Thursday, June 18, 2015


The first time they were going to meet.A necklace of sweat seemed to have formed around her neck out of anxiety.
The minutes were light whilst she sat there waiting for him.
Above her,the sky was completing its routine of darkening.
A young,tranquil man with a soft and neat architecture of skull entered the cafe,probably wanting his search to end soon.
He caught glance of a lady lost in the shemozzle of thoughts and expectations.
His heartbeats fought each other,a mess of rhythm.Anxiety resumed.
Steps were forcefully punched towards her.
Looking at her beauty ,he felt he was too heavy for his legs to carry.
She saw him.
She is beautiful-the feelings from the heart took form as 'You are looking beautiful'
Smile appeared to have paralyzed her lips.
'Just the way I had imagined!' the words wanted to pop up but were delivered just as a whisper to her soul.
The consequent meets and the similar torrent of thoughts and dreams eventuated a life long journey of theirs-TOGETHER.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Types of Classmates

1.The Ssup’er’ : Occasionally his notifications pop up on your phone screen. But hey..there’s nothing interesting or important news coming up. You scroll down the notification bar just to read the routine ‘Ssup!’

2.TheLaughingPartner : That one friend who accompanies you just in laughter. All other times she is a fashionista and cares a lot about the societal behaviours but when it comes to laughter, do hell with the societal norms of decent laughter!

3.AllTimePartner : She’s so close to you that sometimes she being  a ‘she’ and you also being ‘she’ is seen as ‘sheh’/But believe me even girls can be BFFs! She is the one with whom you enjoy bunking, cry in distress, laugh madly and sometimes even be thrown out of the class for not controlling the untimely hilarity!

5.TheTeacherCumStudent : She teaches you brilliant. Call her your last minute saviour. You know she can be a perfect professor. But hey, she loves your teaching! And listens more carefully to your lectures than the professor’s!

8.TheLazyGuy : One who’s first and even the last impression would be ‘So Lazy!’!And is true to himself and admits it.He even talks and walks so lazily that a mere conversation can act as your sleeping dose of the day!

9.TheTechGeek : He and his never ending love for the gadgets. So much so, that he even maintains a blog reviewing the tech devices! Need an advice for buying one? Trin Trin…

12.TheUAEGuy : Walks leisurely in the corridors. Sits for long hours during the lunch break and chit-chats with his girlfriend. You catch him and he says “Was taking to my parents who live in Kuwait!’.Hey,we don’t blush while talking to parents. Do We?

13.TheGuyWhoLovesTeasing : Once he catches a couple savouring something at the college canteen and lo and behold! The next weeks and years of your college days aren’t going to run smooth. What more? A time comes when everybody knows what your DATE DISH is!

14.TheDontHitOnMe: The one who thoroughly enjoys teasing others, sometimes even lends a shoulder for her friend to cry on matters of relationships but is dumb enough to guess the booming and the emerging twosomes of the class and hence is probably the last one, sometimes after the breakup, to know they were a pair!

15.TheRanker : DND!

16.TheBoldOne : She loves being loud and bold. But discloses her softer side to only some. She is the crazy one. Nobody messes with her!


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Mixed Feelings

Remember the anxiety that you carried accompanied with a bag full of other mixed emotions loaded into your heart, brain, body and soul before your first job? That moment of hysteria, that little tickle in the stomach. All those tiny petty feelings which you may have felt at different points of time in your life, but now, suddenly all of them mingle up to jumble up your normal self.

Facing something similar and maybe more than I can put it up in words, I wanted to make sure, my feelings were in sync with others. A few of my college buddies are joining some days prior to me in the companies they got recruited into and some have their dojs after mine.

These are few of the screenshots of the replies I got.

Some years later, ahead in the memory lane, I might feel like time travelling back and smile at THIS. First Job! :D

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Happiness is indeed relative!

With the curly tresses covering up a part of her forehead,
With the bright lip gloss defining her boldness,
With the dark black mascara beautifying her sensual eyes,
With the stilettos flattering her prestige,
With the pearl necklace enhancing her pride,
With the dress showing off her curves,
With the Fendi bag clinging on her wrists,
With the free floating arms showing off her accessories,
She waited there in the airport lounge, for yet another foreign trip...

