Sunday, December 20, 2015

When Dinner Turns to Be a Disaster!

Last sem of our college, we had a disaster management class wherein we were warned against a dozen of disasters and were taught all the precautionary measures and in the worst cases how to deal with the trauma post-disaster.

But college just missed out teaching us what to do in circumstances when the stomach has to sleep with no input to it.Well,we are three girls sharing a flat, all brought up in Gujarat but hailing from different places. And luckily enough, all three of us are pretty good at cooking.

The usual dinner consists of Roti and Sabzi or some kind of rice(I,being a south Indian can prepare a few varieties).And a confession, after we come back from office and notice that we’ve got no vegetables at home, we don’t climb down and walk half a kilometer to buy some. Dinner has to be from whatever we’ll have at home at that time.

A few days back,a situation similar to the above occurred.No vegetables to prepare the curry. And rice wasn’t an option good enough as we had it a day before.But we had besan(gram flour) at home.One of the girls recalled how her mother used to prepare something delicious of that and suggested us the same. And we agreed.

All very excited,we started.

Mixed water,besan,all masalas.Whipped it. Sautéed the onions and then poured that mixture into it.All seemed to be going fine until the water from it almost evaporated and further addition did not seem to be making any difference.And we’re all too hungry to have not lost our patience.
We took the vessel form the induction, made some rotis and got to the regular business of eating.

The first bite.It was less than semi-cooked. As if you’re eating plain besan with water added.But nobody said a word.Internally we all could feel what was going on in each one’s mind..

One of us got up and brought the pickle.I got up to get another variety of it.The third one took both into her plate. We somehow ate, however much we could and got up hiding the remaining part of the curry from each other and put the left over in the leftover-bag.

That day all of us went to bed,not uttering a word.Late night,one of the girls knocked each of our doors and asked us to drink more water saying,
'Who thoda besan kacchha reh gaya than a apan se..toh paani zyada pi lena.Pet dukhega warna’. :D

Just yesterday, that topic emerged out of nowhere (First time after that day) and we had a good share of laughter concluding that ,that was the worst dish we could have ever prepared! :D
Living alone and cooking ourselves sure give many memories!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

FS Tales #7 : Conquering my Fear

Have you ever grabbed an opportunity wherein you’re into a new place with nobody knowing you and were asked to do something which was out of your comfort zone?Yes,yes,I’m talking of the same feeling you might get after a rebirth.

A kid, for instance. Like a free floating body. Bothers about none. No criticisms and no failures. If you laugh at its absurdity, it’ll laugh twice as harder, making you doubt your own sanity.

You rarely get an opportunity to be in that kid’s place I just talked about. Not literally of course, but if for some reasons, you’ve moved to say, a new neighborhood devoid of any aunties from the previous one or a new job place where nobody yet knows you, that’s a chance you get to create your first impression on this new bunch of people. And creating an impression doesn’t necessarily mean recreating the one you had at the former place. You now have this splendid chance of altering that impression.

 What after all life is all about? Jumping from one rail track to another, just being more cautious each time and pocketing the lessons learnt from the last hop, all while quaffing the thrill and excitement.

So, when you change your rail track, make sure you alter that impression and you, yourself-with all enhancements and fixations. All that you wished you were on the previous trail.

I just had this chance. The people who know me personally, know that I’m quite a shy kind of person when it comes to dancing. It’s not about the stage fear,for I love addressing the mass.It had something to do with some portion of my brain resisting my body to even give it a try.I remember,the last time I had danced on a stage was when I was in the fifth grade.That’s almost twelve years ago!And I confess,I never actually gave it a serious try.As I mentioned,some evil chunk of my brain had succeeded in convincing me that my body won’t ever obey the choreographer’s instructions. And maybe,at that age,we are at a stage when we begin getting conscious about our own self. When people laughing at us suddenly starts bothering us. When that kid in us has just started becoming asthmatic towards others’ annotations.

So,when I moved to an entirely new city and a new workplace and got to know about a cultural event being held,with all nervous thoughts but a determined soul,I got registered for it.Thanks to one of my colleagues for propelling me to do so.Another confession, I’m scared of choreographers.I mean,literally.Have you ever noticed the anger and irritation on their faces when their students aren’t able to grasp a step in spite of them trying,say,maybe a million times? If you haven’t, I have. And I’ll tell you, it’s the reaction a math teacher might give to a class six student trying hard to solve 3+8*9!

