Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Happiness is indeed relative!

With the curly tresses covering up a part of her forehead,
With the bright lip gloss defining her boldness,
With the dark black mascara beautifying her sensual eyes,
With the stilettos flattering her prestige,
With the pearl necklace enhancing her pride,
With the dress showing off her curves,
With the Fendi bag clinging on her wrists,
With the free floating arms showing off her accessories,
She waited there in the airport lounge, for yet another foreign trip...

With the unclean unshampooed hair,
With the perfectly curved natural lips highlighting her smile,
With the unmade up eyes that did the talking,
With the ragged sleepers protecting her feet,
With the dupatta adorning her neck always,
With the resale clothes covering every inch of her body,
With the hands small enough to hold all her dreams,
She waited for the memsaab to board her flight,
Excited she was, for third time in a row,
She could now finish up her homework in the daytime,
And sleep peacefully on memsaab’s queen size bed early at night!
Happiness is indeed relative!

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