Saturday, March 28, 2015

Retirement Ahead :)

"Dad!Won a Flipkart Voucher again"
"Oh! Wow!Reminds retirement day is approaching!Will you pen down something on my behalf?"
"Of course yes dad!"

And I came up with this :)

"33 years passed by. In a city, I entered, as a complete stranger, stranger to the culture, weather, and people. And now when I look back, I see how smoothly it all went by. Needless to say, it was all because of the people like you. I came here, more than 1000 kilometers from my home town, not knowing how will I be able to get acquainted to the culture I was almost unfamiliar to but with just a little dream. A dream of serving as a Hydrologist in one of the driest (pun intended) states of the country. These many years and all that crosses my eyes when I glance back is beautiful relationships created with the most friendly and co-operative people. Not just me, but the get-togethers', be it somebody’s birthday celebrations or celebrating the success of our children, all of it also made my family feel at home.

Today, as I stand here accepting a whole new phase of my life termed as ‘post-retirement’, after serving the Water Supply board for a period of as long as 33 years, I am absorbed with mixed feelings. One hand I wonder how would I feel when I wake up tomorrow morning and will have nothing to rush for and on the other hand I seem to be enjoying the thought of a lazy morning sipping  tea discussing and talking with my wife about everything that we may have missed in all these hectic  years of the life.

All I take from this journey is the happy memories I’ll forever cherish. Thankyou everyone for being a part of this amazing journey and hope to stay in touch with all of you."

This too shall pass

Stuffed inside the tender heart,
Are a Thousand feelings floating haphazard.
On one hand is a friend,
Who is not annoyed because I don’t reply.
But because his gut says I’m not fine.
On the other hand are people,
Who just want a me who was a usual joy.
Oh! How can you forget, a human I am,
That acts hurt me more than you think can!
A rule of no bitching I stand by,
Not realizing how difficult it gets sometimes.
I, today, wish I had never come across some people in my life,
But life secretly whispered to me,
“Not all life’s tests are easy to pass!”
There I slept with tears in my eyes,
Thinking of ways I can undo some years of my life,
It again whispered silently,
“This too shall pass!”
Now I stand with a timer in hand,
Waiting for the minutes to chase the hour.
Where Mr. Optimism passes by and whispers,
“Just a little less than a quarter, my dear!”

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Yes!Count Me In..

Would you believe me if I say that a lazy bum like me shuns the elevators and climbs the stairs all the way from ground to sixth floor every day! Hard thing to digest for people who know me but when I feel the accumulating fat and sometimes my imaginative time machine takes me forward and I see myself looking into the mirror with not so healthy and perfect body, I enforce myself to leave all the ‘Take the lift, Take the lift’ thoughts screaming at me and hit them hard.

Exactly 10 months back,my sister got married. Just days before her marriage, I was living all alone as family had gone to Bangalore for the preparations and I had to stay back because of the dear examinations. I remember, Kellogg’s had just released a new advertisement featuring Deepika Padukone where she asked the viewers to take a two-week challenge. As it was difficult for me to cook in the morning, with exams in the noon, I thought of taking this opportunity and had actually tried the two-week challenge and it had worked to pretty good extent(Not to trust the photos. I always look chubby in them!).

That was the first time I had an experience with Kellogg’s and as I said before,I am quite lazy when it comes to cooking meals and chopping veggies and stuff.So abiding by my nature,it was just milk and Kellogg’s cornflakes that went into the bowl.

Now,imagine,if I had a neighbor like Guptaji and seeing me survive alone,how cool it would have been if he invited me to their nashta,family ke saath!

Monday Morning with Analysis and Design of Algorithms with Kellogg's cornflakes and Gupta Aunty’s yummy coconut laddoos .

Tuesday with the Great artificial Intelligence testing my intelligence with Gupta Aunty asking me to keep patience as it would be the last time I would be appearing for one and making me eat the Chocolate and walnut cornflakes.Healthy and Yummy!

Wednesday being a fruity-fruity day, whilst I sit there with Data mining book in hand and watching Gupta Aunty tackle the stubbornness of her kid with a bowl full of lip smacking Bananas,Strawberries and Cornflakes.

Wednesday,I begging her to prepare the dish that she has mastery over,the recipe we popularly call as ‘HomeWork waala nashta’ because that’s perfect temptation for her kids to finish off their homework in time.Thats after a lengthy Network-Paper!

