Thursday, June 11, 2015

Mixed Feelings

Remember the anxiety that you carried accompanied with a bag full of other mixed emotions loaded into your heart, brain, body and soul before your first job? That moment of hysteria, that little tickle in the stomach. All those tiny petty feelings which you may have felt at different points of time in your life, but now, suddenly all of them mingle up to jumble up your normal self.

Facing something similar and maybe more than I can put it up in words, I wanted to make sure, my feelings were in sync with others. A few of my college buddies are joining some days prior to me in the companies they got recruited into and some have their dojs after mine.

These are few of the screenshots of the replies I got.

Some years later, ahead in the memory lane, I might feel like time travelling back and smile at THIS. First Job! :D

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