Saturday, February 28, 2015

13 days for 13th. :P

Being a birthday freak that I am, I’ve already chanted the fact that tomorrow starts the month of my birthday a thousand times already to my parents. A month of my birthday, dad’s birthday and this year, dad’s retirement as well. J(It is so fun teasing dad! Since January I’ve been telling him what I’m planning to give him as a retirement present. A name board titled “Retd. Hydrologist”. And that childish smile on his face! Haha!:D)
Okay. Back to birthdays! :P
Reminded me, I’ll soon be flaunting 22! And just a thought of what course my life has taken over  all these years. Interesting, yet I decided to scroll through the posts titled “Things to do before you turn 23”.
Here’s a list with my status report on each. Some accomplished. And for some others, I’ve got one more year. :D

1. Gain as many qualifications as possible. These don’t have to be academic qualifications, there are lots of vocational alternatives.
You mean Coursera kinda? I love MOOC courses. Let’s me learn so much from so many diverse fields than what my usual curriculum offers me.
2. Learn to be financially knowledgeable. This may not necessarily mean financial independence, but it is important to know how to pay bills, live to a budget and understand how a bank account works.
Spend wisely managing home for a month.Done.Rest, the year might succeed in teaching me.
3. Learn to cook from scratch. Good for the health, good for the bank balance.
Oh yeah.And then click a thousand  pictures of the prepared dish and make your friends feel jealous. :D
4. Know how to look after yourself. Be able to keep yourself, your clothes and your home clean (you’d be surprised how many 19 year olds that I know that still don’t have a concept of this).
I guess, I do that.Wait,lemme ask mommy. :P
5. Learn to be comfortable in your own skin, and being alone with yourself.
Being alone with myself. The best thing.Sometimes,most needed. I hear a lot many friends complaining to me about this nature of mine when I deny hanging out with them when I feel staying with my own self is a priority then.
6. Know your alcohol limit. Just occasionally, be able to stop drinking before you go over it. It doesn’t stop you from staying out until 6.00am, it just means you can do so without having vomit in your hair.
I haven’t even tried. And I don’t think so I’ll.Ateast this year.
7. In between disappointing your parents, which will usually at some point be inevitable, take the time to appreciate them and tell them how much they mean to you.
Morning hugs to mom-dad count?
8. Occasionally, take the time to do absolutely nothing but indulge yourself. Rest, relax, recharge your batteries. Have a long hot bath, read a book, sleep all day.
Oh yes. Done.
9. If you can, travel as much as possible with people you love. It doesn’t have to be abroad – explore the sights and sounds of your home country. Road trip, anyone?
North-West-South India Done . East remains.
10. Give your time to a charitable cause.
11. Go out in fancy dress.
Okay.I’ll try.
12. Learn at least the basic elements of a foreign language.
Started. Let’s hope I embrace it back, what I left behind owing to (oh!I can make a thousand excuses!)
13. See your favourite singer/band in concert.
Music?Not my cup of tea.
But yes,I’ve attended Shreya Ghoshal’s concert.So done.
14. Forgive (doesn’t mean you have to forget) and move on.
I find that tad difficult. Hope I overcome this.
15. Spend 24 hours without any media – no internet, tv, phone or consoles. See what you accomplish in your boredom.
Done.Days together.
That helps me realize that I still have that will to resist them.
Let me think tonight.Maybe March 1st to 10th may turn out to be anti-media day?
16. Learn to say no, to yourself and to others.
Mastered! :D (kidding!) .But tell you a secret?My best friend says,4 years and one most important thing that he has learnt from me is saying No.He says,it’s the best thing.Why do something that your heart doesn’t approve of?
17. Get rid of that one rude, inconsiderate friend who makes your time together a chore.
Done.Now just more tha strangers.
18. Take pictures. Lots of pictures.
Haha! 500+ in the mobile gallery and I don’t blame my android for its so-poor-functioning!
19. Get a job working in the service/retail industry. Trust me, after 18 months of working at McDonalds and two years working in a nightclub, I’ll never be rude to a waitress, shop assistant or barman ever.
Saying a thankyou and flashing a smile count?
20. Understand that if you really want something, you’re going to have to start working for it, or be really good at asking for it.
I love that feeling. When you make one goal your dream and work for it. J
That would continue lifelong? Wont it?
21. Spontaneously do something that you have never done before.