Thursday,I knew was going be tad boring to study!They would have known something refreshing I needed and what better than the fresh aroma of cinnamon with the sweetness of apple.By the way,it was the Disaster Risk Management I had to study for!

Friday,Thank God Friday.Just one more to go.And second last papers are more exciting than the last ones,thinking of the next day!:P And Guptaji and family, having their own kids, would have known this.To stop my blabbering about the next day’s plans was the Chup Karane waala Nashta’ with the glorious blend of honey and nuts!

Saturday!Evening ‘Movie Waala Nashta’ with Gupta uncle’s kids of course. The family surely knows how to make a simple thing as popcorns so interesting an escort to the movies!A perfect evening snack,I must say.

Life would have been so healthy and tasty if a neighbor as friendly and as health-conscious as the Guptas existed.But,for now,knowing that this Guptaji’s family makes these all delicacies, I would surely knock his door or very politely ask him ,’Guptaji,Nashte pe kab bula rahey ho?’ 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

A New Life Awaits

“Why do you intend to take up a job based in Hyderabad, when you yourself are from the IT capital of India?”
“Sir, I wish to stay independent for a few years. I want to see, if I can manage myself, my expenses and my responsibilities all on my own. After completing my schooling here in Ahmedabad, I got into this college, which is just 15 minutes from my home, which implies again under the protection and shade of my parents. If I aim for a job in Bangalore, it would again mean the same, as my dad gets retired this March and we’ll all move there.But,as I said, I wish to learn some things, maybe the harder way.”
“I am impressed.”

This was my HR interview.

Just when I came back of his cabin, I pondered over my own answer. I realized how easy it was saying all of this but how difficult it would be actually surviving. Even with my parents here, I sometimes feel so bored and so lonely, then wonder, how days would go then. A long 9-6 job,return to your home, cook your own food, do your own laundry, the grocery management, electricity bills, house rent and a  thousand such things some of which I may not even be aware of right now!

From a little kid to 22 year old girl, I’ve always been my parents little daughter. Those sudden crazy little cravings and dad gets them the next day. A sudden wish to eat mom-prepared Gajar-ka-Halwa and its prepared in the next few days. Everything. Every little thing!

God,I am going to miss all of it.Just a few days back, I went to my best friend’s home who has a younger brother. He had some doubts in his maths course and asked me to help him out. Now this family is my second family. I made myself comfortable in teaching him and the situation was-I was sitting on the floor with bed besides on which, was sitting his brother. So it was kind of a sister teaching a brother. Just then, her father came in and uttered “We’ll miss you Pooja when you go away”.No matter how hard I try and how much I tell my brain that it’s going to be exciting, it still brought two and a half tears into my eyes, which I of course I hid away from everyone.

I understand, not everything is going to be easy. But isn’t that how you learn the life’s lessons. The harder way? I understand times would come when I’ll feel like leaving everything and reaching my family but the workplace won’t entertain such leave-requests. Times when I’ll feel vulnerable and try to reach out a friend, but he/she’ll be busy in his/her own life. Long Distance doesn’t work out in many cases,but,to understand and not to belong to that ‘many-cases’, I’ll have to practically test.That’s how I’ll know  the depth of my friendship, that’s how I’ll grow a stronger person, that’s how I’ll learn not to bother myself over petty matters.

It’s all about Starting a New Life and Learning the New Way referred to as Experience.

Happiness is...

Happiness is the chirping sound of the birds,
Which acts as an alarm clock to me who is not a nerd.

Happiness is the cool air from the fan,
Whilst you lay on the bed after a tiring day at work.

Happiness is a sweet morning message from a dear one.
It is also in the Goodnight hugs from a distanced friend.

Happiness is an unexpected long talk with a friend,
But it is also what you feel in silence.

Happiness is getting lost in an amusing book.
It is falling in love with the hero of the book.

Happiness is watching your code run perfect in the first attempt.
Happiness is also going home early because of this event.

Happiness is making stories which entertain you.
It is in the birthday surprises  by your friends who love you.

Happiness is the random smiles to decent strangers.
It  is also holding hands and walking with a loved one.

Happiness is gulping the spicy Pani-Puris on the road side stall,
It is in the yum Samosas while it’s raining, accompanied with tea.

