Saturday, August 22, 2015

Home is Where the Heart is

I always thought falling in love meant falling in love with a person, his thoughts, his ideas. But as I grew up, I came to a realization that falling in love with the fictional readers is another aspect of your love. As you flip through the pages of the book, you start to imagine yourself as being a part of this story. If the story synchronizes with your taste, you get so engrossed into it that you rejoice or mourn for the next few days!

Leaving aside this special feeling, I recently felt love for a place-a city. Falling for material things like watches, mobiles etc. was never me.Therefore I never knew what it is to love your thing-a  thing you are so attached to.Now this is the city where I grew up I had some of the most amazing friends here,Enjoyed some of the mouthwatering delicacies and what not.

Naturally when it came to leaving this place, I started treasuring it more and now that I have left it, I come to a conclusion that its pure love that I feel for the city! Why else you be writing a post at 4 am in the morning after having been nostalgic for about the past 1 hour!

The little memories, the little joys that I’ve had there seem to be like the memories of life. Maybe the feeling a lover who is away from his beloved feels! But the thought of their probable future meeting itself makes them forget all their woes and embrace just love-pure love that they have.

In between, they find moments which brings smiles to their faces.

Thanks to technology, I just had that moment today..

Notice the Home to Telangana.
(I know that it's just my web settings..Yet,it made me happy!)

Ahmedabad will always be my HOME! 

Monday, August 17, 2015

A Failed Prank

Time to Admit Something : I’ve been a victim of pranks very frequently and in 80% of the cases the trier has succeeded in fooling me.For instance a guy from the class calling me and asking me my willingness to participate in a state-level elocution event or a person(whom I yet don’t know) acting to be my cousin and trying to inquire about any man in my life! :-/

So naturally…Get Fooled. Try to Fool others. Spice up the life with a  little madness and little craziness is what I live by.

So the story goes this way.

Last month I moved to an entirely new city for my job.I purchased a local SIM and it was pre-decided that only a few would have the privilege of knowing my new number and to all of whom, I’ll call and inform!

I came back from my office at around 6 and was in a frenzy. Maybe it was the rains tickling me..I don’t actually remember. I dialed my best friend’s number and held my kurta end to my mouth just so that my vice doesn’t appear as shrill and as kiddish as it always does on the phones.

Its his dinner time probably and I know he hates talking on phone specially when he’s eating.

Yet,just so that my prank doesn’t appear to be a prank, I dial his number.
Picks up at the 4-5th ring.

“Hello..I am Swati Mishra speaking from ICAI(He’s a Chartered Accountant by profession) and we are planning to host a talk show and are inviting all the young CAs to be a part of this show. Would you like to be a part of this talk show’

He : Thinks for a few seconds and replies,

“Haa..Thik hai!”

I tell him that we’re yet to dispatch the original invitations and this was only a confirmation call for the talk show.

He caught this ‘Talk show’ which according to him is my unique accent and spoiling all attempt says,

“Party waha de rahi hai and yaha”

I angrily removed the end of the kurta which I was holding and cursed hhim for knowing my accent so well!

A Failed Prank.

Finite Disappointment , Infinite Hope :P

Saturday, August 1, 2015

FS Tales #3 : A GIRL in the Team!

It has been just two weeks that I joined my team-App Dev as a software engineer. I didn’t actually know many people from my team and it was only my TL that I had met before. So some days prior to the joining, I was excited. Thoughts of me sitting front of double-screens & coding, those coffee breaks in between, that TT and carom games and not to miss-Gossips with a female colleague. It kind of gives energy to us-GIRLS? :P

But when I joined my team, this male to female ratio hit hard on my face! I had always heard that you don’t find many women in the technological sides and I used to think that’s all a bullshit as we had almost an equal ratio in college. And as a matter of fact, if I consider my office workforce in entirety, I get to see as many women as men.

But the point here is, I found that I was the only GIRL in my team. Reality hit me hard. All the thoughts of those Gossip-breaks suddenly got squeezed. Who’s now going to notice the new bellies I wear or maybe a new hairdo? NOBODY? :O
I accepted the reality. I started occasionally speaking to the male colleagues of mine. Of course, its not the same as chit-chatting with a female colleague, but adapting is the only way out sometimes.

Now it was their time to realize that after a long time period they had a GIRL in the team.
So the story goes this way.

I was given a Master Bug List, a excel sheet, which was a list of errors/problems faced by users while using the application and which were to be resolved which would both be useful and make me familiar with the code and the coding practices. The sheet already had yellow and red colored grid cells indicating critical and low priority bugs respectively.

To mark other status, just for my own understanding, I had used different colors indicating different status of the tasks.

ScreenShot below: 

Now, this guy who sits beside me and to whom my screen is visible was done with his coding and just glanced towards mine.
He asks “Why are there so many colors on the screen”.
I explained him.
He says,”After such a long time, got to see so many colors.”
He was seriously not able to control his laughter and went to my TL(my screen isn’t visible to him) and asks him,”Ravinder..Do you want to see a rainbow?”
And for the next whole day, this stayed onto my mind and so was the laughter cum smile on my face and I sat there thinking, “So boring your life is –Monochrome. They got to realize now they have a GIRL in their team!’