Saturday, December 12, 2015


­­­­­What a perfect time to write about something I am so nostalgic about! After having inhabited in the west for a larger portion of my life, if you ask me to vote between my birth zone-south and  brought-up zone west, west wins for me hands-down! For some, it would feel a biased vote but imagine every important phase of my life, I’ve lived in Gujarat. From taking my first baby steps to learning to walk, from imbibing the pride of my first award to socializing with all different cultured people.

Enlisting why undoubtedly my vote would go for the West Zone and specifically Gujarat and more precisely Ahmedabad, considering Drive Design and connect is as below:

Transportation : The wide beautiful Roads that makes driving a fun.Plus,it has an amazing connectivity throughout the state connecting even the remotest villages.

Electricity :  Having stayed there for more than 20 years,I don’t remember power cuts being menacing to the residents of the city. Not just the city,it’’s true for all over Gujarat.Thanks to windmills installed all along the coastline of Gujarat.

Global Gujaratis : They say, business is in their blood. So it won’t raise your eyebrows if you even go to the remotest place on this Earth and find a Gujju there selling whatever the scarcity of the supply demands! Not just this,it is a place for the country’s most prestigious IIM and has a host of many such institutions like MICA.

Safe for women : Saying that the crime rates against women is 0 would be a false statement.But yes,compared to other states,it I definitely much safer for women.Not to wonder why Surat and Ahmedabad top the list. Riding out on these wonderful roads experiencing a cool breeze even after sunset and later,in most cases,wont be a problem.

Establishment of IT industries : Having been tagged as a state producing magnates, Gujarat is now trying its hands to set up a huge IT industry in its capital city. With the GIFT project ,many more companies rooted in the south are expected to branch it here.

The People : Society and its people matter as much as the other developments and the facilities available for an individual. The people here are one of the sweetest I’ve come across.’Atithhi devo bhava’ is a not just a hymn for them.

Food : Currently being housed in Hyderabad,I’ve come to a conclusion that for some people,non-veg forms a very important part of life.For all those,Gujarat might initially seem to be a little disappointing. But once you are in the city,you’ll notice that the veg platter will be enough for the non-veg taste bud to forget about its existance-untill you move out of the place.

Festivals : I know no other state in the country which enjoys festivals as much as this.Just as all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,12 months’ work and no festivals makes a Gujju go GaGa! Festivals apart from being celebrated from a cultural viewpoint, people go all crazy when giving the traditional ways a modern twist and dancing and laughing and enjoying to the tunes!

I just cannot sum up my experience of 22 years in a post of mere 450 words. Some things are best known when experienced. So the advertisement goes like,’Kuch din toh guzaro Gujarat mai’

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