Happiness is seeing your parents proud.
It is the sudden excitement on face and hunger in stomach,
When dad returns home with surprise food-packets in hand.
Happiness is mom made Gulab-Jaamuns stuffed with love,
Which stands to me above all.

Happiness is making a person smile when he is low.
It is in teasing your best friends till it makes them blow.
It is also in hearing the male-friend group,
Complaining about the female counterpart.

Happiness is watching a baby monkey play with its mother.
Happiness is cute little puppies in the backyard.

Happiness is the smell of the old books.
It is also in the smell of petrol and paint.
And lies in the smell of the mud wet with rains.

Happiness is puddling inside the rain water.
It  is taking an opportunity of no electricity
And enjoying a candle light with the family.
Happiness is cooking a dinner delight for your family.

Happiness is new shoes,new watch,new apparels.
It is also getting clicked putting all of them at once.

Happiness is watching the kids play the innocent games.
Happiness is watching a movie that strikes a chord with your thought process.

Happiness is the new haircut turned out well,
Happiness is cuddling yourself.
It is in watching a friend acting an idiot,
Just to cheer you up.

Happiness is the cool summer breeze flirting with your hair.
Happiness is the long morning walks with your best friend.
Happiness is watching the night sky full of glittering stars.
When life seems to have no bars.

Happiness is the colorful balloons.
It is in experiencing the sugar candy melt in your mouth.
Happiness is seeing your favorite chocolate lying in the refrigerator.
It is the smell of the mangoes walking past a fruit-seller.

Happiness is laughing at silly jokes,
Happiness is getting praised for an activity you love.

Happiness is the first wishes on getting a job.
It is also the bright roses that reach your door the next day.

Happiness  is a long shower on Sundays,
It is also in a rare-Sunday morning,
Recalling what all makes you happy.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

"I liked the quote!"

“She needed a hero so that’s what she became” was her latest messenger status. A friend knocks at her notification window and says “Are you planning to be forever so”. 
As light as the mood in which the status was updated, she mockingly said,”Haha!I liked the quote”.

Then started a discussion.

“Do you have anybody that close to you? A 4:00 a.m. buddy? “asked he.
 Being true to herself she denied adding how she has always treasured the people who were and are a part of life. And how she believed in not stretching a relationship as pure and as divine as friendship  if it’s not working-even with the best of friends, for what’s the point in seeing both the parties in anguish, when you know that things can never turn out to be same ever again.

“That’s your ego and your attitude”-remarked he.

She corrected letting him know that, that  was her perspective. And leaving behind a relationship doesn’t give her some sort of  sadistic pleasure. It’s just a way of thinking.

“What are you going to do with no close people around?”

“So…Do I need to carry forward the burden of an enforced friendship just like paying life insurance premiums. Doesn't it sound similar to what Oxford would define ‘Selfishness’ as? Carrying forward  a bond only in the hope that you might need it in future.”

She explained him how ,for her, friendship is void of such self-interest. And the only reason, why that happened to her is that she cannot help herself position the same respect for a person, who misjudged/mistook /lied/ignored/took her for granted.

“You need to change.”

Soul-Search she did. All she found was too many broken pieces of a whole and for a while she wanted to keep them all the way they were, Broken and Imperfect. For joining  them back would mean giving somebody the pleasure to hear the crackling noise again..!
If only life wasn’t this harsh!

PS:Hey blog!I had promised you,if nobody else,I’l be sharing my deepest secrets with you atleast.But these days,I see its not happening.Blame it on my laziness,long working hours or just plain sullen mood.But I admit I broke my promise.I failed to take refuge into my best company ,for how did I forget,it was always you who bore all my nonsense and sadness and pain!
You are like none other.You know me well.You don’t expect anything out of me.You don’t judge me for who I am.You swallow all my mood-swings perfectly well.You hold my tears.You share my pride.You smile at my laughter.You don't mind a little ego of mine.You don’t let your chauvinism come in between when I share feminist quotes with you,or when I say I love my unchanged me.Oh!If only you weren’t non-existent,I would have knelt down before you and asked you to be mine forever!A period of bearing utter nonsense for you,isn't it?Like always,please bear! :D

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy Beginning to 22nd! :)

Finally the day came.

