Sunday, December 28, 2014


Have you ever had an argument with your own self? Ever faced a dilemma where one ‘You’ says this thing is right and another ‘You’ says that the alternative is preferable. The situations where your brain literally splits up into two and each instead of complimenting each other get into a clash!

How difficult such situations are! And I’m sure, every one of us has experienced this. Such circumstances where both the arguments weigh equally strong and you just cannot let go any one of them! For a while, you decide to flow along the first and the very next moment you consider what all you’d be losing on following this and decide to alter the flow. It kinda gets like an endless vicious cycle in your mind!

But then, if I study my own behaviour and the results and decisions I’ve taken in past whenever I’ve faced such a thing, I see that most of them are based on experiences of the people around me.But then, yet again, I’m in a state of dilemma. How do I decide the flow of my life based on other people’s experiences? Because no handbook quotes that I’d be the 100th after the 99th to experience the same. What if I was meant to be the 1st of a list that that nobody had yet opted for, among the people I chose to base my choice on, fearing the same and yet my story turns out to be happier and more beautiful?

They say risking is the essence of entrepreneurship and it’s wise to risk intelligently. Why doesn’t life come with a manual providing proper guidelines and the risk measures and the possible threats and dangers on taking one?

Sometimes, this same thing about this beautiful journey excites me, as to how ignorant we are of the future and the same ignorance is bliss and wondrous because maybe that’s the reason why we turn each page so enthusiastically each new day and discover what was in store for us .But sometimes it makes me ponder over how we invest most of our present, by making decisions, by choosing etc,in making that so-uncertain future idyllic!

Such is the grandeur of life!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Why I read ?

Although I wouldn't count myself into the tribe of avid-novel-readers, I spend most of the time reading. Reading online forums, terribly tiny tales,quora,blog posts,quotes etc. And as far as novels are concerned, I prefer to read at least a-book-a- month. Although 2014 kept me a little busy and most of the time spent was with my laptop and internet, I prefered reading these.

Some days back I was popped up with this question, “Isn't it boring to read all time?”

Here I enlist some of the  reasons for why reading can never turn boring.
  • Because Augustus Waters(Fault in Our Stars) isn’t going to stop loving me(or vice-versa. I like the idea of falling in love with the hero of the book assuming I’m the female lead!:P ) when I start loving Noah Calhoun(The Notebook).
  • Because no detective is going to ever appoint me as his help in solving a murder mystery, of  wondering whether a woman falling from the 20th floor of a building directly atop my car is a suicide or a murder case.(The Tower)
  • Because nobody ever is going to produce a reason more interesting (with all the facts and figures) than Steven D. Levitt when he explains How the legalization of abortion affects the rate of violent crime.( Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything).
  • Because probably I’ll never really want to experience what it feels like to have no name,no independence and no values.Yet,I lived that life.To honor Equality 7-2521’s dare to stand apart from the crowd,even in such a restrictive environment,to think,to choose a life for himself and love the woman of his choice.(The Anthem)
  • Because exploring Kerala was never cheaper.(The God of Small Things)
  • Because sleepless nights were never more wonderful! Thinking or rather making up an ending that suits you for the stories that have left readers wondering over years!(Blind Willow,Sleeping Woman)
  • Agree,wit is within and you may not always find a person-in-real to exhibit that to.But Wodehouse is someone who would always be there to test yours!(Jeeves)
  • Because some personalities like Florentyna Rosnovoski and Lara Cameron have an ability to leave a permanent impression in your heart!(The Prodigal Daughter and Stars Shine Down)         

PS: This also happens to be my first Quora-Answer :P ;)

Monday, December 22, 2014

How they reacted

9 days I spent reading Quora posts, blogposts, novels. Thats probably what keeps me entertained when I want both entertainment and the warm cosy blankets to keep chill at a bay. So it’s usually I lying on my bed with a blanket on me and laptop on it whilst I’m reading. Waking up, even to have coffee becomes a rarity, not to imagine the number of calories I’m adding to this body of mine!