Leaving all the negativity behind, I decided to stop upsetting myself over all the scary thoughts. Before I could convince my heart that I can, my brain had played its part and convinced me otherwise. That night, I pinged about my participation to my friend who motivated me saying if I can dance to the garba(folk dance of Gujarat) tunes with such grace, western won’t be difficult for me. Suppressing those evil feelings that my heart and brain both were pumping in, I anxiously went inside the dancing room the next day.

During all this, thanks to my grit of altering my impression of being a not-so-good-dancer(how optimistic of myself!:P) to a moderate-leveled-dancer(No! No great expectations!),nobody around me even had a hint of how terrible(Facts hit hard) a dancer I might turn out to be!

With the same determination, I went for my first dance practice after a decade. And when I came back, sitting on my office chair, I felt so good! Of course, I required an instruction or two more than the good dancers but nothing was as scary as the overthinking thinker inside me was telling it would be. Then followed a lot many rehearsals and then finally that stage performance! Everything was just amazing! Circumstances deemed me to be the one playing the main role-on the center stage! And it was so gleesome!

Now everybody around me knows me as a girl who can dance. I don’t actually know where I stand on their rating scale, but I’m happy that I at least belong somewhere there. I felt a change. I could alter my impression.
You can try that too.

Growing up makes you a little more conscious about yourself. These are the opportunities when you  get to turn the tables.

Different places, different and better versions of your own self.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

When you don't look your age.

A few days back my sister was ere in Hyderabad and just as a meet-treat took me to a very posh restaurant located in the center of the city. If you are not in any of the dry states and the restaurant too happens to be a posh one, finding drinks in the menu there won’t raise your eyebrows. And as the government rule states one has to be above 18 to enter places where drinks are served. So the situation goes something like this.

Outside the entrance stood a security personal checking bags and stuff. When I was about to enter he asked me for my identity proof. Thinking it was just the usual norms for the place, I tried taking it out from my overly stuffed bag noticing the girls accompanying me with my squinted eyes. The other girl(my sister’s friend) was too trying to remove it from her bag while my sister stood there confused. Being familiar with the place, just when she was about to ask the person about the happenings there, he said, pointing to Jo(Sister’s friend),
“Madam,you need not take out your Id card.”

My sister promptly asked “Oh! You want to confirm her(my) age?”
He replied, “Yes mam.Just wanted to make sure she is above 18”
I stood there face-palm and gave a similar look to that guy replied sweetly,”you look much younger than your age!”
We all had a hearty laugh.

Not just that.

I had my connecting flight from Ahmedabad to Hyderabad via Mumbai and there was this little kid who was seated beside me.Throughout the journey I had been reading a book and noticing the yawing of the kid who was also adjacent to his sleeping dad.

Just as we landed at Mumbai this conversation initiated.

“Didi,Where are you going?”
“Where are you from?”
“Why Ahmedabad”
“My parents stay here.Had come to meet them”
“You stay alone at Hyderabad”
“Yes. Why?”
“Oh.Its too far from Ahmedabad.”
“Why do you stay at Hyderabad”
“I work there.”
“Toh aap school main nahi padhte?Mujhe laga aap school mai padhte ho!”

Holy Crap!
Nothing more to say.

Signing off from Chatrapati Shivaji Airport,Mumbai. J

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Solo Journey.

They say matter how close you are too your city, your parents and siblings you ought to experience staying alone atleast once in life. You get to test the strength in your roots of responsibility along with the wings of independence.

There are very minor aspects of day to day life which would have never crossed our mind which suddenly becomes noticeable and unignorable.

Now, when I'm taking my life's first solo journey in the bus, there is a background check going on in my mind,like,if there's any perishable grocery left to be used, that I've locked up the rooms and house well, that I've packed all the stuffs, downloaded the reliable safety apps etc. etc.

A few of my fellow mates asking me to go safe, parents asking me not to climb down the bus late night and many more such instructions packed with utmost love and care.

Its this cool breeze blowing by right now whilst I sit on a window side seat and look at the bustling city full of people eager to go to their hometown accompanied by the variety of sounds and noises . Its a long weekend after all.

Monday, September 14, 2015

A Quarter of Change.

Sometimes you have to accept the fact that certain things will never go back to how they used to be.:

It’s almost been a quarter that I’ve come here.Can’t say that the days passed by soon. Because every moment of my life, I miss my past and hug my present. That’s what life is all about, I guess.

