Saturday, May 30, 2015

Thank you :*

Sometimes, I get irritated.Sometimes,I just go away.Sometimes,I respond lazily.Sometimes,I don’t like to clean my bed.Sometimes,I hate to chop those vegetables.Sometimes,I hate taking bath before 12!
 Today, as I booked my tickets, I am into the realization that behind all this, there is tremendous love that I have for you both. The love that is making me cry while I write this. There is regret, somewhere deep inside for having never expressed that love to you. I am not good enough at expressing feelings, but deep inside ,just like everybody else,I carry a loving soul!

Dad,like what you see while browsing Facebook pages, children uploading the pictures with their dad on father’s day, I may have never done that, but I love you! I love the way you try using the swift keyboard of your phone,I love the way you so sweetly bring the chocolates for me,I love pulling your cheeks,I love the way you start the online courses and end up saying ‘It bored me!’ ,I love your cooking,I love the way you share those Whatsapp jokes with me and mommy ,I love the face you make when,even in deep sleep,I and mom ask you if you shut the refrigerator door or not,I love it when you hide the remote from me while watching Kannada,I love the way we fight over the channels,I love it when you make that disgusting look when I ask you to wear another shirt..I love you!
They say, daughters are dad’s darlings. But since childhood, I’ve been saying ,”Both are my favourites” when those nasty aunties used to question me “Who do you like more?”

I love you.From those cute rhymes to everything..! No doubt,we have had some difference of opinions in certain matters,but my love stands above all these petty issues.I love the way you use your phone and save ‘Chandana’ as ‘Chan’ which later on gives me and dad a discussion point as to who Chan is!To all the times I’ve troubled you when it was about my hair,my ‘Look!How fat I’ve become!All because of your Guinness rotis!’ , the way you realize I don’t like to hear ‘do’s and don’ts and so skilfully web them into sentences,your math and everything! I love you Mommy!

Lately,the way we end up sleeping, laughing over silly things till our stomachs hurt..I’ll miss you..A lot!
I love you! :*
I am,today,whatever I am,is all because of your love,sacrifices,hard work,care,encouragement. I doubt if I’ll ever be able to love someone as much as you’ve loved me!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Total Drama

2nd April, my soon-to-join workplace had arranged a Fresher’s Get-together at their Hyderabad office. Five of us, from my same university, were going to fly there with two amongst us, being the first time fliers. They were pretty excited about it!

It was a 06:10 a.m. flight from the Sardar Vallabhai Patel Airport, Ahmedabad and the flight tickets were booked by them. One of us had voluntarily agreed to get all of ours’ tickets printed and the rest of us hadn’t even bothered to check the details! Who likes to mess up their heads in all the service taxes and stuff and why should we be even bothered, thought we.

Now we were an hour early at the airport and these two, the first time fliers, were casually asking me about my previous experience of a flight. After mentioning the pretty stuffs, I told them how I had once paid 50 bucks for a 20/- packet of Lays wafers, which later on surprised me with a lot of air and a few potato wafers!

After boarding the flight, sometime later, came two airhostesses carrying the snacks trays. The seating positions-Darshil(Window seat and a First Time flier),Me(In the middle),Mansi(FSF and nearest to the air hostess), Eeti and Shobhit on the other side.

Airhostess to Mansi : “What would you like to have ma’am”
Mansi : “Nothing!”
She grimaced, a look trying to shout,”Shame on you! An Indian and yet you deny free breakfast!”.But we were too unaware to understand.
Mansi just gave a “what is happening” look to me.
I deferred to look at her because that would mean squinting at the airhostess too, which I dint want to.
I slowly murmured, my voice only audible to Mansi and Darshil,”Mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha kya ho raha hai!”
Darshil from the other end repeating the same and Mansi,a little loudly, as well.
All along, stood there ,the air hostess with her confused scary looks!
Mansi thought its best just to close the matter and said,”No..we don’t want anything!”
A smile worth a thousand dollars popped upon her face as if the profit was going to get into her pockets!

But wait!I just saw Eeti and Shobhit gleefully enjoying their breakfast! While the airhostess was still standing there, I managed to peep between the holes of the tray and whispered to Eeti..”Free hai? :D”
And Eeti and Shobhit had indulged into a tastier breakfast-a good healthy laughter after whispering back ,”Ha ha..Corporate tickets hai.Free hai Free hai. Le lo Le lo”

Till the time we were done with this drama,the air hostess and her tray had moved a little behind our seating area. But Mansi managed to signal her and called back ,”Yes.I want a nachos pack!” How could I have let go of an opportunity! “One sandwhich please”.
And the look on her face was indescribable! “Suddenly Hungry?” plus “One more gone” kind of look! :P

Darshil found it too creepy to order and denied only to share the curd from Eeti and Shobhit’s breakfast!:D

If all this was a less of drama,read on!