Last night I finally got bored. So rather than scrolling my phone screen a thousand times to notice each tiny change that people were making to their WhatsApp statues or  observing people crazily changing their Display Pictures, I decided to know how my guy-friends  react when asked a simple “You know cooking right?” question. Here are the 8 different reactions I got.

“Thoda Thoda.Halka Fulka.Maggie and Rice!”
Good. May this not happen, but if it comes to your  survival someday, I am hopeful you would survive.  Congratulations!

“Umn..No..I mean a li’l bit.I know preparing things which doesn’t involve technicalities”
“Technicalities”. Okay..!*mum*

"Oh yes.I do know. Why are you asking me? Nobody home again?”
Felt so good. Such a normal answer. Proud of you my friend.And dont worry,I wont call you to cook even if nobody's home! :P

“What? Are you kidding me?Men and Cook!”
(And actually, his parents aren’t home for a few days!) And he asks me if I know some good tiffin-waalas.I dint. But whole of my heart and soul united to conclude “Terey saath yahi hona chahiye!”

"Mom doesn’t let me enter the kitchen”
*An-aadarsh-bahu-ki-khoj-waali-mommy*.Good Luck auntyji!

“Oh yes!I do cook for my family on weekends. I know Mexican,Thai,Chinease etc.”
That’s nice! Keep it up! :D

"I love cooking.Infact I wanted to become a chef. But dad dint want me to. So into engineering”
*Sad-Indian-Mentality-of-Men-Shouldn’t-Cook*. Vikas Khanna ,uncle?I adore him! Just in case if you wanted to know how we girls feel about men knowing cooking and excelling at it!I guess we have moved a way ahead of the patriarchal society!Haven't we?

“Yes. I know cooking. But it doesn’t interest me.But I can manage with ease if I have to”
That’s pretty fair. Who says you should love cooking, it’s just the matter of knowing or not knowing. And here, not even that,infact!

And its not just about men!I’ve heard a few girls too say “Know Cooking..Eww!” accompanied by weird faces. Adding to that ,"I am an independent modern woman”. Oh yeah? Who said “modern-independent” women don’t and shouldn’t know cooking? I mean C’mon! Do we judge modernity in terms of THIS? Seriously? 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December Fascinations

  1. Quora
  2. Pinterest
  3. Novels: Nicolas Sparks, Haruki Murakami and the list is long!
  4. Movies: Midnight in Paris, The Great Gatsby and many in the watch list.
  5. Sarah Kay And Phil Kaye with their Project VOICE. Once more I watch their ‘When Love Arrives’ and Sarah’s “If I should have a daughter”, then Eureka! The world will finally get the value of infinity!
  6. Latest: Queen Rania of Jordan and her interviews with Oprah,on The View and her speeches at the Women’s Conference ,At Harvard and At Yale! She carries that ‘Youngest Queen’ title with such a grace! Worth a watch!
  7. An Idea I’ll have to soon start working upon. :P
  8. Blogposts.
  9. Investopedia. Yes! 
  10. Cute Li'l puppies in my backyard :D

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Deep Blue

Strong were the winds.
Yet she decided to sail.
Little far she went
When she turned back to notice the arms…
Still stretched wide open
Calling her back.
But the front view was more inviting.
She was in love with the horizon.
Little did she know, it was just a mere illusion…
Strong the winds turned.
The sight of the arms got hazy.
Yet, she saw the horizon there, smiling at her.
She wanted to fasten her pace.
But the ship stood adamant not to move.
She cried to the horizon for help.
Yet, all he did was stick to his position.
She dared. She challenged the Mother Nature.
In return, what she acquired was peace.
Peace in the deep oceans. Peace in the Blue.
The horizon still stood there.
Now exchanging smiles with another sailor...

