Sunday, January 31, 2016

Reading The World.

The other day, I came across this bibliophile, while reading an article, who felt her whole book shelf was stacked with English books.Soon,she realized, the stories of all were centered around India or other native English speaking countries.Inspite of having read a thousand or so books, she felt that she was familiar with only a part of the globe. This made her explore more authors and their works which have been translated to English. In a year, she was aware of the culture across the globe, had temporarily and virtually lived almost everywhere.
The idea seemed interesting to me.So,rather than reading the same authors, who every year, mark their spot in the ‘best-selling’ list, I decided to diversify my 2016 reading list. I try my best to finish reading at least a book a month(at which I failed in 2015),but this year, with a grit, I’ve begun again.
First in the list is a book authored by a Japanese,Hiroaki Murakami,which features in the best-selling list. ’Kafka on the shore’.

If you too have thought of reading something different, here’s a list of countries and their best-selling books.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Good versus Golden

A Good Morning.
At 6:30 in the morning,
My alarm rings for the first time.
I hit the snooze button.
Thinking why it’s morning again!
At 7:15, I open my eyes.
Thinking of my To-Do list of the day.
There I rush to the kitchen,
To put the tea to boil.
Freshen up and hurry to catch the cab.
Lost in my phone,
I fail to notice my surroundings.
The traffic seems to disturb my senses,
And somehow I find a way of ignoring it.
Still busy in my phone,
I feel the jerk of the brakes being applied,
When I find myself in the office campus.
And gear up for the day ahead.

A Golden Morning
At 6:30 in the morning,
My alarm rings for the first time.
With closed eyes and an interrupted dream,
I hit the snooze button.
At 7:15, I open an eye.
When all I notice is the golden ray of sunshine
Happily finding its way through the window.
Reflecting from places, it amplifies the hope I’ve to carry through the day.
With a smile, I wake up.
Thinking of the events that have to wind up.
It begins with a prayer,
Just followed by Azaan from the nearby mosque.
Thinking of the beauty of the country which houses such a variety,
I feel grateful for yet another day.
I put the kettle on the burner,
Watch the tea boil.
Accompanied with it is the aroma
And the golden-black color,
Which refreshes all the senses and removes traces of slumber.
I get dressed up for the office and walk down the lane,
Feeling the breeze and watching the kids throw tantrums.
And watch the flute man on the signal,
Trying to woo the people with his music.
I read all the way to the office,
Living another life temporarily.
When the brakes are applied,
I get back to who I am.
A happy human-being.

So, what actually turns a 'Good Morning' to a 'Gold Morning'?
It’s our perspective towards the things in life. The way we consume the things around us, the way we decide to interpret the events of our life. The crowd on the roads may be taken as a headache or a moment to observe a variety of people around us. Life can be considered monotonous. Or we can decide to notice the change, even in the same set of happenings. Or maybe find a different way of doing the same things.

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