Sunday, February 28, 2016

Far I've come,leaving the Past.

The skyscrapers were a usual scene for her,
Different months, different cities.
She once had dreamt of travelling the world,
And the corporate job of hers, made sure she did.
The pretty black stilettos, the formal skirt and the white shirt
Went well along with the witty mind and a smart personality.
She surely knew how businesses dealt and deals end
With such persona, she climbed the ladder of success too fast.
Made parents and friends and family proud.
From time to time, New York, London, Paris all welcomed her
But it was one place she longed to go
Which the corporate map didn’t know.
The place she had spent her infancy in
The place where Mango trees yearned for her
The smell of the summer breeze, the taste of the popsicles
The little bird’s chirping sound, the aroma of the place.
Everything reminded her of how far she had come.
Some days, she used to smell the same,
Some thousand miles away.
But it just weighed down the shoulders
Thinking life again can never be the same.
She knew about ‘change’ and had readily accepted it
Yet, deep within,
A part of her still cried and ached for the past.
These are the  times when skyscrapers bow to country lands,
When memories outweigh the bank balance
And alas! Distance overpowers the feelings.