Friday, November 21, 2014


I am sitting in my room, doing my college work. A girl from the society, who is just back from Australia comes and hands over Australian chocolates to mom. Still while inside, it brings a ‘Yay’ feeling to me.Chocolates you see! Who says diamonds are a girl’s best friend. For me, it’s definitely chocolates! Anyday,Anytime.I thought I would just finish up my work and then go and have them. I believed they would be secure in my refrigerator as my parents are as such not a big fan of cocoa. I kinda felt blessed for their dislike for chocolates.Else,wonder,Each time while having them, out of courtesy at least ,dil-pe-patthar-rakhke you offer them and they say a ‘yes’. OH God! Chocolates are definitely not something meant for sharing! I have this friend of mine whose parents love chocolates as much as she does. So while they have that repository kinda in the fridge, her mom gulps them up each time the kitchen-queen opens the fridge. When she narrated this to me, I literally had ended up thanking Lord! :D

But today, when I moved out to remove my love from the refrigerator, what I find is just one left, that too some weird cherry stuffed.But I had seen at least 4 when she had handed it over to mom. I wondered where did all go? I asked mom. What she said left me reaction-less. “We ate them all”. And I was like, “Seriously? You ate them ALL?”. Just so that, I don’t even lose the one in the refrigerator, I unwrapped the one left, only to discover that it just had a thin layer of cocoa with rest all stuffed with ripe cherries, which I hate. But I love chocolates so much that I dint mind wasting my time in skilfully taking that upper layer off and eating. Cherries were all thrown away!I literally got late to have the choco(late)s!

PS: Now makes me wonder, so many times dad has surprised me with those chocolate surprises! So many times mom just brought chocolates for me, not bothering how recently I had had them. So it’s kinda alright, you see.


I am your senior!

Today, we had our Vaudeville drama program. The thing that makes me await this annual event the most is both the passion for the stage and the practice sessions for the same. Believe me, nothing is more fun than practicing for the drama.You find a random serene place somewhere in the huge 111 acre college campus, sit there on the grounds and rehearse the dialogues. Not even the dialogues, you manipulate them just to bring the heck of laughter out of people. And accidently if someone enters your zone, their expressions are worth a watch. The nasty looks when they pass by! OH man! We are not mental-asylum patients okay?!

This time, I was the only 4th year student participating, rest all being from 2nd and 3rd years .Yet,it dint feel like, I wasn’t with my people. I find it strange sometimes. Thinking of our relationship with our seniors. It was kinda formal. I couldn’t laugh my heart out with them. If I did, they would look at me as if they were my teachers who would punish me for laughing in an ongoing class! Even while passing on corridors, it would be we initiating a wide smile, getting just a curve in return. I did that for some days, but then I was like ‘Why?’.I seriously don’t understand this concept. You’re just a year or two elder than us. What makes you behave like superior uncles and aunts?

I seriously don’t get this. Even when I spot a junior on any damn busy Ahmedabad road, I would excitedly wave to her, least bothering about the fact that I was born a year before them. And does it actually matter? When we’ve talked for so long, have acted together, have had fun and laughter together, from where does this concept of seniority come? I love it when they address me as ‘Aap’ and ‘Di’,but that doesn’t mean, they’ve actually to consider me their elder sis.C’mon! 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Last Attendance (Hopefully!)

Today was hopefully the last official day of college lectures. Stress that “hopefully”. My college is as unpredictable as Rahul baba’s next press statement. And official?Oh!there are rumours that attendance won’t be counted from now onwards!Yay!And plus,7th semester-the Last semester.We,70 of us, were together ,attending the lectures. Next , some of the people would move away for internships,startup stuffs etcetera  etcetera.

Even while writing this, there’s some weird feeling inside me and I so don’t want to write about the things I am going to write. But I wish to capture this day in my memory-base.Afterall,I should remember the last day of my college right? If you haven’t read my first day-here it goes : Being A South-Indian
Good Byes are always so tough. Tougher than the toughest exam. Good byes to friends moving away from the country, goodbye to an unresolved friendship, good bye to a wonderful friendship, Goodbye to wonderful days! On the other hand, how wonderful it is to be gifted with memories. Just imagine, if there was nothing like memory.Duh! What am I thinking about? And if you seriously gave a second thought to my thought, wonder what we all would have been doing right now? :P

(Pooja! Shut Up!)