22. Splurge on something that you’ve always wanted.
Okay. :P
23. Be grateful for what you have.
I am. Thankyou to each person who was and is a part of my life. J

Monday, February 9, 2015

Some days it feels as if your entire being is clouded with gloom. Nothing is able to light up the path to optimism. It’s as if you wish to take that pillow and let it absorb all the tears waiting to flow out from inside you. It’s just the deep scars you had buried down that are paving their way out again. No matter how many people you have around you, its only the loneliness and silence that helps. No amount of social media interaction helps. For a fact, it spoils.

So strange it is.The world and those we are surrounded by. Heard it a zillion times,you come alone into this world,everything is predecided- where you are born, the family, the status, the city everything. It’s just a bunch of friends that we choose. Those people who grow up to become next to your family. And I’ve always believed that the lesser you have, the happier you are. But those bunch of people should be such that you can pour out anything and everything to them.You share every sort of feeling with them.Happiness,sorrow,Pain,Laughter,Joy,Tears,Fright.

They’re the ones,you feel and know, who won’t ever mistake your pride for your arrogance. But sometimes it changes. Considering how close you are to them,you crow out something,you share your pride with them, of course just as you share that laughter,forgetting,that it doesn’t take time for a man to change.Forgetting all the wise words you’ve read about Change in a man and his attitude. Change In People. And this change etches a scar deep inside of you.For you never thought this can get in way. For you never reacted this way when they bragged.And maybe that’s why God chose for you a family. A perfect family. The people God knew would never feel it that way for you, about you!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Being a South Indian: Part 3

New Place. New People. 
Lone South Indian. Hence the same topic.

It has been almost a month since I joined an organization as an intern. And now, just as I had begun to dwell into the atmosphere, by getting to know the people during the lunch breaks or post-lunch strolls, they decided to drag me into the atmosphere rather than letting me take my own time.
So it all started when one day, out of some conversation, they got to know that I was a South Indian. Not actually a particular piece of conversation, but a fellow just noticed that I talk in Hindi, the rest others in Gujarati,during the lunch breaks. And even when the group discussion used to follow in Gujarati, the moment the speaker caught an eye-contact with me, it automatically used to change to Hindi. :D

Then began the series.

With Kannada lessons first. They proudly flaunt their ‘Howdu(Yes)’ and ‘Illa(No)’ in front of me with their puzzled looks wanting a nod from my side claiming the pronunciation to be correct. Then the other day,after the lunch break, all the employees went back to our desks. The two of them,the corner-seaters wanted to learn more. And Google never denies to help. It so happened that for the next 15 minutes, I sat there laughing, hearing their struggling yet undaunting endeavors to pronounce the words correctly! :D

Just yesterday, after being bombarded with so-cliché-now a question of ‘Kannada’ matlab Andhra Pradesh, somebody’s exercising brain cells finished their workout and while relaxing came up with ‘Tum log to banana-leaves mai khatey hon na!’
I said good-humouredly, “Yaha banana trees utney hai nahi,so we prefer eating from plates, just as you do! ;)"
“Toh grow kar lo na!Chotey Chotey se!” (Urgh!)
Somebody from the opposite end pops up saying,”Toh sambhar leak nahi ho jaata hoga!Flat leaf mai sey?”
I was just going to let them know the skill behind managing the Sambhar(Daal,actually!) on the leaf when another intelligent guy(with  actions) exhibits his knowledge,
“Aise rice ka mountain banaane ka and uske andar hole karneka.Usmai sambhar daal deneka.Toh leak hi nahi hoga!”
But, how can somebody not have doubt in this explanation.
“Who log itna rice khatey hai.Hum to thoda sa hi khaatey hai na.Toh leak ho jayega”
But my organization has no shortage of curious and knowledgeable men.
Another pops up,
“Jaha se leak hona shuru ho,waha rice rakh deneka.As an obstacle”
You see, my presence is just the ignition to the topic. All the questions are answered by they themselves. And I’m just sitting there with tears of laughter in my eyes listening to these funny explanations!

PS: Reminds me, my best friend, a Gujju,had this misconception that after finishing off the food from the leaf,we eat the leaf as well.  *Salutes*