Monday, July 27, 2015

You'll keep on inspiring us...

What a sad day for the nation!

I remember ‘Ignited Minds’ was the first of the books I had issued from a library when I had just developed an interest in reading.

Wings of Fire was that book wherein I had cried feeling the spirit of this man.Knowing how people rise in spite of the hurdles in their life. People with the Indomitable spirit!

Then, just when I had erupted inspired after reading his WOF, I had a chance of hearing his speech live, at the 15th Annual Children’s Science Congress! I remember, during those days I was so awed by the humility and the knowledge of this man that almost the entire school knew how much I admired him. Some of my friends also used to call me ‘Baby APJ’ and give me Birthday wishes on 15th October-his birthday.

Just last month, on 20th of June, while I was moving out of the city for a new beginning, I had the chance to see him at the Ahmedabad Airport! All the gloom of leaving the place that was so close to my heart seemed to have vanished for a minute or two.

He has inspired millions of souls and through his books and speeches, he’ll keep on inspiring the generations to come.

RIP APJ Abdul Kalam Sir and Thank you! 

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Swirling in the rain watching the black clouds over shadow her snags,
She stood there awing the architectural marvels of a historic place.
Looking at the tombs standing high, she wondered how beautiful it would be to time travel into that era!
After a final glimpse at the glass enclosures holding the remains of that epoch she decided to bid a farewell to the place.
Waiting for her friend to join she stood there watching the sky acting as an armor to the place.
A little later she noticed a few men staring her with those shameless disgusting eyes.
Accumulating all her courage, she stared back at them with her big cold eyes uttering a word or two but forgetting some people have just forgotten to respect women.
What a shame to their mothers and sisters and the nation!
Coming home she narrated the incident to her best friend who once used to admire her audacity.
But this time all he had to say was “Just Ignore those people! Courage can be dangerous sometimes!”
“Wow! Finally they succeeded in imbibing fear into the people which the Indian Judiciary could not! Bows! ” –thought she.


FS Tales #2 : Speak Speak!

I like delivering speeches to the mass. I kind of love  watching people wanting to hear what I say. And after every such speech delivery, I make it a point to take feedbacks from friends and peers. I’ve received many-some positive and some negative and I believe they both shape my skills better.
Here at the new workplace, during the first week, we had a comm. skill session wherein as a part of the activity we were required to deliver impromptu speeches on the given subject.

My turn.

Subject: Most embarrassing moment.

Now when it comes to delivering a speech in English or talking in English, it has always been the case that the rate of my speech increases than the normal.
After the speech, it was the feedback time. And I should admit, this has been the best feedback with all scientific justifications that I had ever received.

The examiner pointed out that just because my rate of speech is so high, my brain isn’t able to map the words to the thought-process. And this will pose a problem when it comes to extempore because naturally ,your brain does a background thinking plus forming the next sentence and when the rate of my delivery is so high it is not able to sync all the three processes together!
The justification to his comment sounds so very good! :D

I remember, I was in the third grade when I had delivered a speech on Taj Mahal (:D) in front of a mass comprising of not less than 200 and I had received accolades from the Head Mistress who had said ,”Ms.Karadgi spoke really well!” That was the first time I had begun to love my surname! :P

Saturday, July 25, 2015

FS Tales #1 : A Compliment!

Just a few days back, I was given some finance stuff to read, needed for my ongoing project in the newly joined workplace.

I was fully engrossed into my laptop when suddenly a lady, a figure whom I’ve come across several times while internally commuting from my desk to the coffee-center or cafeteria or washrooms stopped by my desk. After several such accidental meetings, we had started exchanging smiles.

Now, when I was busy reading, she came to my desk, gave a light knock and just when I saw up, she said “Hey! Your eyes are beautiful. I like them a lot!’.
A smile emerged and the next involuntary and obvious return to the compliment was a “Thank you!”

But after that, I sat there, for almost 10 minutes, thinking how a single compliment changes your mood instantly and boosts up your energy levels for the meeting scheduled next! :D

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Sad Feeling!

