Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I ask the time to stand still

I wish the time stands still.
For there’s laughter and joy in the moment,
which I may never get to refill.
It’s not just the new work that enthuses me,
But also the folks that bring around the vibrant glee.
Those lunch breaks bringing out the laughter quakes,
Those creepy looks exchanged ,
those weird topics that range.
Those noon walks enjoyed, 
gossiping, sparing only the void!
Those tiny little pauses, 
whilst your code is compiling,
A phone in one hand and eyes gazing at the laptop screen.
That moment of annoyance, 
when the screen is red out of flamboyance.
Those deep breaths to relax when the compiler hangs!
That anxiety on the face wishing to embrace the ‘Success’.
Then there, fingers which are busy typing.
For a friend who was just proposed by his colleague becomes my latest icing.
There are immobile smileys being used,
which seem so lively making me feel amused.
There’s a little craziness, little bliss.
‘Success’ pops up, asking me to shut up.
I put aside the phone, work to try out the unknown.
Pick it up again just to repeat the same.
9 hours of the day dash like this.
There’s only a little tranquil, 
yet I ask the time to stand still.
For the moments I’m living now, are creating a memory.
As sweet as a berry.
Life again might never be the same.
Maybe it would be another game, with a different aim.
My code might be compiling someday,
But maybe I’ll have no IMs to look down to that day.
My phone may beep because of the messages,
But maybe the smiles would have found their edges.
I wish to swirl away in this frill,
And ask the time to stand still.

Friday, January 16, 2015

(Dis)Advantages of Big Eyes

  • You don’t need a body guard. Your eyes serve the purpose. :P
  • You can sometimes make an easy way out from the traffic by widening them in front of the person just wanting to cross wrongly.
  • Even when you are sincerely asking your faculty a doubt, people assume ‘How arrogant!’
  • When the teacher makes you sit in the front row and you have to tilt your head a bit up which automatically enlarges your eyes and there stands the teacher watching if watching a horror.:P
  • Sometimes they are overexpressive.Each reaction is accompanied by their widening, narrowing, shortning,sqeezing and whatever.Afterall,you need to take full advantage of them! :P
  • Dust loves settling unto them. OH and that rubbing and reddening of the eyes!
  • The continuous dripping of tears while moving fast on the vehicle on a cold chilly morning.
  • ‘Hitler’ impression on talking to a stranger for the first time.(In a way, good sometimes! :P)
  • Even when you don’t want to show anger, these find their own way of letting the opposite person know how freaking angry you are!
  • While presenting a project in front of the class, suddenly somebody pops us with a question just after you disconnected all the projector cabling from your lappy.Not to worry..You don’t need words; your eyes do all the speaking! :D

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bury Them Back?

Deep inside myself,
I hold a thousand more thoughts.
What I’ve let out to this world,
Is not even a percent of what lies inside me.
I admit, I fear revealing them to anybody.
Not because I don’t trust the people around me,
But because I’ve someway learnt to engrave them,
Engrave them deep inside me.
The deeply buried truth.
Or maybe lie.
For I know not, what it is.
Sometimes, I pat my own back,
For having this quality.
Which at times seems the finest.
For there exists only my soul,
Which knows about them.
But sometimes, it kills.
Because a single mind sometimes finds it difficult,
Difficult to handle two conflicting thoughts.
For the buried thoughts suddenly erupt,
In the wake of the night.
To haunt me, to trouble me.
But the fear of another being knowing about me,
As much as I know about myself
Is more than the effort required to conceal them again.
I feel better letting go of all the rumble-jumble going on..
Just as I’ve been..
All these years.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Guinness Rotis

Pretty late I’m in writing this post which should have been posted 2 years back probably, when I had added this term to our in-house vocab.All the credit in discovering this word by me goes to dear mommy. And her skilfully prepared rotis.

Since childhood, I’ve been a tantrum throwing kid when it came to meals. I call myself a foodie but the amount that my digestive system can handle is a li’l less, especially when compared to my family members. And mommys will be mommys. Watching their kids get healthy and nutritious is what their objective is.Like they show in some television advertisements wherein they put some bengan in pizza or something like that, my mom has her own ways.

4 years back when I had joined my college, it was the first time that I was going to stay away from home for more than 5 hours. And more than 5 hours implies not less than 2 dabbas!The lighter dabba seemed to me the heavier one and the heavier one? Oh it had Guinness Rotis inside it.Why Guinness Rotis? Because I’m soon going to write to the Guinness World Records to patent my mom’s rotis as the largest/longest/biggest.*

It so happened that suddenly after my 10th grade, my capacity of food intake reduced and from 4 rotis, I went down to two parathas.This fact,at no cost, can be consumed by any mom. So she started adding extra flour and making the flour-balls bigger keeping the count to two. The result? Circular Guinness Rotis!

Even today, she does that. When I see her putting those on pan and cooking,I ask her to reduce the flour from the second to-be-cooked-flour-ball. She very nicely keeps that aside showing me the newer one and the smaller one that she made until I get convinced. But I know, just as I turn back, she exchanges it with the original one. She is kinda fed up with my tantrums now and finds her own ways to prevent them. And that sweet cheating that she does each day, thinking I’m not yet aware of that, actually makes me love her more!

Nowadays, when I shout seeing the amount of rice she comes to put in my plate, she has started emotionally blackmailing me telling me, “Only a few days! Then nobody will come and force you to eat.So,just eat.”


*Only when she prepares for me.

