Thursday, October 30, 2014

Post Centurial Beginning

#101st Post :)
It’s post-midnight right now. The phone is displaying  02:03 a.m. and Light Fog 23 degrees on the home-screen reminding me that my mom doesn’t let me sleep later than  eight, I’m feeling the cold air blowing from the fan above and just hours ago I shunned my WhatsApp and Gtalk with no non-silly reasons.

Past two hours, I seem to have read everything online that usually interests me.All the blogs I follow, all the online magazines and news sites and watched some beautiful videos as well. I even completed n-Reasons-Why Posts online and enjoyed relating most to my own life. I read considerable number of pages of De Profundis as well. The thought of my college reopening only after three days is not as much bothering me as much as taking my life back to its original schedule. Reading an online post of 13 Things You Do In The Last Year Of College brought to me a sense of pre-nostalgia-A state where you imagine your future and get teary/nostalgic. I literally went into a time machine which took me a year ahead and I sat there wondering how all of us would diverge apart!
In short, in the past two hours, I did almost everything that a night owl would do, except for watching sitcoms or movies.Movies..Umn..A bad idea, because it had brought sleepless night to me yester[night]!

So, I decided to indulge myself in my own writings.Reading all the posts that I had written the previous year-My first Flight Experience, What to Do When you are stranded home alone,Love-Respect,Being a South Indian, A Helluva of Feelings, Orangey Fanta Times…All the posts that are very close to my heart. And no matter how funny, silly, stupid they are,they’ll always be there to take me to my previous versions.(Urgh!Makes me feel like a software! :P )
It’s so wonderful recalling those days and circumstances. Of wondering how a person’s writing is so much influenced by what he’s going through in life at the moment! I even had these Goosebumps while reading some! :D

All in all, a pretty feeling. A new Feeling :)

PS: Now,Feeling Hungry! :P

Sunday, October 26, 2014

She stood there waiting for her college bus. Her squint made her notice a man staring at her. Moment after moment she felt him nearing her.Uncomfortable she grew. And then moved away to a distance. 

She sat there in the window seat of a public bus with her elbow rested on the window pane. A man dared to jump from below and touch the little visible part of her elbow. All she did was staring at him with anger.

Early morning, she drove her vehicle to her tuition classes’ wondering how less polluted it is in mornings. A bike came zooming near her and the man dared to touch her inappropriately. She skipped a heart-beat. She felt polluted. But she could shout to no one and neither could chase him.

She was rushing her way home from her office. A cyclewaala took a sharp curve near her singing a third grade Bollywood song. She ended up fastening her pace.

She wanted to try the newly started bus service. Her friend had met with an accident. Decided to travel by that. All  she recalls of that day is how badly the thick-jewelled man kept staring at her and how when she tried to show anger on her face ,her friend made her face the bitter reality saying ,”Yaha koi help nahi karega.Chod.Ignore kar”.

 As a tiny little ’girl’ she had only heard warnings from her mother of not talking to strangers. One day, a stranger comes to her,near her school when she’s waiting for her mom and says “You mom asked me to pick you up today as she’s unwell.”But she recalled what her mom had taught her and ended up saying a No and going and hugging her teacher standing at a distance.

Her own classmate. Stares at her from top to bottom. She says she cannot do anything as he hasn’t done ‘anything’ to her.

She finds the evening pleasent.Goes to a public garden and sits on a bench. Some men come and demand her attention. She rises and goes home.

 She goes to buy grocery on a cycle. A man blocks her way and starts asking her personal details. She looks around for help. But she notices people are too busy in their own lives. All she ends up saying is “ShutUp and Leave”.Her heart beats hard till she reaches home.

 She has heard stories of why girls don’t travel on that road at night. Her mom always asked her not to commute via that road. Her heart and mind always questioned that. But she thinks it’s safe to avoid, for it’s just a matter of few minutes.