The 8 hour training sessions at the office,setting up the new rented home,getting aquainted with the new city  kept me a little away from Quora for a few days.Its just been 3 weeks that I migrated to Hyderabad,India from Ahmedabad,India and its only now that the phase I can term as ‘Settling down!’.
So yesterday,utilizing this high speed Wifi we have at home,I opened quora after almost 2 weeks and the first post that I read was a little more than just touching.There were tears that waned to flow but dint.
It goes like this:
Mom Calling. Ignore. Permenantly blocked.
Time 10.30p.m
In middle of a preparation for a final year project. A call from mother for her usual love bugs, kept enquiring why I haven't called her recently and when I will be back at home town. In a irritated tone just told her to give me space and let me do my work. 
A week passed
Somehow in this period I had the time to talk to my girlfriend. Hangout with friends. Watch movies but didn't have the bloody minute to give her a call. 
Permenantly blocked
Got a call from brother to drop whatever I was doing and catch the next flight to home. No hereditary disease. No pain. No second chance. The beautiful angel was just taken from earth. Cardiac arrest. I cried and screamed. Begged her to wake up for one last time to tell her how much I really love her, how important she was to me, how she meant everything to me. As beautiful as ever, peaceful, in her eternal sleep, the woman who loved me with everything she had and expected nothing back. Mother.
I never get the call anymore, but once in a while I call her number...  The number does not exists.
Edit : I see people breaking into tears and saddened while reading this, apologies for sharing such a sad memory. While making you sad was never the intent, I sincerely believe that everyone could get the important message in this. Never ever neglect the love of parents. We are the most prized possession of them.
Thanks everyone for your kind and supportive words, hoping to meet her soon as my daughter.

Specially the last lines.
Happens a lot to us no? Times when we ignore our parents. Forgetting all the care they’ve been taking since we were toddlers.
My parents have shifted to Bangalore now. Dad is now retired. I made it a point, ever since I moved to a different city to at least talk to them once a day. If not a telephonic talk,at least a WhatsApp ping..Only to let them know I am safe here.
But ever since I’ve read this. I have come to a realization that 22 years of their life they’ve spent nurturing me..So why can’t I spend at least 15 minutes a day talking and sharing my day with them. Asking them how they are doing. Talking just the way I used to when I was with them.
There lives an aged couple in our neighboring home. Their children live far away from here, but in Hyderabad, visiting them only on weekends. We happen to see Uncle and Aunty only in the mornings and evenings. They only know Telugu and uncle knows aa li’l bit of Hindi. They have a cook who does her daily job and goes. Communicating with us is a very difficult option for them and all the while we see them, they are simply sitting there as if wanting a soul to talk to. I feel so bad that I can’t even exchange a few feelings with them-ask them how their day was. What all they did. As  soon as they hear the unlocking of our door each evening, aunty comes and flashes a cute aged smile and I am only left with the option of smiling back at them.
When we three girls were discussing about them among ourselves,one of them promptly said ‘They only have daughters I guess’ making me question if that ‘only’ was indeed needed.
Why don’t the societal norms let the girls’ parents stay with her lawful family. Why is it still a frowned upon topic? It is considered a son’s responsibility to look after his parents once they are old. Why can’t it be a daughter’s responsibility as well? Why does the thought of getting old and surviving in their old age bother a girls’ parents more?
They did not differentiate while buying those fancy notebook stickers for us? While ordering the pizzas. Or maybe buying the toys for us! How can they expect that their daughter will treat them any different than their son?

Thursday, July 2, 2015


New City.New Life.The Beginning of a Journey.

What started on a very positive note with light showers and a cool breeze welcoming us to Hyderabad ,in recent days, hasn’t turned out to be a good experience. Of course, everybody has their own set of complaints and a greater share of joy that they embrace when they take up a new life and mine was a no different case.

Almost everywhere you go, seldom will you find that all of the things,people,creatures find you fascinating. In my case, the Hyderabadi- mosquitoes have either found me to be very mesmerizing or they dislike me.Any case may it be, the point is, for the past week, I am facing sleepless nights because of the mosquito menace.

If it wasn’t enough, fate had a series of disappointments planned for us(We, Roommates) when all three of us bumped into several distrustful people. These were the times that tested our patience. Taught us dealing with people. Familiarized us with the variety of people with variety of thoughts. It broke friendships for a while. It strengthened the bond again. Trained me to let go of my ego sometimes. Taught me to say a sorry when needed.

In short, I feel like a butterfly who’s just finding the way out of the cocoon. Because it’s the time to learn to fly in spite of the thousand pains and difficulties that arise. Metamorphosis.

There may be a moment of finite disappointment but there’s always infinite hope.