And I was wondering how little surprises, little visits and little pampering fills up the otherwise monotonous life with excitement.

Initially in June, it was all hush-hush. First Job. New city. Leaving behind my beloved city. Parents .The Friends.

July passed in Flat hunts, bad experiences, meeting new people, befriending the coworkers, knowing and learning the job stuffs ,exploring Hyderabad and excitedly waiting for my first salary as a software engineer.

Just when I received my first salary I was wondering what to gift to my parents-the reason I am whatever I am today. And then the casual leaves getting expired and I invited my parents here wherein I funded their entire trip. August went into waiting for them and then missing them.

September was going slow but it was then that I decided it was now the time to get my FIRST phone. Just ordered a phone yesterday and now waiting for its delivery. Also, next week I have my dearest sissy coming here.Not to miss the flight tickets I booked for the next month to fly to the place which houses my partial soul-Ahmedabad.

I’m sure the remaining days of September and half of October would go longing for those days.Also,a trip to Bangalore somewhere between!

How little things began to matter so much and how these are the little joys you try to find amidst your busy llife!

Not to miss A-Book-A-Month which helps me get past memories sometimes. J

Friday, September 4, 2015

FS Tales #5 : Some People Touch Our Hearts, Even with a Common Conversation!

Today, while in the washroom, I came across this woman, one of the cleaning staff members. She started speaking to me, something in telugu.I let her complete her sentence and very gently told her that I cannot comprehend the language.
Thankfully, she knew Hindi and translated the same for me.That initiated a conversation. She appeared to be a woman in her late 30s or 40s and began narrating the water problems in the city. And the problems that she and her society members face. I felt a little pain. Imagining how some people survive. And in spite of this, she was thankful that she was in a better position than the others.
Then, asked me that when had I joined.I told her that  I am from Gujarat. She smiled big and said ‘I have a daughter of your age and looks just like you.’
That made me smile.
Then began telling about her. Of how she was preparing for the CA course and how she just fell short of 2 marks. She was proud of her efforts but wanted to make sure she is in the correct field and so asked me of the career prospects after completing the course. I assured her that they are very fair.
While I was leaving, she says that I remind her of her daughter and that if I find time could he talk to me whenever she finds me.
All the way back(that’s like Internal FS walking for me!) I had this big smile,so much so that my  jaws were really paining when I got seated!
How often do we find time to talk to strangers and get connected to them and feel their lives?Everyday we see them, acknowledge their existence and we walk away.
That watchman of the building, that sweeper on the street, that cleaning staff of the office, that maid in the house.
We’re all born with Humanity. But talking to these people, people who never come into picture, yet who are a vital part of our lives, enlivens that humanity again!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

FS Tales #4 : Chocolate Thieves!

What happens to a girl who is so fond of chocolate and while heading for lunch notices a BIG bag of chocolates kept by a non-Indian for his teammates?
It has to be a stimulus-that mouthwatering, that heart beat increase .But those weren’t meant for our team right?

I and another friend of mine feel the same when it comes to chocolates-tremendous love, something for which we can even sacrifice all the moral science lessons that were taught to us.

The other day it so happened that we were heading to the cafeteria for lunch and on the way noticed a bagful of M&Ms and KitKats etc.(Ummn…Mouth Watery!).And we wanted a share, at ANY cost!

So I and this friend of mine thought of various ways of getting inside and walking away with a handful of them like :
‘Hey!Can we have them?’ (Such innocent request. Nobody would deny! Would they?)

‘Umn..Can we have them pleaaaaaaaase?’ (Yeaa..Yea..Sure is what he would have said)

And when these request thing dint ring up with us..We even had this thought of rushing into his cabin…Grabbing the whole packet and zoooooom! Running away! :P

But then…We thought of the consequences..Instead of the organization posters..there would be ‘Meet Our Chocolate Thieves!’

And then finally we decided to let go of our temptations and headed for lunch!

While coming, we noticed that the cabin was now unoccupied.
And the bag of chocolates was still there..the pack wide open in our if inviting us.We rushed inside..looked here and there..grabbed  one or two and ran like little kids!

But wait! We aren’t that bad! We shared the chocolates..something I rarely do!