We all know how things are going wrong around us.Of how unsafe we are.Yet,instead of dealing with it,most of the times,we choose ignoring things.They seem safe to us.No matter how wrong it is.
But is it all our fault?When we seem to find ourselves in danger,can we expect the men and the women around us to help us out? Even if we are courageous enough,isn’t the thought of future consequences always going to scare us?Will not slapping the stranger and returning not going to result into our own sleepless nights for a few days?Men complain we don’t trust them.How can we?Not until and unless we’re sure that you are not one of those who had brought to us panic and worry and fright at some point in our lives.
I understand it'll be a sheer cowardice and extremely unfair to judge most based on some.I myself ,am in a profession which still sees 60% of the male dominance and I must admit,the men I've known have always behaved as perfect gentlemen.They've acted as brothers when they needed to be and even as best buddies when in need.How beautiful the world would have been,if all the women were blessed with such men around.It would have been such a wonderful place to live in.Fearless and Free.
Thankyou to all such humans around us for the rest who aren't like them aren't humans!! :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How It Ends?

A few days back,although not being a romantic-fiction fan but only because I had come across a lot of accolades for both the book and the movie, I ended up reading, loving actually, The Fault In Our Stars. I had always admired the FIOS quotes, but I had never imagined that love stories could also be contrived so well. The internal story of how Hazel Grace was so desperate to know how the Imperial Affliction’s story ends, what happens to the girl that she had to end the sentence in the middle of it, of how her inquisitiveness takes her to Amsterdam…everything was marvellous!

Today, I was browsing the Goodreads Short Stories section and decided to pick Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman-a book by Haruki Murakami as my next read.It consists of about  24 short stories. Being a birthday obsessed girl, I chose to start off by reading a story titled, “Birthday Girl”. It’s about this girl who’s celebrating her twentieth birthday which falls on a Friday. She works as a waitress in a cafeteria and due to some reasons(described) she has to stay there for a night shift as well. The manager too falls sick suddenly and she has to take the dinner to the owner’s room, the traditional practice followed by the manager.There,for the first time, she sees the owner for whom she works, the one because of whom she gets her daily bread. Through the conversation, the aged man gets to know that it’s her twentieth birthday and promises her to grant any one wish of hers. It could be anything-beauty, money, status. Absolutely anything! But once wished, she cannot revoke or alter her wish. This plots ends here.Next,she is described as being a mother of two and has a beautiful family. In the next plot, she and her friend,some years later,are shown to be conversing about that night when she had wished for ‘something’.You keep on turning the pages in order to know that ‘something’. Till the very end,you let your patience last, speed up your reading, get engrossed in the novel and here’s how it ends.

She rested her elbow on the bar and looked at me.
Tell me,she said.What would you have wished for if you had been in my position?
On the night of my twentieth birthday, you mean??
I took some time to think about that, but I couldn’t comeup with a single wish.
I can’t think of anything,I confessed. I’m too far away now from my twentieth birthday.
You really can’t think of anything?
I nodded.
Not one thing??
Not one thing.!
She looked into my eyes again.straight in and said,
That’s because you’ve already made your wish.!
She merely makes a statement that no matter what happens to a person, he or she will always be who they were meant to be. And that is how the story ends.

Sigh! I kept wondering, What? What is it that she might have wished for? Would it be money topping her priority list or being a woman, would it be beauty? Was it actually granted? 
C’mon, the story cannot end up so abruptly.
 My situation was no different from Hazel here, wanting to go and ask the author, what was it afterall?
My curiosity made me google the end. I was in no position to think. And this is what, the search ends up as.