A day I wait for, the most. My BIRTHDAY.I stepped into 22, yet,I  remain the same crzy freak.
The day was a stressful one. It was 12th March 11:30 p.m. and it seemed as if the yawns had found a permanent abode –me! I was so sleepy. But  I know that when I wake up from half sleep, I utter nonsense. And tonight, it would be my people wishing me, on my birthday, due in just  half-an-hour.So,I decided to drift my attention from sleep to random television shows, with dad, also very sleepy, doing the same. Finally the clock struck 12.It was mum wishing me first with dad waiting for the minute to end. Preciseness. :D

Just then, the doorbell rang. It was my best friend. And not just her. Her entire family. My second family. I was so happy when I saw them all.This, probably being my last birthday here in Ahmedabad, they wanted to make it all special. :) 
Then followed cake-cutting, telephonic wishes and messenger wishes, all bringing happiness with smiles free! It’s been 12  years and we’ve been always like this. Happy Crazy ones!

Just because, nobody disturbs the cake-cutting ceremony, I changed my phone’s mode to silent. Just after taking the last bite of the midnight cake, I suddenly realized, sister and another best friend would be attempting to reach me. I fastened up my pace and headed to check the notifications bar and shock led its way.7 missed calls from the best-friend. I was going to call-back, when he rang to my best- friend’s phone, also his best friend. She handed over the phone to me and the next words, “What is wrong with you! Why aren’t you picking up your phone?!”,in a loud harsh voice! He had never been like this before and for a second , I thought he was not the person I knew as my best-friend. Just as I swallowed his words, he spoke “That parcel guy would have gone by now. Hasten up and head towards your terrace. I have something for you. Fast” Ordered he. Now it was midnight. By now, I had guessed there was no parcel man but my best friend himself who had come, traveling miles, just to wish me. I and my best friend, both went up..3/4th the way to the terrace. But then, owing to the silence there, we got scared. I had various scenes forming up in my mind. Like he trying to scare me wearing some deadly mask and my birth anniversary turning to death-anniversary, the entire society waking up by my shouts, etc. So we both decided to step down. Towards our home.
Just then, he came down. With a sad sullen face. All because of me. For spoiling his surprise. He wished me a Happy Birthday. And handed over to me my favorite chocolates, but I also saw candle between them. And then, I imagined what he would have imagined. Dark Sky with candles and chocolates! Beautiful! But I had already spoiled it all! Although he spoils all my surprises all the time and I used to wonder what pleasure he gets by doing so, I hadn’t had a tinge of pleasure on spoiling his! Only if he is reading this, which he claims he does, believe me, it was special. :)
The next hour or so, we talked. About everything.Plus, when the trio meets, it’s always filled with laughter and happiness and glee. The entire family was awake. The 12 year-friendship’s friend stayed back and we were talking our hearts out till 3:00 a.m.

Woke up to have amazing mom-made Gulab-Jamuns and presents. Then my closest college friends at home and as we sat there chatting and recalling the college days, I did not realize, it was past the usual-office-reaching time. I thought ‘one day for my birthday’  and decided to bunk :P

It was a different birthday. Birthday celebrating Togetherness. Birthday celebrating Family. Birthday celebrating Friends. Birthday celebrating Life! With people, I always look up to, people I share all my feelings with.
And Thank You :)

Monday, March 9, 2015

Teacher,Happy Father's Day.


So this is about a memory that I felt needed to be penned down.

It was 5th September,2010.Teacher’s Day.At Loyola. A convent.
My closest friend then, so wanted to go and wish the Father. Another one had brought cards. So she decided to accompany her.It was for the first time she was going to enter his cabin.Yes,she was a bit nervous.She was mentally preparing as to how would she wish him.”Happy Teacher’s Day.Happy Teacher’s Day” was all into her mind.

Inside she went.Wanted to wish him first. Prompted out “Teacher,Happy Father’s Day” .Dumbstruck, the Father of the best convent sat there.He just had  “Happy Teacher’s Day” to say in return.

Rushed out of his cabin.Poker faced.Directly to me.Then instigated laughter.Laughter which still emerges out of nowhere.

No creepiness this time!

3 days to my birthday and as it has always been, since I was a kid, I like to wear something fresh and new on my birthday! And shopping has always been a big-big deal for me.Not that I hate it, but I’m very-very choosy! And as it is MY shopping, I don’t quite mind it, but parents who return home irritated!