Maybe to lighten my thoughts on how I got them :P

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Home is Where the Heart is

I always thought falling in love meant falling in love with a person, his thoughts, his ideas. But as I grew up, I came to a realization that falling in love with the fictional readers is another aspect of your love. As you flip through the pages of the book, you start to imagine yourself as being a part of this story. If the story synchronizes with your taste, you get so engrossed into it that you rejoice or mourn for the next few days!

Leaving aside this special feeling, I recently felt love for a place-a city. Falling for material things like watches, mobiles etc. was never me.Therefore I never knew what it is to love your thing-a  thing you are so attached to.Now this is the city where I grew up I had some of the most amazing friends here,Enjoyed some of the mouthwatering delicacies and what not.

Naturally when it came to leaving this place, I started treasuring it more and now that I have left it, I come to a conclusion that its pure love that I feel for the city! Why else you be writing a post at 4 am in the morning after having been nostalgic for about the past 1 hour!

The little memories, the little joys that I’ve had there seem to be like the memories of life. Maybe the feeling a lover who is away from his beloved feels! But the thought of their probable future meeting itself makes them forget all their woes and embrace just love-pure love that they have.

In between, they find moments which brings smiles to their faces.

Thanks to technology, I just had that moment today..

Notice the Home to Telangana.
(I know that it's just my web settings..Yet,it made me happy!)

Ahmedabad will always be my HOME! 

Monday, August 17, 2015

A Failed Prank

Time to Admit Something : I’ve been a victim of pranks very frequently and in 80% of the cases the trier has succeeded in fooling me.For instance a guy from the class calling me and asking me my willingness to participate in a state-level elocution event or a person(whom I yet don’t know) acting to be my cousin and trying to inquire about any man in my life! :-/

So naturally…Get Fooled. Try to Fool others. Spice up the life with a  little madness and little craziness is what I live by.

So the story goes this way.

Last month I moved to an entirely new city for my job.I purchased a local SIM and it was pre-decided that only a few would have the privilege of knowing my new number and to all of whom, I’ll call and inform!

I came back from my office at around 6 and was in a frenzy. Maybe it was the rains tickling me..I don’t actually remember. I dialed my best friend’s number and held my kurta end to my mouth just so that my vice doesn’t appear as shrill and as kiddish as it always does on the phones.

Its his dinner time probably and I know he hates talking on phone specially when he’s eating.

Yet,just so that my prank doesn’t appear to be a prank, I dial his number.
Picks up at the 4-5th ring.

“Hello..I am Swati Mishra speaking from ICAI(He’s a Chartered Accountant by profession) and we are planning to host a talk show and are inviting all the young CAs to be a part of this show. Would you like to be a part of this talk show’

He : Thinks for a few seconds and replies,

“Haa..Thik hai!”

I tell him that we’re yet to dispatch the original invitations and this was only a confirmation call for the talk show.

He caught this ‘Talk show’ which according to him is my unique accent and spoiling all attempt says,

“Party waha de rahi hai and yaha”

I angrily removed the end of the kurta which I was holding and cursed hhim for knowing my accent so well!

A Failed Prank.

Finite Disappointment , Infinite Hope :P

Saturday, August 1, 2015

FS Tales #3 : A GIRL in the Team!

It has been just two weeks that I joined my team-App Dev as a software engineer. I didn’t actually know many people from my team and it was only my TL that I had met before. So some days prior to the joining, I was excited. Thoughts of me sitting front of double-screens & coding, those coffee breaks in between, that TT and carom games and not to miss-Gossips with a female colleague. It kind of gives energy to us-GIRLS? :P

But when I joined my team, this male to female ratio hit hard on my face! I had always heard that you don’t find many women in the technological sides and I used to think that’s all a bullshit as we had almost an equal ratio in college. And as a matter of fact, if I consider my office workforce in entirety, I get to see as many women as men.

But the point here is, I found that I was the only GIRL in my team. Reality hit me hard. All the thoughts of those Gossip-breaks suddenly got squeezed. Who’s now going to notice the new bellies I wear or maybe a new hairdo? NOBODY? :O
I accepted the reality. I started occasionally speaking to the male colleagues of mine. Of course, its not the same as chit-chatting with a female colleague, but adapting is the only way out sometimes.

Now it was their time to realize that after a long time period they had a GIRL in the team.
So the story goes this way.

I was given a Master Bug List, a excel sheet, which was a list of errors/problems faced by users while using the application and which were to be resolved which would both be useful and make me familiar with the code and the coding practices. The sheet already had yellow and red colored grid cells indicating critical and low priority bugs respectively.