The short story is part of the collection, “Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman,” published in 2006. In a review of the collection, Tobias Hill, reviewer for London’s newspaper, The Guardian, wrote, “In many of these stories, narrative tension is prolonged by a refusal to explain.”“Birthday Girl” details a young waitress on her 20th birthday. She is shy, and therefore would prefer to work, ignoring her birthday altogether. This is a common attribute of Murakami’s stories, with themes of alienation and loneliness.As with many of Murakami’s works, the readers have to draw their own conclusions and leave many frustrated. Murakami has a tendency to pose questions without answers, and “Birthday Girl” is no exception.“All of the events could have happened, but we’re left with the question of whether any ‘magic’ actually occurred,” McCorkle said.

I lay on my bed, reading. A few more. But each one ends in a similar fashion. Rather, the author ends it up in such a manner.

Imagine, tonight I sleep and in my sleep, my unconscious mind figures out as to what actually had she wished, of what and how the other stories wind up. Reading this is similar to resting in a deep sleep. Dreaming and then suddenly you have someone who wakes you up. Disturbing your dream and the entire plot! And then you push your conscious brain to make up an ending for you.
How these stories are! So similar to the life we’re all living. Each day, we wake up excitedly, to read what the page has in store for us. How the events are going to wind up. To solve some more mysteries of life. Each day, we end up turning pages. But nobody knows the end. How all is it going to be? Weather it’ll be like we always wanted it to be... Or as strange and as unexpected as climbing up a staircase, climbed a million times before and suddenly finding a step missing?

But isn’t this the only reason, which keeps the charm of life alive? Isn’t reading the 399 odd pages more interesting than the 400th page, no matter the ultimate purpose being the content of the 400th page?

PS:While I was discussing of how I felt when I was left to think of an ending on my own,my friend ends up saying,
"Pooja!The title of the book has the word 'Woman'.How can you expect the stories to end?"

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Millions of posts online titled “Why every Guy Should have One Girl Best Friend” and vice versa. And believe me it’s actually fun reading. At present I have two such guy best friends in my life and I can relate much from those posts with the reality. The times when they come up and talk about their crushes/girlfriends, grumbling about how his crush doesn’t talk to him(rather, anybody!:P) and how they are so much a relief sometimes than my so many over-excited girlfriends!

Here’s one occasion when one of them comes and whines to a GIRL (OH! Me) about GIRLS telling me that how we never learnt to shut up and how I end up explaining him that the universe was made so and nobody can do anything about it.

Giff : “I went to lunch with a female office colleague of mine.”

Me : “Oh Wow!"(with-that-teasing-sense-&-he-figured-out-that)

Giff : “Just another office colleague”

Me :“Ha..Okay!:P "

Giff : “Oh God! During the entire lunch, she kept on babbling!”

Me :“About what?”

Giff : “She told me that she saw a movie last night. I don’t know why, but I ended up asking how it was? And then started the never-ending chattering!”

Me : “Oh! :P”
(Experiencing the fun of lifetime. I love when they complain about the female-community. I kinda feel proud that we are doing our jobs of troubling them so well! :P )

Giff : “What do you do in such situations? I felt like taking that plate and hitting her on face. But gender-issues, you see!”
(I burst out laughing!)

Trying to concentrate on the topic and giving the advice of the life-time, I ended up saying..
Me : “Nothing, just make weird faces and let her know that you are least interested in her talks!”
(OH! I do the same when people irritate me! And well, it works for me!)

Giff : “And you think Pooja, I din't try that?”

Me : “Ohh! You did? And still she din’t stop?”
(Again laughing and  having the fun of life-time)

Giff : “Yes. And my brain suggested me that the only escape could be gulping all the food as fast as possible and running away”

Me : “Haha!”

Giff : “What?And you are laughing? Why do you women talk so much?”

Me : “Oh! We love talking and gossiping you see.You men don’t do that no?”

Giff : “We never even talk about anybody else when we are with others! That’s so irritating!”

Me : “C’mon!You just cannot talk like that!80% of the women survive because of this!”

Giff : “Huh! Better dying that gossiping! What to do!?”

