Monday, September 14, 2015

A Quarter of Change.

Sometimes you have to accept the fact that certain things will never go back to how they used to be.:

It’s almost been a quarter that I’ve come here.Can’t say that the days passed by soon. Because every moment of my life, I miss my past and hug my present. That’s what life is all about, I guess.

And I was wondering how little surprises, little visits and little pampering fills up the otherwise monotonous life with excitement.

Initially in June, it was all hush-hush. First Job. New city. Leaving behind my beloved city. Parents .The Friends.

July passed in Flat hunts, bad experiences, meeting new people, befriending the coworkers, knowing and learning the job stuffs ,exploring Hyderabad and excitedly waiting for my first salary as a software engineer.

Just when I received my first salary I was wondering what to gift to my parents-the reason I am whatever I am today. And then the casual leaves getting expired and I invited my parents here wherein I funded their entire trip. August went into waiting for them and then missing them.

September was going slow but it was then that I decided it was now the time to get my FIRST phone. Just ordered a phone yesterday and now waiting for its delivery. Also, next week I have my dearest sissy coming here.Not to miss the flight tickets I booked for the next month to fly to the place which houses my partial soul-Ahmedabad.

I’m sure the remaining days of September and half of October would go longing for those days.Also,a trip to Bangalore somewhere between!

How little things began to matter so much and how these are the little joys you try to find amidst your busy llife!

Not to miss A-Book-A-Month which helps me get past memories sometimes. J

Friday, September 4, 2015

FS Tales #5 : Some People Touch Our Hearts, Even with a Common Conversation!

Today, while in the washroom, I came across this woman, one of the cleaning staff members. She started speaking to me, something in telugu.I let her complete her sentence and very gently told her that I cannot comprehend the language.
Thankfully, she knew Hindi and translated the same for me.That initiated a conversation. She appeared to be a woman in her late 30s or 40s and began narrating the water problems in the city. And the problems that she and her society members face. I felt a little pain. Imagining how some people survive. And in spite of this, she was thankful that she was in a better position than the others.
Then, asked me that when had I joined.I told her that  I am from Gujarat. She smiled big and said ‘I have a daughter of your age and looks just like you.’
That made me smile.
Then began telling about her. Of how she was preparing for the CA course and how she just fell short of 2 marks. She was proud of her efforts but wanted to make sure she is in the correct field and so asked me of the career prospects after completing the course. I assured her that they are very fair.
While I was leaving, she says that I remind her of her daughter and that if I find time could he talk to me whenever she finds me.
All the way back(that’s like Internal FS walking for me!) I had this big smile,so much so that my  jaws were really paining when I got seated!
How often do we find time to talk to strangers and get connected to them and feel their lives?Everyday we see them, acknowledge their existence and we walk away.
That watchman of the building, that sweeper on the street, that cleaning staff of the office, that maid in the house.
We’re all born with Humanity. But talking to these people, people who never come into picture, yet who are a vital part of our lives, enlivens that humanity again!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

FS Tales #4 : Chocolate Thieves!

What happens to a girl who is so fond of chocolate and while heading for lunch notices a BIG bag of chocolates kept by a non-Indian for his teammates?
It has to be a stimulus-that mouthwatering, that heart beat increase .But those weren’t meant for our team right?

I and another friend of mine feel the same when it comes to chocolates-tremendous love, something for which we can even sacrifice all the moral science lessons that were taught to us.

The other day it so happened that we were heading to the cafeteria for lunch and on the way noticed a bagful of M&Ms and KitKats etc.(Ummn…Mouth Watery!).And we wanted a share, at ANY cost!

So I and this friend of mine thought of various ways of getting inside and walking away with a handful of them like :
‘Hey!Can we have them?’ (Such innocent request. Nobody would deny! Would they?)

‘Umn..Can we have them pleaaaaaaaase?’ (Yeaa..Yea..Sure is what he would have said)

And when these request thing dint ring up with us..We even had this thought of rushing into his cabin…Grabbing the whole packet and zoooooom! Running away! :P

But then…We thought of the consequences..Instead of the organization posters..there would be ‘Meet Our Chocolate Thieves!’

And then finally we decided to let go of our temptations and headed for lunch!

While coming, we noticed that the cabin was now unoccupied.
And the bag of chocolates was still there..the pack wide open in our if inviting us.We rushed inside..looked here and there..grabbed  one or two and ran like little kids!

But wait! We aren’t that bad! We shared the chocolates..something I rarely do!

Maybe to lighten my thoughts on how I got them :P