To mark other status, just for my own understanding, I had used different colors indicating different status of the tasks.

ScreenShot below: 

Now, this guy who sits beside me and to whom my screen is visible was done with his coding and just glanced towards mine.
He asks “Why are there so many colors on the screen”.
I explained him.
He says,”After such a long time, got to see so many colors.”
He was seriously not able to control his laughter and went to my TL(my screen isn’t visible to him) and asks him,”Ravinder..Do you want to see a rainbow?”
And for the next whole day, this stayed onto my mind and so was the laughter cum smile on my face and I sat there thinking, “So boring your life is –Monochrome. They got to realize now they have a GIRL in their team!’

Monday, July 27, 2015

You'll keep on inspiring us...

What a sad day for the nation!

I remember ‘Ignited Minds’ was the first of the books I had issued from a library when I had just developed an interest in reading.

Wings of Fire was that book wherein I had cried feeling the spirit of this man.Knowing how people rise in spite of the hurdles in their life. People with the Indomitable spirit!

Then, just when I had erupted inspired after reading his WOF, I had a chance of hearing his speech live, at the 15th Annual Children’s Science Congress! I remember, during those days I was so awed by the humility and the knowledge of this man that almost the entire school knew how much I admired him. Some of my friends also used to call me ‘Baby APJ’ and give me Birthday wishes on 15th October-his birthday.

Just last month, on 20th of June, while I was moving out of the city for a new beginning, I had the chance to see him at the Ahmedabad Airport! All the gloom of leaving the place that was so close to my heart seemed to have vanished for a minute or two.

He has inspired millions of souls and through his books and speeches, he’ll keep on inspiring the generations to come.

RIP APJ Abdul Kalam Sir and Thank you! 

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Swirling in the rain watching the black clouds over shadow her snags,
She stood there awing the architectural marvels of a historic place.
Looking at the tombs standing high, she wondered how beautiful it would be to time travel into that era!
After a final glimpse at the glass enclosures holding the remains of that epoch she decided to bid a farewell to the place.
Waiting for her friend to join she stood there watching the sky acting as an armor to the place.
A little later she noticed a few men staring her with those shameless disgusting eyes.
Accumulating all her courage, she stared back at them with her big cold eyes uttering a word or two but forgetting some people have just forgotten to respect women.
What a shame to their mothers and sisters and the nation!
Coming home she narrated the incident to her best friend who once used to admire her audacity.
But this time all he had to say was “Just Ignore those people! Courage can be dangerous sometimes!”
“Wow! Finally they succeeded in imbibing fear into the people which the Indian Judiciary could not! Bows! ” –thought she.


FS Tales #2 : Speak Speak!

I like delivering speeches to the mass. I kind of love  watching people wanting to hear what I say. And after every such speech delivery, I make it a point to take feedbacks from friends and peers. I’ve received many-some positive and some negative and I believe they both shape my skills better.
Here at the new workplace, during the first week, we had a comm. skill session wherein as a part of the activity we were required to deliver impromptu speeches on the given subject.

My turn.

Subject: Most embarrassing moment.

Now when it comes to delivering a speech in English or talking in English, it has always been the case that the rate of my speech increases than the normal.
After the speech, it was the feedback time. And I should admit, this has been the best feedback with all scientific justifications that I had ever received.

The examiner pointed out that just because my rate of speech is so high, my brain isn’t able to map the words to the thought-process. And this will pose a problem when it comes to extempore because naturally ,your brain does a background thinking plus forming the next sentence and when the rate of my delivery is so high it is not able to sync all the three processes together!
The justification to his comment sounds so very good! :D

I remember, I was in the third grade when I had delivered a speech on Taj Mahal (:D) in front of a mass comprising of not less than 200 and I had received accolades from the Head Mistress who had said ,”Ms.Karadgi spoke really well!” That was the first time I had begun to love my surname! :P

Saturday, July 25, 2015

FS Tales #1 : A Compliment!

Just a few days back, I was given some finance stuff to read, needed for my ongoing project in the newly joined workplace.

I was fully engrossed into my laptop when suddenly a lady, a figure whom I’ve come across several times while internally commuting from my desk to the coffee-center or cafeteria or washrooms stopped by my desk. After several such accidental meetings, we had started exchanging smiles.

