Friday, June 5, 2015

NDTV Band Baja Bride!

These days, a long vacation time, it feels like I’ve got all the time of this world to engage into whatever I like. Art and Crafts.Done.A Website I had long back thought of.Done.Painiting.Done.Personal Care.Done.Sleep.Done.Eat like a manic.Done.TV.A lot. Done.

In the past month, there have been various shows that got added into my ‘To-Watch’ show list and one amongst them is the Band Baja Bride, telecasted on NDTV,fresh episodes being aired every Friday and repeat ones, from all the seasons being aired  everyday 12 noon to 1 pm.This also happens to be around my lunch time so I make sure, I don’t miss any episode. It is basically a Bride Makeover show where the chosen brides get to wear Sabyasachi Lehengas on their wedding and a complete makeover.

As we are talking about marriages, it reminds me to tell you, that since childhood, I’ve loved getting dressed up in traditional Indian attire. And I always thought, even as a child, that getting married would be so much of fun. You get to dress up like a princess and look so gorgeous. So much so that I had even asked my dad to get me married, probably at the age of 4! My cousins, whenever I meet them, end up reminding me saying,”Pappa,Meri bhi shaadi karvao na!”.Thats their way of greeting me! :P

Almost all the people who are very close to me know about my freakiness when it comes to the NDTV BBB and my love for dressing up and my love for cameras! Here are the reactions I’ve been getting lately.
My dad, of course, sits there watching my expressions of happiness whilst I sit glued in front of the TV every day .This made him say “Lets apply for the next season!”.

It always irritates me when the topic on my marriage erupts and it usually ends up in a wave of anger. But this time, I decided to stay calm and composed and replied, “You need a very strong love story for getting into the show. Should I think of creating one?”

And we all sat mum! :D

This doesn’t end here.He even mentioned my craziness to sissy who ended up suggesting me ,”Your applications are not accepted at a first go. Keep on applying and you may get selected”.
“What if they select me for the next season itself? You’ll arrange a groom for me?”
“Oh! You don’t worry about that. I’ll do that”.(As if its buying a puppet-groom from the Rajasthani market!Huh!)

My best friend says he’ll try his best to make sure my application reaches them(telling me that falling in love is left to me) and knowing that 13 applications are accepted,which happens to be my birthdate as well, he end up consoling me “Tere liye hi bana hai show!” Such a sic logic! :D But best friends are meant to be like that,aren’t they? :D

Its 12:07! I should rush! BBB Time! ;)

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