Monday, January 5, 2015

New Beginning

A lazy girl who is never up from her bed before 8:30 woke up today at 7:15 without the need of any alarms and repeated buzzes. She put on her favourite Kurti and her favourite side bag and with-ecstasy climbed down the stairs of her home. It was her first day at office.

As little kids how we wish to go to school and then wait to move from school to college and finally from college to workplace. Change is what a man needs.

Btw, that girl was me.

My office principles demand from us to stay for at least 9 hours which according to them indicates our commitment towards the workplace.(With all due respect to my current workplace and workplaces all over the globe who follow this , this idea of compulsory stay doesn’t get along with me.But okay. Life asks you to adjust sometimes.)

It was my first day as an intern. A software engineering Intern.(I’ve been an editorial intern before. Sounds so cool na?Editorial Intern :P)I was excited! I decided to fix up my timings as 9 to 6 so that it doesn’t get late going back home. Just when I reached the main office building, I notice my vehicle would give a company to only one anther lonely vehicle parked there. “Oh No!Am I this early?”.I, anyhow din’t let these silly thoughts bother me and walked towards the lift. Both the escalators couldn’t see the extra weight that I had put on this vacation and gave me ‘burning calories’ as my welcome gift. The office was open. Relief!

I entered, tried hard to search for a breathing human. But nobody in sight! I wandered inside the premises finally a ‘Yay!I found a human’ moment. I went and asked him ‘What is the usual time that people come?’.10:30-11:00 was his reply. I made a rough count which made me realize they would reach home at 8! What?!I neglected the thought and called my dad to inform how punctual his daughter was :P.Next,My best friend –only to listen to the long ringtone before he attends the phone greeting me with a snoozy Hello.I whined to him saying nobody here! What do I do! :P.15 minutes disturbance to his sleep and entertainment to me :P

Finally I head up and start reading a random E-book that I found in my laptop. And finally I saw a flock of humans entering in.I spent the next few minutes exchanging smiles with all of them, meeting them, knowing them. Wonderful it was. Two of them bear much similarities to me and it was fun all day long with them. Knowing their experiences of the workplace (They’d joined a month earlier), their stories, finding mutual friends etc.

Just as we opened our laptops to continue doing what we were doing(As the office-head was not yet there!),four more interns enter(2 girls,2 boys) and start chatting. Loud and Clear. As if the entire world wanted to know their ‘yesterday’. If that wasn’t enough, they started playing songs.Loud.As if earphones were non-existential. Just minutes before it would have got on my nerves, they stopped. The music ofcourse.The girls kept on blabbering. So much so, that after an hour I almost knew all about their past, much of present and was set enough to know their future plans. Finally Lunch time acted as a saviour!

The rest of the day went knowing each other (as we had nothing else to do!:P) and reading and listening. :D

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Looking back at 2014.

Wrote on:25th December.
Just 5 more days and what would remain with me are the memories of 2014.Memories I shall carry forward. Due to some reasons 2014 shall forever stay in my memory! It planned some things, it taught me some things, it strengthened some bonds, it created some more, it brought laughter, it brought joy, it brought pain, it brought smiles and above all unwrapped one more year and now I sit to twist and open the wrapper-2015!

January 1st 2014,like January 1st 2013 and January 1st 2012 began in trains. Those beautiful soft ,typical-blue couches of the Indian Railways whilst I lay there reading WhatsApp Statues and seeing display pictures of people wearing Santa Clause caps!Never-mind,I’m not a party-lover kind of girl! :D I would have anyways preferred a silent celebration inside the cosy home!

February: Then it was a month-long stay alone at home since parents were at Bangalore for sissy’s marriage arrangements and stuff. Probably the first time I was staying all alone. I was pretty excited for such an experience and plus when you have your best friend joining you every other day when you get to cook up, both stories and food, what can be more interesting. It was a month of late night talks, movies and self-made food. I survived! :D

March always excites me.Month of my birthday.Plus,dad’s birthday too!2014 birthday. A birthday which starts with I anchoring for the Annual Sports meet and the Chief Guest, an army person, raising and shaking hands with you,appraising you!Then a surprise visit by friends and blogposts and so much more!

April literally went in shopping for sissy’ wedding and yes, my parents were so much fed up with my choosy nature that at the end whatever I tried looked ‘Beautiful’ to them. All so that I buy one and this business ends. But sorry!

May, all exam hush-hush, parents not at home, sissy’s wedding excitement, cooking blues, the tiffin-waala doesn’t turn up, if he does it’s so spicy that I shun the idea, days of surviving on breads! I feel fascinated by the thought that I’m still alive and writing this.Plus, watching superwoman series the night before the semester’s scariest subject’s exam with your best friend. Plus, an additional added member(and a family) to our family.Jij. :D

June-July.Placement Preps and college hush-hush. The busiest and the shortest!How cool that even this phase brings you closer to some people and distances you from some.

August. Month of heartbreaks, friendship-bond-strengthening, losing.You taught me to get back stronger.Thankyou.September owes you a lot.

September.*Happiness* .
I had never I my life imagined that I would get so bold one day that I would dare to go and sit to write an examination ON-THE-DAY-OF-THE-INTERVIEW(in-spite of a green signal from home that it was okay even if I don’t) for which I hadn’t even opened my book!Experienced?Oh the chill I still get!

October, Navratri and Diwali. The festivals which makes me love Gujarat even more.Each year.

November-December : Oh my God.Internship search.Gosh!Plus the awesome vacations that the engineering course provides you each December for 15 long days!Rest,I don’t want to remember how people changed around me bringing a li’l pain. But that’s okay!I thank you people a lot too.

A’all,I need to welcome 2015 with smiles ! :D