Now, when I was busy reading, she came to my desk, gave a light knock and just when I saw up, she said “Hey! Your eyes are beautiful. I like them a lot!’.
A smile emerged and the next involuntary and obvious return to the compliment was a “Thank you!”

But after that, I sat there, for almost 10 minutes, thinking how a single compliment changes your mood instantly and boosts up your energy levels for the meeting scheduled next! :D

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Sad Feeling!

The 8 hour training sessions at the office,setting up the new rented home,getting aquainted with the new city  kept me a little away from Quora for a few days.Its just been 3 weeks that I migrated to Hyderabad,India from Ahmedabad,India and its only now that the phase I can term as ‘Settling down!’.
So yesterday,utilizing this high speed Wifi we have at home,I opened quora after almost 2 weeks and the first post that I read was a little more than just touching.There were tears that waned to flow but dint.
It goes like this:
Mom Calling. Ignore. Permenantly blocked.
Time 10.30p.m
In middle of a preparation for a final year project. A call from mother for her usual love bugs, kept enquiring why I haven't called her recently and when I will be back at home town. In a irritated tone just told her to give me space and let me do my work. 
A week passed
Somehow in this period I had the time to talk to my girlfriend. Hangout with friends. Watch movies but didn't have the bloody minute to give her a call. 
Permenantly blocked
Got a call from brother to drop whatever I was doing and catch the next flight to home. No hereditary disease. No pain. No second chance. The beautiful angel was just taken from earth. Cardiac arrest. I cried and screamed. Begged her to wake up for one last time to tell her how much I really love her, how important she was to me, how she meant everything to me. As beautiful as ever, peaceful, in her eternal sleep, the woman who loved me with everything she had and expected nothing back. Mother.
I never get the call anymore, but once in a while I call her number...  The number does not exists.
Edit : I see people breaking into tears and saddened while reading this, apologies for sharing such a sad memory. While making you sad was never the intent, I sincerely believe that everyone could get the important message in this. Never ever neglect the love of parents. We are the most prized possession of them.
Thanks everyone for your kind and supportive words, hoping to meet her soon as my daughter.

Specially the last lines.
Happens a lot to us no? Times when we ignore our parents. Forgetting all the care they’ve been taking since we were toddlers.
My parents have shifted to Bangalore now. Dad is now retired. I made it a point, ever since I moved to a different city to at least talk to them once a day. If not a telephonic talk,at least a WhatsApp ping..Only to let them know I am safe here.
But ever since I’ve read this. I have come to a realization that 22 years of their life they’ve spent nurturing me..So why can’t I spend at least 15 minutes a day talking and sharing my day with them. Asking them how they are doing. Talking just the way I used to when I was with them.
There lives an aged couple in our neighboring home. Their children live far away from here, but in Hyderabad, visiting them only on weekends. We happen to see Uncle and Aunty only in the mornings and evenings. They only know Telugu and uncle knows aa li’l bit of Hindi. They have a cook who does her daily job and goes. Communicating with us is a very difficult option for them and all the while we see them, they are simply sitting there as if wanting a soul to talk to. I feel so bad that I can’t even exchange a few feelings with them-ask them how their day was. What all they did. As  soon as they hear the unlocking of our door each evening, aunty comes and flashes a cute aged smile and I am only left with the option of smiling back at them.
When we three girls were discussing about them among ourselves,one of them promptly said ‘They only have daughters I guess’ making me question if that ‘only’ was indeed needed.
Why don’t the societal norms let the girls’ parents stay with her lawful family. Why is it still a frowned upon topic? It is considered a son’s responsibility to look after his parents once they are old. Why can’t it be a daughter’s responsibility as well? Why does the thought of getting old and surviving in their old age bother a girls’ parents more?
They did not differentiate while buying those fancy notebook stickers for us? While ordering the pizzas. Or maybe buying the toys for us! How can they expect that their daughter will treat them any different than their son?

Thursday, July 2, 2015


New City.New Life.The Beginning of a Journey.

What started on a very positive note with light showers and a cool breeze welcoming us to Hyderabad ,in recent days, hasn’t turned out to be a good experience. Of course, everybody has their own set of complaints and a greater share of joy that they embrace when they take up a new life and mine was a no different case.

Almost everywhere you go, seldom will you find that all of the things,people,creatures find you fascinating. In my case, the Hyderabadi- mosquitoes have either found me to be very mesmerizing or they dislike me.Any case may it be, the point is, for the past week, I am facing sleepless nights because of the mosquito menace.