Our flights were booked such that we had to wait for almost 3 hours at the Hyderabad airport for our return journey. It was scheduled at around 9:30 and we had our lunch at around 2.So we were kinda hungry by 9.But not so much so that we could have paid handsome sum to the government in the form of service taxes for the items available at the airport. And as the morning flight had breakfast included in it,we thought,we’ll be provided with dinner as well.So we decided to sing lullabies to the nasty rats in our tummies.

We boarded and were expecting the airhostess at our seats. She came.Yes Yes,she was there! Only to treat our seats as a gateway to the very next seat behind us. Shattered, we sat.We could hear all those nasty rats wakeup and curse us to their core! 1.5 hours,we managed to console the tiny beings only to later-on have the Dabeli at 12:30 am in Ahmedabad while narrating this entire story to dad and dad standing there giving me a “Itni kanjoosi” waala expression! :P

Effects of Engineering!

4 years of engineering done, with first 2 years of very serious studies (you know..That HSC habit doesn’t die soon).My book-shelf and my PPI are the witness to my long gone back sincerity :P. I used to purchase almost all the textbooks (Yes, those big heavy costly engineering textbooks!), used  to shop for decent quality of notebooks along with not-so-decent quality for practicing Maths(I so used to love Maths!).
But transition, oh yes! Last two years, I hardly had purchased any text books, which doesn’t mean I had abandoned reading and studying of course, but I shifted to e-books.It kinda gave me some imaginary powers to stay up till late and read, Thanks to the distractions. They kinda helped me!
The ill effects? I’ve gotten so used to reading on laptops, that I am unable to hold a hardcopy of a novel and read! :-|
From last 30 days, I’ve tried reading 4 hard copies, but I am just not able to dwell into them.40 pages and I no more feel like reading. And this has nothing to do with the story line. They were all top rated books. And the next moment if I open up my PC Kindle and start, I can finish it in a day or two! 2015, till now, has turned out to be the year of PC Kindle reading!

The effects of engineering! IT engineering! :P

Friday, May 15, 2015

Embracing Technology

Time again to feel blessed because of the enhancing technology. Long gone are the days when you had to travel to a recharge store to get your phone recharged, wasting energy and petrol! Gone are also are the days when sudden balance shortage used to cut away the long nostalgic talks with mom while in a different city, where you had to wait for the next day, for the recharge shop to open and refill the balance amount. With the new My Airtel App, life becomes so much simpler!
With an easy and user interface, it offers users whatever they’ve wished for.
Starting with a warm welcome to the application that the My Airtel App provides by giving Rs.25 instant cashback to all the wonderful features that follow this, the download was worth it!
An urgent call to be made to your girlfriend. Tap and click using the My Airtel App and you’re done. What more? Talking to her is in itself a reward, but airtel promises to offer you more by showering shopping, food ,wellness and entertainment coupons worth the amount of recharge done by you! How wonderful! Plus on some selected recharges, we get a full recharge!           
In this busy schedule, it is no surprise that we forget the bill payment due dates and stuff alike. Well, My Airtel App has a solution to this as well. The ‘I Want To’ menu helps in saving all the most frequent tasks on the home screen .Bill Payments ,Recharge, Buying Packs, Recording Programs, Ordering Games, Viewing remaining balance ,The data consumed and recharge history are just a tap away! Who eases your life to this extent? No wonder, My Airtel App is a boon for lazy people like me, who even finds navigating web pages to be tedious, leave behind browsing the pages for a recharge and bill payments!
The Airtel Surprises are just so awesome! Also, the much worried about factor when people get into net banking and mobile banking is the security feature. But My Airtel App has a solution to even this problem. To make sure all the payments are secure, it has PCIDSS certification and real time bill tracking and all of it comes with an amazing and user friendly interface making life easier! Even storing the card details for faster checkouts is one of the nice features! All the airtel services are now available at one single place. Which means you can now check the Broadband unbilled usage, check the outstanding bill amount, make payments, in case of Digital TV also, check my existing balance, recharge the account in almost no time, get special offers and package details, order movies, games, raise requests, complaints, Activate 3G on phone, calculate best fit plan & change 3G plans, all after checking the plans and seeing which one suits your type the best.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

♥ Rains ♥

There are some feelings so close to my heart that it takes moments and sometimes even days to finally sweep them unto me.
The taste of success after hard work, the surprise chocolates, a making-your-heart-light talk with a close buddy, the cool summer breeze, the feeling when gulping my favorite eatery, reading years-ago posts and smiling like an idiot and the ecstasy and shouting whilst getting drenched in the first rains…
Ahmedabad, with the morning temperature of no less than 42 degrees was blessed with the first rains today. All my colony friends are 9-6 working people and here I am,alone,enjoying my month-long vacation. And abiding by the rules of my craziness, I had to get drenched. C’mon! First rains are meant to be special!
What next, like a baby, I started throwing tantrums and pleading dad to come with me to the terrace. And like a cool daddy, he agreed. While atop, he was still having the thoughts of running away when I pushed him first into the open and followed him, all shouting like a maniac!

