Saturday, June 6, 2015

I love you Ahmedabad!

What makes it so difficult for me to leave you?
Is it the way I’ve learnt defining the smell of the air and wind and soil.
Breathing yours since birth?
Or is it the roads that have always ditched,
But made sure I reached home safely?
Is it the people here, who’ve often loved me,
Considering me as a part of this land?
Or is it the savoury dishes that my taste buds have gotten so used to now?
Is it the way you looked and smiled,
When I used to play senseless games as a child?
Or the friends you gifted me,
With whom I held hands and gulped the Golgappas?
Is it the lovely schools you gifted me,
That laid a foundation for what I am today?
Is it the thought that amongst all the South Indians,
There would be none teasing me with Idlis and Dosas?
Or is it the rare rains in the scorching heat which excites me?

Such a wealth of remembrance I carry from thee,
That it’s difficult to assemble it into a single baggage,my heart.
Yet, each moment, I’ll breathe. I’ll breathe the change.
And unto the change, I’ll attempt to find you!

I love you Ahmedabad!

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