Sunday, December 20, 2015

When Dinner Turns to Be a Disaster!

Last sem of our college, we had a disaster management class wherein we were warned against a dozen of disasters and were taught all the precautionary measures and in the worst cases how to deal with the trauma post-disaster.

But college just missed out teaching us what to do in circumstances when the stomach has to sleep with no input to it.Well,we are three girls sharing a flat, all brought up in Gujarat but hailing from different places. And luckily enough, all three of us are pretty good at cooking.

The usual dinner consists of Roti and Sabzi or some kind of rice(I,being a south Indian can prepare a few varieties).And a confession, after we come back from office and notice that we’ve got no vegetables at home, we don’t climb down and walk half a kilometer to buy some. Dinner has to be from whatever we’ll have at home at that time.

A few days back,a situation similar to the above occurred.No vegetables to prepare the curry. And rice wasn’t an option good enough as we had it a day before.But we had besan(gram flour) at home.One of the girls recalled how her mother used to prepare something delicious of that and suggested us the same. And we agreed.

All very excited,we started.

Mixed water,besan,all masalas.Whipped it. Sautéed the onions and then poured that mixture into it.All seemed to be going fine until the water from it almost evaporated and further addition did not seem to be making any difference.And we’re all too hungry to have not lost our patience.
We took the vessel form the induction, made some rotis and got to the regular business of eating.

The first bite.It was less than semi-cooked. As if you’re eating plain besan with water added.But nobody said a word.Internally we all could feel what was going on in each one’s mind..

One of us got up and brought the pickle.I got up to get another variety of it.The third one took both into her plate. We somehow ate, however much we could and got up hiding the remaining part of the curry from each other and put the left over in the leftover-bag.

That day all of us went to bed,not uttering a word.Late night,one of the girls knocked each of our doors and asked us to drink more water saying,
'Who thoda besan kacchha reh gaya than a apan se..toh paani zyada pi lena.Pet dukhega warna’. :D

Just yesterday, that topic emerged out of nowhere (First time after that day) and we had a good share of laughter concluding that ,that was the worst dish we could have ever prepared! :D
Living alone and cooking ourselves sure give many memories!

Saturday, December 19, 2015


2015 : You went by too early. Really!
And here I stand to embrace 2016, pocketing all the lessons that you taught me.

1)To Insert A Space After A Comma , something I never do. Like, in the statement above. But thanks to MSWord and inbuilt correction feature, it keeps on reminding me. Today, on Quora too, the bot(yes, that artificial human) corrected my question i.e. inserted a space after the comma! I’ll have to learn before another bot insults my grammar! :P

2)To Forgive People: This is probably something, I jot down in the personal enhancement list each year and yet fail dejectedly at it.Forgiving people doesn’t come to me.It simply doesn’t.Last year, I tried, after a lot of my friends convinced me to.But the results were devastating!If this is how life reacts to my trials, how am I supposed to learn? The results have to be something fruitful for me to adopt the practice right?

3)Family: After spending half  a year away from them,I now realize that it’s one of the strongest support system one can have.Nobody else matters as much as them.2015 was the greatest teacher to have taught me this!

4)Read Some Good Stuff every day. I had pledged I would read 12 books in 2015.But in the second half of 2015,I miserably failed at doing that halting my count at 9!This doesn’t mean,reading got stagnant.I drifted more towards online articles. But immersing into a book is altogether a different experience.I’ve to get back to reading once again!

5)Being more thankful : Thankful for all I have,to all the people.Not just saying Thankyou,but feeling it from my heart.

6)Writing.Although,2015 was the year,I had the highest count of my blog posts,I somewhere feel most of them were written plainly, devoid of feelings.May 2016 not face this.

7) Start Learning Again : Be it anything, but I don’t want to let the process of learning get stagnant. Of course,the job makes me come across a lot of new stuffs on daily basis,but I don’t want it to stop there.

8)A little less distraction : Facebook has become an excuse for staying in contact with people,the fact being,it is nothing more than peeping into the lives of the people who deliberately want us to do so.No No! WhatsApp is also something on the same terms!

9) Start meditation and Yoga.
All this, while being, the person that I’m! Not losing all that I love in myself.J

Thursday, December 17, 2015

FS Tales #7 : Conquering my Fear

Have you ever grabbed an opportunity wherein you’re into a new place with nobody knowing you and were asked to do something which was out of your comfort zone?Yes,yes,I’m talking of the same feeling you might get after a rebirth.

A kid, for instance. Like a free floating body. Bothers about none. No criticisms and no failures. If you laugh at its absurdity, it’ll laugh twice as harder, making you doubt your own sanity.

You rarely get an opportunity to be in that kid’s place I just talked about. Not literally of course, but if for some reasons, you’ve moved to say, a new neighborhood devoid of any aunties from the previous one or a new job place where nobody yet knows you, that’s a chance you get to create your first impression on this new bunch of people. And creating an impression doesn’t necessarily mean recreating the one you had at the former place. You now have this splendid chance of altering that impression.

 What after all life is all about? Jumping from one rail track to another, just being more cautious each time and pocketing the lessons learnt from the last hop, all while quaffing the thrill and excitement.

So, when you change your rail track, make sure you alter that impression and you, yourself-with all enhancements and fixations. All that you wished you were on the previous trail.