Okay! Talking about the last day of college, I and my friend, both thankfully (Yes, we have never regretted it! Believe it!) single ,were into the job of observing people around us. Oh My God! All around us, we were watching sentimental twosomes, who we assumed, were talking about how on-bench would turn to long-distance,how hand-in-hand talks would just stay telephonic(Skype, baby!) talks, how canteen lunch breaks would turn to subsidized lunch! It was literally like 2-on-a-bench or empty bench (Secrecy you see! They are winged-couples! :P )!

Sad, that they’ll part apart. But maybe(Just a guess! :P ),that’s how it would either grow stronger or regretfully end up. Whatever it may be, may the best be on their way :)

Oh Yes!A cake cutting ceremony on Monday! :D
PS: Happy Children's Day to All the Adults who're still Kids at Heart :D

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

This Feeling :)

How some things, some habits, some hobbies grow up with us, just like ‘Permanent friends’. Neither you allow them to leave you nor do they want to.

Today, after such a long time I gave a project presentation in front of my class. The Feeling! When you are standing there, in front of the people,being the centre of attention and everybody is listening to you.Of how you are explaining to the class and feel happy about the fact that people are actually taking the trouble of listening to your work in spite of that not being in the curriculum. And how once after you finish you get to hear so many applauds and laurels saying “Kya bolti hai rey!” and “Masst bola” and “Your confidence!”.This is the priceless music to my ears. Getting acclaimed for something you love doing! I even got to know about the extra-widening of my eyes while presenting! And for long time after returning back home, I was mimicking my own self in front of the mirror just to know I wasn’t terrifying anybody with those looks. Thank God, some said, “It’s always so.Doesn't scare us now!” :P

I take this time to thank my alma mater which imbibed unto me this most beautiful thing known as public speaking during the formative schooling years. I am at a phase now, where I’ve learnt to value it the most. Those daily morning assemblies, those news reading sessions, that push to participate in state level events and that glory of bringing honours in return to the school. I thank it for making me confident enough to stand there on the stage and express, to participate in debates and giving me the courage of putting forth my point, of discussing arena of topics from politics to feminism-from nature to inflation, of imbibing that habit of reading and listening to others’ perspective, those crazy times when they had to lower the volume of the mike because my voice was loud enough to not need that.

I remember how my school had chosen me to represent it at the Outlook Speak out Debate Competition. How I was asked some General Affair question in the Question-Answer round and how newspaper reading had saved me! That proud moment standing there and letting people know you are aware of what’s happening in the world in a bold voice! So beautiful! I was declared the ‘Best Interactor’! That certificate even now brings back those cherished memories. Oh how at the end when we were all leaving one of the teachers from a prominent school of the city had come to me and said “You Really Spoke like a Leader”. Believe me, there are only some chosen feelings which are more priceless than strangers applauding your speech!

All in all, Thankyou.I am indebted to you for lifetime Alma Mater :)

Friday, November 7, 2014


A mail in the mail box saying I’m shortlisted for an interview for internship. Nostalgia! 10th September-2014.:D

Two days and my college projects don’t give me a chance to ponder over this mail. Yesterday, finally, I asked if another friend of mine was interested. She says, “How can I? I haven’t even received a mail”.
I end up saying, “It’s okay! Doesn’t matter! Let’s just go and get one more experience!?”
“Pooja! This is no time to get an experience. All my bunks are exhausted!”
“Oh!Is it the low attendance which is bothering you?”
“Yes.Plus,it has been a long time since we last refreshed our 3 year old memory!”
“Umn..That’s okay. Let’s experience an impromptu interview. I believe our brains wont ditch us that badly! And as far as attendance is concerned,umn..I’ll get it done. ;)!”

I head to madam’s office, for whom, I hold a not-so-bad impression and say,

”Ma’am we’ve been shortlisted for an interview”
“Ma’am, actually the girl coming with me has all her bunks exhausted.You see..This placement season and all?”(With that sad sullen face)
Ma’am smiles.
“Ho jayega ma’am?”
“Okay.Kar dungi!”
“Ma’am..and mera bhi dekh lena na please! :P “

And that feeling! A warrior returning from the battlefield victorious! Aha!