With the unclean unshampooed hair,
With the perfectly curved natural lips highlighting her smile,
With the unmade up eyes that did the talking,
With the ragged sleepers protecting her feet,
With the dupatta adorning her neck always,
With the resale clothes covering every inch of her body,
With the hands small enough to hold all her dreams,
She waited for the memsaab to board her flight,
Excited she was, for third time in a row,
She could now finish up her homework in the daytime,
And sleep peacefully on memsaab’s queen size bed early at night!
Happiness is indeed relative!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

I love you Ahmedabad!

What makes it so difficult for me to leave you?
Is it the way I’ve learnt defining the smell of the air and wind and soil.
Breathing yours since birth?
Or is it the roads that have always ditched,
But made sure I reached home safely?
Is it the people here, who’ve often loved me,
Considering me as a part of this land?
Or is it the savoury dishes that my taste buds have gotten so used to now?
Is it the way you looked and smiled,
When I used to play senseless games as a child?
Or the friends you gifted me,
With whom I held hands and gulped the Golgappas?
Is it the lovely schools you gifted me,
That laid a foundation for what I am today?
Is it the thought that amongst all the South Indians,
There would be none teasing me with Idlis and Dosas?
Or is it the rare rains in the scorching heat which excites me?

Such a wealth of remembrance I carry from thee,
That it’s difficult to assemble it into a single baggage,my heart.
Yet, each moment, I’ll breathe. I’ll breathe the change.
And unto the change, I’ll attempt to find you!

I love you Ahmedabad!

Friday, June 5, 2015

NDTV Band Baja Bride!

These days, a long vacation time, it feels like I’ve got all the time of this world to engage into whatever I like. Art and Crafts.Done.A Website I had long back thought of.Done.Painiting.Done.Personal Care.Done.Sleep.Done.Eat like a manic.Done.TV.A lot. Done.

In the past month, there have been various shows that got added into my ‘To-Watch’ show list and one amongst them is the Band Baja Bride, telecasted on NDTV,fresh episodes being aired every Friday and repeat ones, from all the seasons being aired  everyday 12 noon to 1 pm.This also happens to be around my lunch time so I make sure, I don’t miss any episode. It is basically a Bride Makeover show where the chosen brides get to wear Sabyasachi Lehengas on their wedding and a complete makeover.

As we are talking about marriages, it reminds me to tell you, that since childhood, I’ve loved getting dressed up in traditional Indian attire. And I always thought, even as a child, that getting married would be so much of fun. You get to dress up like a princess and look so gorgeous. So much so that I had even asked my dad to get me married, probably at the age of 4! My cousins, whenever I meet them, end up reminding me saying,”Pappa,Meri bhi shaadi karvao na!”.Thats their way of greeting me! :P

Almost all the people who are very close to me know about my freakiness when it comes to the NDTV BBB and my love for dressing up and my love for cameras! Here are the reactions I’ve been getting lately.
My dad, of course, sits there watching my expressions of happiness whilst I sit glued in front of the TV every day .This made him say “Lets apply for the next season!”.

It always irritates me when the topic on my marriage erupts and it usually ends up in a wave of anger. But this time, I decided to stay calm and composed and replied, “You need a very strong love story for getting into the show. Should I think of creating one?”

And we all sat mum! :D

This doesn’t end here.He even mentioned my craziness to sissy who ended up suggesting me ,”Your applications are not accepted at a first go. Keep on applying and you may get selected”.
“What if they select me for the next season itself? You’ll arrange a groom for me?”
“Oh! You don’t worry about that. I’ll do that”.(As if its buying a puppet-groom from the Rajasthani market!Huh!)

My best friend says he’ll try his best to make sure my application reaches them(telling me that falling in love is left to me) and knowing that 13 applications are accepted,which happens to be my birthdate as well, he end up consoling me “Tere liye hi bana hai show!” Such a sic logic! :D But best friends are meant to be like that,aren’t they? :D

Its 12:07! I should rush! BBB Time! ;)