They give me looks as if I’ve failed terribly in some important examination, the scene after returning home is something like this. We unlock the door,mom chooses to rest on sofa because she is too tired,dad directly heads to kitchen and puts tea-leaves to boil(reason : headaches)  and I without looking at them head towards my room! :D .All because we AGAIN returned home empty handed! Thanks to me!

But this year was something special. Just 2 days back,Indiblogger gave me my second birthday present,sissy’s parcel reaching me just a few hours before that.Flipkart vouchers! Whoa!
I basketed a few Kurtis and for a final approval called my mom-dad to check them out.Just a glance and they were like ‘Okay!Buy fast’! All so that they are exempted from the tiring ritual which we’ve been following past 15-16 years!

Their so prompt approval actually delayed the process of my ordering, as I sat there wondering, if everything was actually alright or not! :D

Posts describing the creepiness:


Till yesterday I was the only one counting days for my birthday.Soon to be 22 and still I’m the same-Crazy!

A sudden notification pop up,when you were just heading to sleep, from your dear friend at midnight,who probably started doing the same for your birthday is what all you need to sleep wearing  a smile on! :D

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Boulevard of Memories

As each day I pack my bag and head towards my workplace on my vehicle, there’s one thing that excites me commuting on the same way daily .A road that reminds me of my days at Loyola. Days that made me experience so many things. Taught me so much. Much more than what much hyped 11th and 12th Science had to offer me. It taught me life. It taught me morals. It taught me to win by defeating me, crushing me. And yes, I admit, these have been the best lessons I’ve learnt.
Why am I suddenly thinking of all this? Because my current workplace houses some people who mock others. Loyola taught me not to do so because it once had mocked me. And you know what the other person goes through when you’ve been in their shoes before.

I remember those early 11th standard days. It was similar to what one feels at 22 when she jumps from home to professional life.You no longer see people who love you.But you face competition in every direction.You face people who are there to find mistakes in you.The place from where I completed my 10th was my second home. People and teachers were so darn friendly. And then, after months, owing to my good scores in 10th,I saw myself into one of the best convents of the city.

Life turned. Everybody around me was different. Everybody was running, to defeat others. And there was one particular professor who just couldn’t let me be me.I was facing a tough time there. I remember those days when I used to come home and cry.Like,literally cry. Because he made me stand up in the class and indirectly mock me.I wasn’t used to this.And neither was I strong enough then.Then continued my series of absences. I remember we had two lectures of his every Thursday.And my attendance record would show I was absent every Thursday for weeks together. All so that I don’t face the same embarrassment. From being a one amongst the merit list topper to a girl who ranked  17th in her first tests, passing by a single mark in one of her subjects. It was what a tiny town- girl brought up in wonderful environment would feel if she suddenly had to survive in Mumbai.

My physical being was also affected. For the first time in my life I was admitted to a hospital. I had missed my prelims. My white blood cell count had dropped below normal. All because even though food went inside my body, it dint help my body anyway. I was so damn affected by all this. So much so, that I had made up my mind of changing my school, midst the ongoing year. Owing to my rank in the top 15 among the city, I knew it wouldn’t be that hard.

But as they say, some things are destined to happen. Some feeling one day and I decided I’ll attend his lecture. That too on a Thursday. That day, I, with full courage, went to school and while I was sitting on probably 3-4th bench during all the lectures, I shifted to 1st when it was his.Maybe I was fed up of fearing. Maybe I was done with my embarrassment. Maybe I wanted to shed no more tears.I do not know what it was, whether he had been doing all this intentionally to me or it was just happening, I do not know. But that day he came, straight from the class-entrance to my desk, patted on it and said “Keep up this attitude,You’ll excel in life”.This was a moment that filled me with optimism and hope for future.A moment of hope.

What do you call this?Did he notice I was different than the rest and wanted me to learn the hard way?Did he notice my absence pattern and out of pity said that to me?Or was that tinge of courage that was going to change everything?

Those words acted as a fuel.I mustered up enough courage to make myself stand up again.Those days..I do not remember working hard more than that ever before in my life. As I hadn’t given my first prelim, I had to adjust the score anyhow in my second. Second Prelim and I was ranked second in my class. And the way my class teacher had announced that… I still end up living that moment. 

This post is an entry for Indiblogger's Happy Hours.