Friday, June 12, 2015

Types of Classmates

1.The Ssup’er’ : Occasionally his notifications pop up on your phone screen. But hey..there’s nothing interesting or important news coming up. You scroll down the notification bar just to read the routine ‘Ssup!’

2.TheLaughingPartner : That one friend who accompanies you just in laughter. All other times she is a fashionista and cares a lot about the societal behaviours but when it comes to laughter, do hell with the societal norms of decent laughter!

3.AllTimePartner : She’s so close to you that sometimes she being  a ‘she’ and you also being ‘she’ is seen as ‘sheh’/But believe me even girls can be BFFs! She is the one with whom you enjoy bunking, cry in distress, laugh madly and sometimes even be thrown out of the class for not controlling the untimely hilarity!

5.TheTeacherCumStudent : She teaches you brilliant. Call her your last minute saviour. You know she can be a perfect professor. But hey, she loves your teaching! And listens more carefully to your lectures than the professor’s!

8.TheLazyGuy : One who’s first and even the last impression would be ‘So Lazy!’!And is true to himself and admits it.He even talks and walks so lazily that a mere conversation can act as your sleeping dose of the day!

9.TheTechGeek : He and his never ending love for the gadgets. So much so, that he even maintains a blog reviewing the tech devices! Need an advice for buying one? Trin Trin…

12.TheUAEGuy : Walks leisurely in the corridors. Sits for long hours during the lunch break and chit-chats with his girlfriend. You catch him and he says “Was taking to my parents who live in Kuwait!’.Hey,we don’t blush while talking to parents. Do We?

13.TheGuyWhoLovesTeasing : Once he catches a couple savouring something at the college canteen and lo and behold! The next weeks and years of your college days aren’t going to run smooth. What more? A time comes when everybody knows what your DATE DISH is!

14.TheDontHitOnMe: The one who thoroughly enjoys teasing others, sometimes even lends a shoulder for her friend to cry on matters of relationships but is dumb enough to guess the booming and the emerging twosomes of the class and hence is probably the last one, sometimes after the breakup, to know they were a pair!

15.TheRanker : DND!

16.TheBoldOne : She loves being loud and bold. But discloses her softer side to only some. She is the crazy one. Nobody messes with her!


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