If it wasn’t enough, fate had a series of disappointments planned for us(We, Roommates) when all three of us bumped into several distrustful people. These were the times that tested our patience. Taught us dealing with people. Familiarized us with the variety of people with variety of thoughts. It broke friendships for a while. It strengthened the bond again. Trained me to let go of my ego sometimes. Taught me to say a sorry when needed.

In short, I feel like a butterfly who’s just finding the way out of the cocoon. Because it’s the time to learn to fly in spite of the thousand pains and difficulties that arise. Metamorphosis.

There may be a moment of finite disappointment but there’s always infinite hope.

Thursday, June 18, 2015


The first time they were going to meet.A necklace of sweat seemed to have formed around her neck out of anxiety.
The minutes were light whilst she sat there waiting for him.
Above her,the sky was completing its routine of darkening.
A young,tranquil man with a soft and neat architecture of skull entered the cafe,probably wanting his search to end soon.
He caught glance of a lady lost in the shemozzle of thoughts and expectations.
His heartbeats fought each other,a mess of rhythm.Anxiety resumed.
Steps were forcefully punched towards her.
Looking at her beauty ,he felt he was too heavy for his legs to carry.
She saw him.
She is beautiful-the feelings from the heart took form as 'You are looking beautiful'
Smile appeared to have paralyzed her lips.
'Just the way I had imagined!' the words wanted to pop up but were delivered just as a whisper to her soul.
The consequent meets and the similar torrent of thoughts and dreams eventuated a life long journey of theirs-TOGETHER.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Types of Classmates

1.The Ssup’er’ : Occasionally his notifications pop up on your phone screen. But hey..there’s nothing interesting or important news coming up. You scroll down the notification bar just to read the routine ‘Ssup!’

2.TheLaughingPartner : That one friend who accompanies you just in laughter. All other times she is a fashionista and cares a lot about the societal behaviours but when it comes to laughter, do hell with the societal norms of decent laughter!

3.AllTimePartner : She’s so close to you that sometimes she being  a ‘she’ and you also being ‘she’ is seen as ‘sheh’/But believe me even girls can be BFFs! She is the one with whom you enjoy bunking, cry in distress, laugh madly and sometimes even be thrown out of the class for not controlling the untimely hilarity!

5.TheTeacherCumStudent : She teaches you brilliant. Call her your last minute saviour. You know she can be a perfect professor. But hey, she loves your teaching! And listens more carefully to your lectures than the professor’s!

8.TheLazyGuy : One who’s first and even the last impression would be ‘So Lazy!’!And is true to himself and admits it.He even talks and walks so lazily that a mere conversation can act as your sleeping dose of the day!

9.TheTechGeek : He and his never ending love for the gadgets. So much so, that he even maintains a blog reviewing the tech devices! Need an advice for buying one? Trin Trin…

12.TheUAEGuy : Walks leisurely in the corridors. Sits for long hours during the lunch break and chit-chats with his girlfriend. You catch him and he says “Was taking to my parents who live in Kuwait!’.Hey,we don’t blush while talking to parents. Do We?

13.TheGuyWhoLovesTeasing : Once he catches a couple savouring something at the college canteen and lo and behold! The next weeks and years of your college days aren’t going to run smooth. What more? A time comes when everybody knows what your DATE DISH is!

14.TheDontHitOnMe: The one who thoroughly enjoys teasing others, sometimes even lends a shoulder for her friend to cry on matters of relationships but is dumb enough to guess the booming and the emerging twosomes of the class and hence is probably the last one, sometimes after the breakup, to know they were a pair!

15.TheRanker : DND!

16.TheBoldOne : She loves being loud and bold. But discloses her softer side to only some. She is the crazy one. Nobody messes with her!


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Mixed Feelings

Remember the anxiety that you carried accompanied with a bag full of other mixed emotions loaded into your heart, brain, body and soul before your first job? That moment of hysteria, that little tickle in the stomach. All those tiny petty feelings which you may have felt at different points of time in your life, but now, suddenly all of them mingle up to jumble up your normal self.

Facing something similar and maybe more than I can put it up in words, I wanted to make sure, my feelings were in sync with others. A few of my college buddies are joining some days prior to me in the companies they got recruited into and some have their dojs after mine.

These are few of the screenshots of the replies I got.

Some years later, ahead in the memory lane, I might feel like time travelling back and smile at THIS. First Job! :D

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Happiness is indeed relative!