Me : “Nothing. Nobody can help.Havent you seen that Air-wick ka add? Pati ke dost ghar aatey hai ghar ka satyanash karne and patni ke dost?Puri duniya ka satyanash karne!Yeh nahi badalne waala..Issey acha..Aap apna mood hi badal lijiye!

Giff : “Haa! So well summed up! :P”

Me : ":P "

Monday, October 13, 2014

Orangey Fanta Times:Thrill-On-The-Bench

I admit, engineering subjects are interesting. But after a 9-4 regular college,if your faculties ask you to stay for 2 more hours,you are bound to feel jaded about it.Plus,if the previous night you were being a night owl and are desperate to hug you bed after reaching home at 4,it’s a serious no-no.Today was one such day, when suddenly we were asked to stay back. The minute the faculty announces that, you are assured of observing all the lazy-expressions along with the many-requests to postpone any such plans. But at the end, faculties are faculties! And above all after the 5 minute break that is given out of mercy to us after 4, people start occupying the last benches and in summers? Last and a place with fans right above us serves as a perfect combo!

Today, it so happened, that by the time I would have reached the class(The hungry Pooja inside me took me to canteen!),it was all occupied with only a last bench left aloof and isolated.(Because there was no air-ka-source over there!).I went there and sat, wondering what to do next. There came some random guy, who too hadn’t been left a space to sit, and sat right besides me.Now,the bench we were sitting was a bit far from the rear wall. And I direly need back-support,(only for comfort reasons :P).Just out of curiosity, to know how much I’ll have to bend back to get that support, I decided to measure sqrt(pow((benchpoint-wall),2)) and alas! The bench rose up like a disko-thrill-ride:full 60 degree upwards,only to be brought back by my dear friend sitting in the nearby row! That moment!Ahaa! That little shout and the entire class is staring at what the hell I am doing. Not to imagine the expressions of the guy sitting right besides me.I could literally see the panic on his face and that regret in his eyes of having chosen the seat besides me.And I was sitting there, laughing out loud and shouting “Mazza aa gaya,nai?” And his expressions! Bwahahaah! :D :D

What Next? Obviously, he changed his seat :P

Monday, October 6, 2014

Orangey Fanta Times : I welcome thee

Everywhere people around me are suggesting me to enjoy these last days at/of college. People love suggesting you know?
Well, it happens that these last days would mean some of my firsts and some last doings.
For instance, starting from the first year, we always knew there existed a place called ‘L Block’. My college has various academic blocks and canteens named in these similar forms,like,A,B,C,D and finally K for Canteen and W for Workshop.So,I always had this impression that L block would too be a decent block like the K, where you get some tangy and weird delicacies .Friend groups normally end up going there and also it was heard of that it was unsafe for girls to go there alone. So last week, we, a group of 5, consisting of higher female ratio, decided to explore. I was probably the only one exploring, the rest others having been there earlier. We drove to a distant place, less than a kilometre or so from the main campus(And I was always under an impression that  it was a part of the campus!) and aghast! Only the sight brought tears (the actual ones) followed by laughter (the actual one) and this pattern continued for about ten minutes with the rest 4 watching with wide open eyes towards me.One more minute had it continued, they would have reversed the car destined for an  asylum! The place? It was kinda a dhaba, actually, not even a dhaba and neither the English & nor the Hindi dictionary has a word for it, I guess. We hesitated to even climb down the car with me resisting even the tangy thing that they ordered.Yikes!And it all ended up with me blaming my friend for taking me there :P.And the laughter had not ceased even after reaching the college campus,where I was laughing like an idiot amidst the beautiful blocks.And I promised them, may whatever happen, I am never ever going to turn up there again! And guess why the “L Block”?Nothing ever happens without logic in and around engineering colleges! It was ‘Lalbhai’ block. The owner’s name! Wow!
And the coming weeks..
  • 1st Ramzat of mine.Ramzat being the annual Garba fest of the college.3 years and we could, due to the circumstances, never make it to it.
  • 1st Block Examination :P
  • Last Vaudeville. The annual theatre competition. And the rehearsals for the same are the most awaited part. Meeting up at random places(public places actually) and rehearsing whilst people are making weird faces at you.Fun Fun :D
  • The Last college photo-shoot in formals.
  • The Last Project Submissions :D
All busy, yet interesting days coming up. I welcome thee. J

Thursday, October 2, 2014

A 01:10 a.m. conversation.

