Saturday, October 31, 2015

Need something to get going.

Being a weekend, just as I’ve been living them past a few weeks, I woke up late. Sat on my bed thinking of what all could I do and suddenly my brain knocked up saying “Hello! Do you see it’s been a week that you last cleaned your house? Saturday.Come on! Get up. Time to clean”. Just when I was going to ignore this thought, my flat mate knocked my room door hard saying “Let’s get past this cleaning stuff at the earliest”.

I woke up cursing the monotonous weekend. Times have changed so much that I no longer crave for weekends, I enjoy week days more! But realizing that I am void of powers of changing the worldwide accepted schedule, I got up, soaked a few of my clothes, did my share of cleaning the house and got a long chill bath, cooked and ate.

What next now?

My life has come to point where it is devoid of any thrill or excitement.We,a group of colleagues, have visited almost all the places that are listed in the ‘Places to visit in Hyderabad’ and for the ‘Weekend gateways from Hyderabad’, we,being first time earners and not boasting big bank balances,still give it a second thought. I hope that changes after a few months. :P

The day pitied us and sent off the sun soon. Just when I was downloading some pretty cool apps from the app store, my best friend, who is preparing for her CA final exams and has her exams from tomorrow called me and we chatted for about 10-15 minutes talking all crazy stuff.

While talking to her, a momentary excitement filled up my life. It felt as if I was going to appear for an examination. All the stationery shopping, that nervousness, that thrill. I feel today that I actually like the feeling I have before an examination. All that is now lost somewhere amidst the performance bonuses and appraisals. I was so thrilled and excited when while talking that it made her say from the other end “Why don’t you go and appear for my examinations on my behalf”. I thought, ”Oh God!I wish I could.How badly I want to.”

There’s something special when you’re examined for whatever you’ve read and prepared for. And the feeling of acing it is just incomparable!

Wishing you all the very best Pranji! J

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Breaking Bad?

I find friendship to be fascinating. How two strangers get along so well, who are related to you neither by blood nor by deeds? Yet you find yourself to be so comfortable with them.

Just as John Green mentions in FIOS,you fall in love just like you fall asleep.First slowly and then all at once.Friendship to me is one such relationship.You meet,you talk,you talk more,you start sharing your thoughts and ideas,your secrets and then knowingly or unknowingly you find that they are now a part of that shell inside which you only allow some.

You let them in ,share your joys and sorrows,you feel everything gets just perfect with them.Laughter,Food everything.

Then all of a sudden you find them trying to push the shell from inside, as if it’s somewhere suffocating them. The reasons could be many.
As your life progresses, inclusion of more people inside.

They want to get out of the shell, reason from their side could possibly be many.
In such circumstances should one just allow and help the person to escape with ease looking to it that he doesn’t crack the whole of shell and simply move on in life or try to keep it intact but with the constant fear of shell dismantlement and losing friendship?

When you don't look your age.

A few days back my sister was ere in Hyderabad and just as a meet-treat took me to a very posh restaurant located in the center of the city. If you are not in any of the dry states and the restaurant too happens to be a posh one, finding drinks in the menu there won’t raise your eyebrows. And as the government rule states one has to be above 18 to enter places where drinks are served. So the situation goes something like this.

Outside the entrance stood a security personal checking bags and stuff. When I was about to enter he asked me for my identity proof. Thinking it was just the usual norms for the place, I tried taking it out from my overly stuffed bag noticing the girls accompanying me with my squinted eyes. The other girl(my sister’s friend) was too trying to remove it from her bag while my sister stood there confused. Being familiar with the place, just when she was about to ask the person about the happenings there, he said, pointing to Jo(Sister’s friend),
“Madam,you need not take out your Id card.”

My sister promptly asked “Oh! You want to confirm her(my) age?”
He replied, “Yes mam.Just wanted to make sure she is above 18”
I stood there face-palm and gave a similar look to that guy replied sweetly,”you look much younger than your age!”
We all had a hearty laugh.

