Thursday, June 18, 2015


The first time they were going to meet.A necklace of sweat seemed to have formed around her neck out of anxiety.
The minutes were light whilst she sat there waiting for him.
Above her,the sky was completing its routine of darkening.
A young,tranquil man with a soft and neat architecture of skull entered the cafe,probably wanting his search to end soon.
He caught glance of a lady lost in the shemozzle of thoughts and expectations.
His heartbeats fought each other,a mess of rhythm.Anxiety resumed.
Steps were forcefully punched towards her.
Looking at her beauty ,he felt he was too heavy for his legs to carry.
She saw him.
She is beautiful-the feelings from the heart took form as 'You are looking beautiful'
Smile appeared to have paralyzed her lips.
'Just the way I had imagined!' the words wanted to pop up but were delivered just as a whisper to her soul.
The consequent meets and the similar torrent of thoughts and dreams eventuated a life long journey of theirs-TOGETHER.

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