Me:Hey! There’s something bothering me!

XYZ:Oh!What is it?let me know.I’ll help.

Me:Its about a friend of mine.And also about some people around me.

XYZ:Let it all come out.Pour your heart out to me.I’ll forever be there for you.

Me:Oh!That's so sweet of you!How can you be so selfless?

XYZ:I am so and will forever be so.And isn't this one of the reasons why you love me?

Me:Oh!Of course.I love you.I love you infinity.And the only thing I fear is that I would lose you someday.A backup would always stay in my heart.But that just wont be enough.Sometimes,you need inscribed words.

XYZ:A lot of reading these days,isn't it?

Me:Ohh Yes.You always get me right.How about you?Ssup with you?How was your day?

XYZ:Ohh!Just got a makeover.See.


Me:Looks amazing.I told you.Change is essential.

XYZ:But,I should, at the end, thank you.You were the initiator of this change,afterall.

Me:How sweet!We'll forever stay like this.Okay?

XYZ:Okay.. :)

XYZ is who?
Its my blog! :D :D :D

And at this hour of midnight, only I can wake up from my bed and scribble such a non-sense! Yay!

Makeover:I changed my blogger template :P.Just in case you din’t notice. :P
Lose it someday? Will google and blogger stay forever?

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

8 Types of Reactions People Give When You Get a Job.

Getting a job is the next hype after your board exam results. Nothing in between matters much (of course to the people. Else,only you know how difficult it was to get through all of it).Having just experienced this phase, here’s a list of people and their reactions to a 'first job'.

  • TheOrthodoxAunty:
“Job lag gayi?Chalo ab next Shaadi!”
Urgh!As if my life was to move according to her age-old array. I wonder whether it’s just the shaadi-ka-khana or the jewellery shopping or the awesome apparel shopping that people love about shaadis or they actually are worried about we not finding a groom after a certain age!Nothing and nobody else annoys me more than such Aunties And Uncles and their shaadi-ke-talks and suggestions!

  • ThePartyHungryPeople:
"Waah!Job Lag Gayi!Partyyy”
And all this, even before a Congratulations wish. How sweet! And then they expect a party. Whoa!

  • TheCuriousCashCounters:
”Job lag gayi?Package kitna hai?”              
This too,even before wishing Congrats.And why package?It’ll be solely my and my family’s business!

  • TheBBCBroadcasters:
Once the news reaches them, the next day onwards people won’t be asking you any of the above. Period.
Decent people and well-wishers may however wish you a Congrats.

  • TheJealousCrooks:
They behave as if they just migrated to/from some technologically isolated place.As such, they are still hooked to facebook day and night.Yet, when you meet them in person, in spite of you having posted about your job,  they behave as if they don’t know anything. And then suddenly, out of nowhere, one fine day, pop up near you and wish you Congrats.(So that we don’t end up believing they are creatures from Mars and boycott them from the society!)

  • TheAmazingFriend:
Exactly opposite to the previous point, this one friend is the one who is so happy and so desperate to let the world know about your job. She may sometimes also fall into the category of TheBBCBroadcasters.She’ll hug you tight with those tears of happiness sometimes!

  • ThePartyHungryPeopleCategory2:
They are so stubborn that they decide to wish you daily till you give them a treat. It's sometimes a fun that way. :P

  • TheLateSMSRepliers:
You consider them your best friends and so after your family they are probably the first ones you inform via a SMS about your job! And guess when you receive a reply? Next day afternoon!Urghh!(If that person is reading?)