Not just that.

I had my connecting flight from Ahmedabad to Hyderabad via Mumbai and there was this little kid who was seated beside me.Throughout the journey I had been reading a book and noticing the yawing of the kid who was also adjacent to his sleeping dad.

Just as we landed at Mumbai this conversation initiated.

“Didi,Where are you going?”
“Where are you from?”
“Why Ahmedabad”
“My parents stay here.Had come to meet them”
“You stay alone at Hyderabad”
“Yes. Why?”
“Oh.Its too far from Ahmedabad.”
“Why do you stay at Hyderabad”
“I work there.”
“Toh aap school main nahi padhte?Mujhe laga aap school mai padhte ho!”

Holy Crap!
Nothing more to say.

Signing off from Chatrapati Shivaji Airport,Mumbai. J

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Real Togetherness

What an apt time it is for the contest, when I sit here just after the late meal just because I was busy irritating my father with my shopping woes.
I’m here, in my city, the city I spent 22 years of my life after 3.5 long months. I still remember, last Navratri, I had wished if God could make my existence here again, the coming here. Be here hearing my favorite Aarti and dance and swing to the beautiful garba songs. And God is sweet. Here I am today having enjoyed the last few days. And the best part being, it’s not just me who is here. I, my parents, my sister-who just got married last year and her in-laws all have gathered here to enjoy this festival.
For the past 3.5 months it was always the usual office and the internet through which I survived. And a few close office colleagues. Now, I am with the people whom I love, not chatting with them via Whatsapp or Hike, not sharing the hug, Smile and Laughter stickers, but in real, Hearing the laughter, watching the smile and feeling a hug.
Real Togetherness for me is not an alarm waking me up with its usual tone but mom asking me to get up and get dressed for the next series of activities. Its sipping that dad-made tea with my favorite Eliachi toasts, its unwrapping and eating those chocolates without any guilt  and fighting to not to share it with anybody(Chocolates are special!).It’s the noon to evening shopping wherein I get to see all sorts of weird expressions on my parent’s faces, all trying to make me wrap up purchasing faster. It’s about sitting for an hour and deciding which restaurant or street food stall should be visited for the dinner. Its about asking mom to prepare our favorite delicacies. It’s about getting dressed in traditional and showing each other our favorite lipstick and nail enamel paints. It’s about going for shopping in this extreme heat and then enjoying it nevertheless by drinking a glass or two sugarcane juice from the place with which you have a series of memories and emotions attached.
It’s about letting the people, who’ve visited the place for the first time, know how cool the place is to be. It’s about walking on the same lanes and roads with them and sharing with them the memories that are etched there. It’s also about teaching them the garba steps and watching them swirl along. It’s about eating the sugar-candies after a long night walking together while making that sluuuuurp sounds.
It’s about meeting those old friends who’ve not changed a bit realizing that strength of a relationship isn’t measured by the physical distance.
3.5 months and I realize what home-coming is.What it is to live the days when you know it’s not permanent anymore. But I also realize that I was lucky enough to experience all this for 22 years, for those were the years that created memories and I can now cherish them until the next ‘Real Togetherness’.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Solo Journey.

They say matter how close you are too your city, your parents and siblings you ought to experience staying alone atleast once in life. You get to test the strength in your roots of responsibility along with the wings of independence.

There are very minor aspects of day to day life which would have never crossed our mind which suddenly becomes noticeable and unignorable.

Now, when I'm taking my life's first solo journey in the bus, there is a background check going on in my mind,like,if there's any perishable grocery left to be used, that I've locked up the rooms and house well, that I've packed all the stuffs, downloaded the reliable safety apps etc. etc.

A few of my fellow mates asking me to go safe, parents asking me not to climb down the bus late night and many more such instructions packed with utmost love and care.

Its this cool breeze blowing by right now whilst I sit on a window side seat and look at the bustling city full of people eager to go to their hometown accompanied by the variety of sounds and noises . Its a long weekend after all.