Next we head to Infocity in a shuttle. All her talks on the way. My My! :D Even on the way, when she expressed tension and fear of losing the attendance and I had ended up saying “4-5 years later..Imagine..We’ll remember this and laugh! How we suddenly make up plans and leave. As if on an expedition!”

But Duh!He drops us way behind our destination and upon inquiry we get to know, it would be our poor legs who’ll have to take the trouble in the scorching heat now!

Interview Done.Shortlisted.Called on Monday.

My Prank Playing Mind Of course! My best friend, a guy, works for TCS, offices of which happen to be in the same building!
With ample of time left and a feeling of relief of not losing out our attendance, I had just taken the phone in my hand to call him and ask him if he was idle., but that would have gotten a bit mainstream. And friends are the only ones,you could safely play pranks on!
I asked my friend to call him with her number and ask him to come down. Now this friend of mine(TCS) has a secret crush on someone. I made her aware of that and asked her to take her name when he asks who she was(Which we thought he would obviously do!).She ,upon so much pleading by me ,agreed. She calls him and this person agrees at a go! Without even asking who she was!

She cuts the call and ends up saying a “Haww!” followed by my “Hawwwwwwwwwww”!

Poor Girl. :D Her next dialogue instantly changed my reaction. “Pooja..Pity your future husband! Such a spy you are! " 
For a minute or two,I actually pitied the right-now-fictitious-and-preferably-non fictitious-human!

15 minutes and he doesn’t come down. And during those 15 minutes, I was persuading her that I would go and hide somewhere (which wasn’t actually in my plans. But just because he agreed at a go, I had to change it!:P ).But poor soul dint agree. She said,her heart would beat at a double pace while doing so! I understood how awkward it would be for her and decided to stand with my back faced towards the building’s exit and his entrance!

Next, I lost all my patience. I called him! Again from her number..He Didn't pick up!Frustrated.Again..Long ring..At last!

“Koi bhi milne bulata hai and you come down?”
“Teri dost Jinal se kyon call karvaya toh?”
To Jinal : “When did you tell your name to him?”
Jinal : “I dint!” (With that terrified face watching my angry face!)

When he finally comes down… He explains how TrueCaller is an expert in rescinding telephonic prank calls and how when he was down, he had seen me and tried to reverse the prank! Sigh!


Monday, November 3, 2014

Orangey Fanta Times: Getting Punished For Learning Something.

Plot: DRM Lecture. Disaster Risk Management. A combined class for all branches. An elective subject.

My bench partner was absent today. She’s probably still in the vacation mood! :D I am sitting all alone on my bench with guys from my own class occupying the front and the side-row’s benches. Ma'am gave us half an hour to internally discuss with our project partners, the project.Now,this bench partner of mine also happens to be my project partner. In short, I had nothing to discuss with anybody and just let thoughts wander in my brain and listen to what others were discussing. Ma'am too was busy in her own work. These friends sitting near me noticed the silent-Pooja. Their prank-playing minds decided to bring some fun to me.

(One of them in a serious tone)
“Pooja, Do you know how to detect a fake 1000 rupee note?”
“Umn..No..I never bothered!”
‘Oh! Sad! You should know these things. People these days cannot be trusted. Make sure you test and accept next time onwards. We’ll teach you!”
What he taught me is in the video below.
All this while, all these boys were staring at me in dire need of an expression from my side when he ends his explanation!”

Exactly the same tone,exactly the same actions.But in a classroom with madam inside and on my bench! Imagine my state!
What Next?
I have this uncanny habit of laughing out loud! I burst out laughing! Madam obviously saw us all. And like little kids, we all were invited to the serene space in the front and were made to stand there. And believe me,it’s more difficult for me to control laughter than controlling hunger! Even as we were standing there, we were shamelessly laughing!
I felt so sad! Sad, not because we were punished, but there was an interruption to my laughter!

After 10-15 minutes, knowing that we IT’ians were never going to change she sent us all back to our places saying “7th standard ke bacche nahi ho! 7th Sem mai ho!”

But we consoled ourselves thinking we are still kids at heart! :D