I just had this chance. The people who know me personally, know that I’m quite a shy kind of person when it comes to dancing. It’s not about the stage fear,for I love addressing the mass.It had something to do with some portion of my brain resisting my body to even give it a try.I remember,the last time I had danced on a stage was when I was in the fifth grade.That’s almost twelve years ago!And I confess,I never actually gave it a serious try.As I mentioned,some evil chunk of my brain had succeeded in convincing me that my body won’t ever obey the choreographer’s instructions. And maybe,at that age,we are at a stage when we begin getting conscious about our own self. When people laughing at us suddenly starts bothering us. When that kid in us has just started becoming asthmatic towards others’ annotations.

So,when I moved to an entirely new city and a new workplace and got to know about a cultural event being held,with all nervous thoughts but a determined soul,I got registered for it.Thanks to one of my colleagues for propelling me to do so.Another confession, I’m scared of choreographers.I mean,literally.Have you ever noticed the anger and irritation on their faces when their students aren’t able to grasp a step in spite of them trying,say,maybe a million times? If you haven’t, I have. And I’ll tell you, it’s the reaction a math teacher might give to a class six student trying hard to solve 3+8*9!

Leaving all the negativity behind, I decided to stop upsetting myself over all the scary thoughts. Before I could convince my heart that I can, my brain had played its part and convinced me otherwise. That night, I pinged about my participation to my friend who motivated me saying if I can dance to the garba(folk dance of Gujarat) tunes with such grace, western won’t be difficult for me. Suppressing those evil feelings that my heart and brain both were pumping in, I anxiously went inside the dancing room the next day.

During all this, thanks to my grit of altering my impression of being a not-so-good-dancer(how optimistic of myself!:P) to a moderate-leveled-dancer(No! No great expectations!),nobody around me even had a hint of how terrible(Facts hit hard) a dancer I might turn out to be!

With the same determination, I went for my first dance practice after a decade. And when I came back, sitting on my office chair, I felt so good! Of course, I required an instruction or two more than the good dancers but nothing was as scary as the overthinking thinker inside me was telling it would be. Then followed a lot many rehearsals and then finally that stage performance! Everything was just amazing! Circumstances deemed me to be the one playing the main role-on the center stage! And it was so gleesome!

Now everybody around me knows me as a girl who can dance. I don’t actually know where I stand on their rating scale, but I’m happy that I at least belong somewhere there. I felt a change. I could alter my impression.
You can try that too.

Growing up makes you a little more conscious about yourself. These are the opportunities when you  get to turn the tables.

Different places, different and better versions of your own self.

Saturday, December 12, 2015


­­­­­What a perfect time to write about something I am so nostalgic about! After having inhabited in the west for a larger portion of my life, if you ask me to vote between my birth zone-south and  brought-up zone west, west wins for me hands-down! For some, it would feel a biased vote but imagine every important phase of my life, I’ve lived in Gujarat. From taking my first baby steps to learning to walk, from imbibing the pride of my first award to socializing with all different cultured people.

Enlisting why undoubtedly my vote would go for the West Zone and specifically Gujarat and more precisely Ahmedabad, considering Drive Design and connect is as below:

Transportation : The wide beautiful Roads that makes driving a fun.Plus,it has an amazing connectivity throughout the state connecting even the remotest villages.

Electricity :  Having stayed there for more than 20 years,I don’t remember power cuts being menacing to the residents of the city. Not just the city,it’’s true for all over Gujarat.Thanks to windmills installed all along the coastline of Gujarat.

Global Gujaratis : They say, business is in their blood. So it won’t raise your eyebrows if you even go to the remotest place on this Earth and find a Gujju there selling whatever the scarcity of the supply demands! Not just this,it is a place for the country’s most prestigious IIM and has a host of many such institutions like MICA.

Safe for women : Saying that the crime rates against women is 0 would be a false statement.But yes,compared to other states,it I definitely much safer for women.Not to wonder why Surat and Ahmedabad top the list. Riding out on these wonderful roads experiencing a cool breeze even after sunset and later,in most cases,wont be a problem.

Establishment of IT industries : Having been tagged as a state producing magnates, Gujarat is now trying its hands to set up a huge IT industry in its capital city. With the GIFT project ,many more companies rooted in the south are expected to branch it here.

The People : Society and its people matter as much as the other developments and the facilities available for an individual. The people here are one of the sweetest I’ve come across.’Atithhi devo bhava’ is a not just a hymn for them.

Food : Currently being housed in Hyderabad,I’ve come to a conclusion that for some people,non-veg forms a very important part of life.For all those,Gujarat might initially seem to be a little disappointing. But once you are in the city,you’ll notice that the veg platter will be enough for the non-veg taste bud to forget about its existance-untill you move out of the place.

Festivals : I know no other state in the country which enjoys festivals as much as this.Just as all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,12 months’ work and no festivals makes a Gujju go GaGa! Festivals apart from being celebrated from a cultural viewpoint, people go all crazy when giving the traditional ways a modern twist and dancing and laughing and enjoying to the tunes!

I just cannot sum up my experience of 22 years in a post of mere 450 words. Some things are best known when experienced. So the advertisement goes like,’Kuch din toh guzaro Gujarat mai’