thousand erupt at a go.A terrible,horrible tsunami!All your future plans appear at stake.

And amidst all this comes only one supreme divine power to help you.God.Not one,but innumerable instances of my life,I’ve taken his abode when I get shaken up.And being who he is,he’ll always find me a shelter.I realize what Prayers take a shift.From,’Please,I beg you for that and this’ which are often material things,how it suddenly transforms to ‘I beg peace.Please grant me Peace.A shelter in your heart at such times’.

Indeed,Change is Constant.But,time and again,it gets me closer to God.Selfish me!