With the curly tresses covering up a part of her forehead,
With the bright lip gloss defining her boldness,
With the dark black mascara beautifying her sensual eyes,
With the stilettos flattering her prestige,
With the pearl necklace enhancing her pride,
With the dress showing off her curves,
With the Fendi bag clinging on her wrists,
With the free floating arms showing off her accessories,
She waited there in the airport lounge, for yet another foreign trip...

With the unclean unshampooed hair,
With the perfectly curved natural lips highlighting her smile,
With the unmade up eyes that did the talking,
With the ragged sleepers protecting her feet,
With the dupatta adorning her neck always,
With the resale clothes covering every inch of her body,
With the hands small enough to hold all her dreams,
She waited for the memsaab to board her flight,
Excited she was, for third time in a row,
She could now finish up her homework in the daytime,
And sleep peacefully on memsaab’s queen size bed early at night!
Happiness is indeed relative!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

I love you Ahmedabad!

What makes it so difficult for me to leave you?
Is it the way I’ve learnt defining the smell of the air and wind and soil.
Breathing yours since birth?
Or is it the roads that have always ditched,
But made sure I reached home safely?
Is it the people here, who’ve often loved me,
Considering me as a part of this land?
Or is it the savoury dishes that my taste buds have gotten so used to now?
Is it the way you looked and smiled,
When I used to play senseless games as a child?
Or the friends you gifted me,
With whom I held hands and gulped the Golgappas?
Is it the lovely schools you gifted me,
That laid a foundation for what I am today?
Is it the thought that amongst all the South Indians,
There would be none teasing me with Idlis and Dosas?
Or is it the rare rains in the scorching heat which excites me?

Such a wealth of remembrance I carry from thee,
That it’s difficult to assemble it into a single baggage,my heart.
Yet, each moment, I’ll breathe. I’ll breathe the change.
And unto the change, I’ll attempt to find you!

I love you Ahmedabad!

Friday, June 5, 2015

NDTV Band Baja Bride!

These days, a long vacation time, it feels like I’ve got all the time of this world to engage into whatever I like. Art and Crafts.Done.A Website I had long back thought of.Done.Painiting.Done.Personal Care.Done.Sleep.Done.Eat like a manic.Done.TV.A lot. Done.

In the past month, there have been various shows that got added into my ‘To-Watch’ show list and one amongst them is the Band Baja Bride, telecasted on NDTV,fresh episodes being aired every Friday and repeat ones, from all the seasons being aired  everyday 12 noon to 1 pm.This also happens to be around my lunch time so I make sure, I don’t miss any episode. It is basically a Bride Makeover show where the chosen brides get to wear Sabyasachi Lehengas on their wedding and a complete makeover.

As we are talking about marriages, it reminds me to tell you, that since childhood, I’ve loved getting dressed up in traditional Indian attire. And I always thought, even as a child, that getting married would be so much of fun. You get to dress up like a princess and look so gorgeous. So much so that I had even asked my dad to get me married, probably at the age of 4! My cousins, whenever I meet them, end up reminding me saying,”Pappa,Meri bhi shaadi karvao na!”.Thats their way of greeting me! :P

Almost all the people who are very close to me know about my freakiness when it comes to the NDTV BBB and my love for dressing up and my love for cameras! Here are the reactions I’ve been getting lately.
My dad, of course, sits there watching my expressions of happiness whilst I sit glued in front of the TV every day .This made him say “Lets apply for the next season!”.

It always irritates me when the topic on my marriage erupts and it usually ends up in a wave of anger. But this time, I decided to stay calm and composed and replied, “You need a very strong love story for getting into the show. Should I think of creating one?”

And we all sat mum! :D

This doesn’t end here.He even mentioned my craziness to sissy who ended up suggesting me ,”Your applications are not accepted at a first go. Keep on applying and you may get selected”.
“What if they select me for the next season itself? You’ll arrange a groom for me?”
“Oh! You don’t worry about that. I’ll do that”.(As if its buying a puppet-groom from the Rajasthani market!Huh!)

My best friend says he’ll try his best to make sure my application reaches them(telling me that falling in love is left to me) and knowing that 13 applications are accepted,which happens to be my birthdate as well, he end up consoling me “Tere liye hi bana hai show!” Such a sic logic! :D But best friends are meant to be like that,aren’t they? :D

Its 12:07! I should rush! BBB Time! ;)