Monday, December 8, 2014

Happy Birthday Piglet :)

Facebook is cliché. Whatsapp is bloodsucking! Hike and WeChat are pretty much naïve and gTalk is nerdy!
All in all, it’s just Blogger which is sexy!
So,I found out this sexy way of wishing you on your 21st birthday. :P :)

Happy Birthday Piglet :D

I know how important this year is for you and I wish the best to come along your way. May glory and success light up your path and may “Pooh and Piglet” stay forever.

Here’s a tiny video( of course you know about it, since ages and ages(:P)) ,which Blogger is proud to host! Cheers! :D

Plug in your earphones! (See,I had to listen to 5-6 songs to finally decide one.Songs and Me!This proves,how important you are to me!:P )

Friday, December 5, 2014

Being a South Indian-Part II

Sadly, this is Part-II.People I tell you! I wonder how many more sequels are to follow.

By the end of the fourth year, I’ve discovered two more South-Indians in my same class!Eureka!If only I had discovered them before, we would have sat together in that economics class and  consumed the aggregate nasty expressions of the people each time Mr. Professor said that ‘Aiyo’ in that stereotyped-South-Indian accent!

Coming back to the topic, this being the last sem, we had a Tee signing day. A day your mind thinks,”Itni taarif!”!. Whatever it is, it was fun. My tee has some pretty amazing lines .But along with those, there are these ones too :-

 “Idli Dhosa Sambhar”
“Sambhar khake nashe  mai aa jaati hai” (How wonderful!)
“South ki famous Idli”

Why? Almighty knows, why they love to tease me.The only target of theirs’. And people, believe me,I behave exactly the way they do  and neither do I get high eating Sambhar and Rasam! :-/

But,even I am not one amongst those  who would simply let them scribble such things on my tee and get away without having to pay the price for it for it.Next moment,I went and in bolds,wrote down their girlfriend’s  names(Not actually girlfriend! The girls with whom we tease them!) :D
I am placed in a MNC with Indian headquarters based in Hyderabad. Even before congratulating me,my class’ placement coordinator comes and says “Waha jaake Idli khana!”. These all people had also made a girl of my class believe that my offer letter had “We welcome you to have Idli-Sambhar at ---- “ .Now this girl,is not someone who speaks nonsense. People do take her seriously. But wonder what made her take THIS thing seriously. The next day, we people, along with some other division’s people, were walking in the campus wherein out of some related topic she suddenly jumps and screams “Do you know her offer letter has THIS thing mentioned!”. And then everyone was staring at me.People! What?

I literally forgave the idea of giving any expression, leave the idea of commenting or saying something!
One more day.

FS : I hate it when people mix up the south Indian languages and the states!
We were having our lab-practical examinations going on and before that we were all standing there on the green grass enjoying the light sun-heat on a chilly morning. And wherever I go, the South-Indian topic follows! People were just discussing something about Hyderabad. Nothing related to me and nor to my job. Some random issue. Now this girl, who proudly wanted to flaunt her general knowledge, suddenly speaks up addressing me,
“Tujhe problem nahi hogi waha!”

I wanted to ask why?But just before I could have completed my phonetic-W, she says ,
“Because tujhe to Bengali aati hai na”

Heavens! I felt so so wonderful!At least a little change. Mingling up Kannada-Kerala-Tamil-Telugu-Karnataka-Malayali is such a cliché. Bengali and Kannada and Hyderabad was something new to hear.

But as I said, blood erupts in my body when I hear people showcasing their excellent General Knowledge and that reflects upon in my voice.

“Nahi..bata tu mujhe pehle ki Bengali and Hyderabad ka kya relation?”
“Arey tu oh Bangalore ki hai na..toh language thoda same hoga!”
(The blood was searching a way off the overheated  me!)
“Wow!Bangalore  mai log Bengali boltey hai?”
“Who hai na..thoda hai na..mera Geography weak hai!”

The rest around me took her away fearing that she would be blamed for my death due to Intermittent explosive disorder (Oh! That’s a medical term for anger outburst! :D ) :P