The winds accompanied by rains is the best feeling one can get in the scorching summer! 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Letter

An ensemble of what mom keeps on telling me.. :)

Hey Li’l Princess,

Time flies by so soon! It seems like it was just yesterday when we carried you in the baby-stroller to this home and had made you sleep in this same corner of the kitchen. And look at you now! Grown up & beautiful! A little kiddo to a mature 21 year old. How fast the time passes!

I remember those days when you and your sissy (as you call her) used to fight over silly matters. How every-single-thing that was bought was to be shared. Be it cakes, pastries, chocolates anything! How she used to save hers and later on tempt you! Silly beings (laughs!).It was the best period of my  life. Watching you both grow up, learning to adjust with the surroundings-surroundings which were very different for us.The people, the language and so many other things! Yet,you gracefully imbibed yourself into it.It’s not easy to familiarize yourself to two different cultures-Both South and the West.But I believe this has downed into you an understanding which only a few are lucky enough to  learn & experience. And now look at you, you find it hard to leave the city, to leave the Navratris and the Uttarayans.

I remember that day,your 2nd week at the school I guess. I was so tensed, of how you would be able to blend. All people there were either Hindi or Gujarati speaking.And you only knew a fluent Kannada and a not-so-good Hindi. But I was amazed when I had entered the classroom and had seen you sitting atop the teachers table and all the kids were surrounding you.A leader kind of feeling,I had got!

Now that you’re going to get into a completely new and different phase of your life, I want you to be just the way you are right now. I don’t say,my daughter is perfect, but I’m glad of your imperfections as well. I know, that a lot many people have been giving you weird (as you’ve always termed it)looks and comments because of your dislikes, your stubborn nature and the ability to say a bold-No, but believe me, acting perfect and trying to please people by doing things you do not like,anyways,isn’t going to win everybody’s hearts. So it’s better to have 4/10 friend who accept you as a person you are than having 6/10 who want a changed-you! And I’m glad you already have some such!

When it comes to stubbornness,yes,you’re!And I ask you to change that. Not all the times, but as you move out, you’ll learn, that happiness also lies in adjusting sometimes. Not Always. And it’ll form an important part of your  learning and you’ll have your own share of complaints and moanings  while learning this, but at the end, you’ll evolve stronger. Believe me! And anytime you feel you’re not able to hold it, I’ll always be all ears. But I want you to learn to stop complaining. Just try! J

I pretty well know about your mood swings. And believe me they get dreadful sometimes! I know, its sometimes the deadly hormones playing the game and it’s not under your control, in such circumstances get to your bed with a warm blanket, tell your hormones,you don’t give a damn shit to them and sleep.Chocolates would help you too. Or crying as well. Or share it with somebody  patient enough. But people won’t be always available, and most of the times, when you most need them.  But Just remember to let it out, because if you hold it inside, it’ll keep on burning you.Just like nausea? Once you vomit out,you feel relieved.

Develop new passions, learn new hobbies, indulge in sinful shopping but at the same time see to it that you don’t waste your money! Your timeworn hobbies are pretty good, so don’t leave them.Afterall they’ve shaped you to what you are today. Olden ones are always golden ones!

As you earn, also remember, not everyone was born lucky. There are even more destitutes  than the eye can see! I also know, its impossible to help out everyone. But even a little contribution could make a huge difference to somebody’s life. I’ve seen the gloom on your face each time we were going out for a dinner and that beggar-with-her-child in her arms used to come asking for alms and how even after the traffic lights used to go green, you were jet-lagged imagining the state of poverty in the nation. I know, I need not advice you in this matter, I already know my daughter has a good heart.

Be strong headed, just the way you’re right now. I know that you’ve always wanted to question me when I ask you not to travel via some road which is a short-cut to your best-friend’s place but  have always followed it knowing that there would be  some reason behind it.I won’t be there with you in your new city to warn you of every deserted and fishy place but always keep one thing in mind-Precautions are always better than cure. Why at the first place dare something silly, when you know, it could be deadly risky? Always carry a pepper-spray or a knife with you.People can seldom be trusted! Make sure to inform us or somebody whom you trust ,of any damn situation or event when you find something outlandish.Dont hesitate, we’re your family.

Keep pampering yourself, just as you do now, by rewarding yourself with those Bourneville’s or Gems as well. And yes, no age is old enough to stop savouring Gems. I know how much you love them and how even now you won’t hand over your favourite colour to me! It’s fun watching you remove one after the another till you don’t get your favourite colour and then handing me one and then pouring all of them back inside.

