Sunday, March 27, 2016

Random Thoughts

Past month at a glance!

I got too close to somebody in my work place and due to some personal reasons, she had to leave the city and go to her hometown. That marks the first time I cried, rather sobbed, at my workplace. Sometimes, it leaves me in awe as to how somebody can get so close and connected to us as if the universe wanted us to meet. Goodbyes are never easy but coping up is what life is all about! We make sure we talk at least once in two days!

I decorated my desk. It was always this plain boring until my 23rd birthday when my colleagues decorated the place with balloons and stuff. Some gifted me written articles  and now I’ve all of them stuck over there. But last Friday, I had something special-A Mr.Bean peeping on to my desk from the other side. And everybody was like, “You both are same!”.

But the same night, I don’t know why, sleeplessness fetched in a lot many hypothetical and imaginary questions about life for me.What if the tomorrow I wake up and notice myself not in this world.I pondered, to how many people’s life I would make a difference.Family,of course.But other than them, the rest will mourn for some days and everything will get back to normal again. Nobody is to blame of course.That’s how survival is.The office desk might be the way it is now,full of smileys,Mr.Bean,notes etc but eventually will be removed or replaced.Nothing is permanent, truly!

People around me know me as a ‘No-Songs’ person but when I shared a song link on Facebook,it was a shock for people.But I made sure the entire world gets to know that I’m hooked to that song and wanted everyone to know how beautiful it is!The entire band is so awesome!It makes me happy and smile!

From a person who had never seen a TT table to the one whom people consider a decent player, the entire journey was beautiful. I go to the office early and practice playing. That’s one of the reasons that motivate me to wake up early and serves as a morning exercise as well!

I felt motivated for no reasons. There’s so much I want to do. Starting a food blog is one amongst them. I might just include a section in the same blog and share the recipes I try. All this for working people who often end up being confused or bored in the evening as to what veggies to take home daily and what to cook!
[(Next day,1:34 a.m.)
Started a Food Page on my blog]

Saturday, March 12, 2016

I just can't think of a title at this moment!

With a bowl of noodles and self-made tea. Here goes my life that happened within the last three days!

I never knew passport application process can be so challenging. Day 1,having seated in a congested government office,PSK,for more than 4 hours, if they reject your application at the last stage, it can be heck annoying! That too, when it costed you a leave from the office! That day, I met two good people in the office and thanks to the way I was brought up, I don’t find blending with the people difficult. But as soon as the passport officer rejected my application at the final stage, all that I could think of was call my dad and sob. Out of anger, frustration and what not!

That day after returning home, the digestive system ditched me too and I ended up vomiting followed by slight fever and weakness. Plus,that lady officer had by mistake scheduled an appointment the next day itself instead of a date in next week. I had decided that I will reschedule it as I had no strength to carry on the same procedure the next day.

But knowing any day, it’ll be the same, I mustered up the much needed courage the next day and went again. From one bank to another, changing a lot many cabs in between and then finally the passport office.I knew, it was again going to eat up my day.

There while waiting in the waiting room,I happened to come across this Muslim family.They had four daughters and a son-the youngest.All of them, well-educated and conversing in English with not a single filler in between. After talking for a while with them about the city and stuff,I asked them their names.The youngest girl,Bushra, introduced me to all of them.The little boy,Aquib,who was in Jr.Kg. asked me mine. When I said it’s ‘Pooja’, the next question that he asked made me ponder. He asked ‘So,You’re a Hindu!’.I wonder who introduces religion to a kid as small as this one.

That day,I actually experienced what staying alone in a completely different city,where roads and ways are no less than a maze for me, means.
Today being just a day short for my birthday,I’m receiving quite a few surprises.It was my best friend whose present I received first and today an unanticipated phone call from FedEx asking me to go and collect my parcel made me think of all possible names.Upon opening,it brought a big smile on my face.Chocolates.Sent by my favorite people.MomDad! <3

I had become quite emotional after receiving that,as this birthday will be my first away from family-people whom I absolutely love!