I also know how lazy you are when it comes to cooking and stuff. But please do. Your brain can think only when it gets enough fuel. There would no longer be Guinness Roties(As you call them) and no longer somebody to force that rice into your plate, but you’ll have to yourself do that. I don’t want those nutrition-less eyes meeting me the next time you’re here.Maggie can only be a complimentary and not a substitute. Same is with your breads and Jam!

It has already turned to huge list, I guess! And being a mom, it would never end! But you already are mature enough to understand the rest unsaid.

Take Care J

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Woman In Technology and this Is what I get to hear!

Broke my promise. Missed the April.
Exactly for months back, I wrote a post, ‘New Beginning’. A post marking the beginning of my internship period. There were lot many around me who talked and rambled about the office politics and the things that go on in workplaces, to all of which, I just used to nod, having no prior experience of whatever they used to ramble.

During one particular lunch session, I saw two ladies waiting outside to be interviewed. The guide allotted to me, happens to be at the second senior most position who handles the responsibility of hiring people after gauging their technical skills. But what I noticed that day, made me lose even the slight respect I had for him. He came out of his cabin, had a little talk and I saw the ladies walking out of the office without being interviewed. Of course, this weird act made me question the rest of the employees, all of whom happened to be men. ‘He doesn’t want any female employees in the office. They are less efficient.And less logical.’ That pinched my heart. How can you judge an entire half of the population just like that? Just on the basis of your narrow-mindedness or your bloody male ego! And who had given him the right to judge them without even interviewing them? By writing all this, I want to dump all the feelings of hopelessness and hatred I hold for him. My mom has always taught me not to speak bad about elders, specially your mentors. But a person holding these thoughts about the female community-No, I do not approve of that person! I remember having read ‘The lean In’ by Sheryl Sandberg wherein she raises many such issues, gender issues, at workplace and now I understand what made her compose an entire book on one! Of course, nothing was directed at me, yet I felt low. The nest thing I did was come home and search Quora of whether life for women at workplaces is seriously this miserable. That even the smarter ones get to hear this nonsense. And what I read literally shocked me!

This was the Question: What are some of the sexist and insulting statements women in technology/engineering hear from male colleagues?
Answers :
From, Gayle Laakmann McDowell, female programmer, who happens to be the author of ‘How To Crack a Coding Interview’ and the founder of ‘CarrerCup’-the site which has helped me so much in my interview preps!
And this is what she has to say,

Gayle Laakmann McDowell, female programmer

"You only got that job because you're a girl."
I've heard comments along these lines from many people, especially friends. They figure I would agree because I don't seem like "one of those angry feminist types."
Keep in mind that, when I got my software engineering job at Google, I also had offers from Amazon, Microsoft, and a host of other companies. I had previously interned as a software engineer at Microsoft (3 times) and at Apple (once), giving me more top-company internship experience than virtually anyone else applying. I had placed in 3rd in my school's senior design competition. I had launched new courses at my university and taught them(the only undergraduate at my university to have done so, ever, to the best of my knowledge). I was Head TA for a course and managing four other TAs. I had a 3.6 GPA in my masters CS program.
But all of those accomplishments are irrelevant; I got the job solely because of my femaleness. Apparently.
In making this comment, it implies that no woman deserves her job and that, therefore, the women are all less qualified than the men. It takes away every single accomplishment that a woman has.
Also, being female doesn't actually help you to get a job: I only got that job because I’m a girl.

Tracy Chou, girl geek
"I thought girls didn't care about their careers, I thought they just cared about having babies."
"I assumed you weren't very good at engineering because usually physical attractiveness and technical ability are inversely correlated."

"Pretty girls don't code!"

"I just don't really trust you to do a good job. Not based on anything in particular, just a feeling I have."

One day, I was wearing a t shirt that read "Geek girl" and one of my male colleagues, while riding the elevator with me, casually remarked "Isn't that an oxymoron?" .  He realised what he said immediately and apologized, but once it hits home, it remains. 
Although , our relationship bounced back to cordial almost immediately, he wrote me a note almost a year later when he was leaving the company, apologizing for the comment once again. Turned out it remained in his mind too.  
I appreciate his apologies and don't hold even the slightest grudge against him, but it remains a fact that these things happen.

My wife was once told by a male colleague - "Wow!  For a girl, you are not that dumb".  I wanted her to report this event to the HR department but she didn't

Jens Adler Nielsen, Applied math incarnated
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Overheard a boss make this comment publicly to a very competent pregnant employee:
"At least you are good at getting children"
(Seriously? I wish your parents were also this good!)

Sadness that such people with such shallow thinking exist in our society!