Saturday, September 27, 2014

At 21

  • I found afresh definition of friendship. Not that I had no close friends before, but I came across some who redefined friendship for me.
  • Learnt that when you face failures people criticise you and when you taste success they back bite you.Either way you won’t be able to impress all. So don’t waste your energy even trying to.
  • Learnt that no person should ever be allowed to influence your life so much that your thinking gets entwined into theirs. I am a unique individual and no matter how many condemnations I receive if I believe I am right, I should never leave my stand.
  • Learnt and to some extent taught people to say a bold ‘NO’. Rude it may sound sometimes, but if you feel from the bottom of your heart that it ought to be a NO, say it on face rather than beating about the bush.A’all,what fun it is doing things you don’t love.
  • I can be extremely rude to some. Specially the people talking non-sense to me. In a way, I have set up the standards of rudeness. And I don’t even a bit regret it.Dont name it pride, it’s a sheer rudeness.
  • That some things are destined. Period.
  • I spent 8 months not reading a novel. Starting from 9th I regretted having lost 8 months of 2014.
  • Jealousy is a part of human nature. When you feel so, don’t let it out. And when people let it out for you, feel that you’ve achieved something.
  • When you stand for others when they need you, you’ll find God in the form of all those whom you helped standing with you when you’re in need.
  • Willpower testing? SUCCESS! :D

Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Helluva of Feelings

This is the placement season. And if nobody else, at least my blog has started feeling it.:P

(I sometimes feel sad for you, How do you digest all my non-sense, get through all my mood swings, all my emotions? Don’t you feel like just prompting me up, when I open you, with a message “I’m Bored! Not Today. I beg.Please”.Or do you feel like taking that cord and strangling me to death?)Anyways, whatever it is.I don’t leave something I love, so easily. : P

If you are one of my patient readers and if you had all the time of this world and have read my previous posts, I have mentioned about the ClashOfThePlacementWithExams.The sad thing about exams is that we get the results: P.And the saddest part is we get the results of the courses/subjects whose exams went the worst, first.
My Technical PI started at about 12:50.The interviewers knew we had our Mid Sem exams from 2:00.12:50 to 1:50 they grilled me with questions. Questions and Puzzles. At 1:50 they realized,”Oh!You have to leave for your exams!”.And I promptly said .”Oh Yes.”.I walked out,leaving the first interview of my life half-way. While on the way to the examination hall, all I was thinking was “Mahn! What am I going to write in the paper. I haven’t even opened my book.Plus,all dangerous theorems and their proofs!”.

While inside, waiting for my turn for the interview, the others had suggested, that “Don’t give the exams. It’s Okay.Plus, you have a valid reason with you.We do have a second-chance na?!”(i.e. Exams for people who could not perform better in the first! So nicely, I’ve put up this no?).I could have even considered it.But somewhere deep inside ,I wanted to try and feel of how it feels going inside the examination hall. Looking at people all busy in their papers and you idly sitting there wondering what to write. I dared. :P.We were also told to return back as soon as possible.
First bench. The sadness is that the  invigilator gets more interested in your paper. Seeing what you write. But sigh! In my case he had no work to do. My paper couldn’t entertain him. But my smiles and weird expressions would have. All I ended up thinking during the paper was what all answers I gave and what could have been the best. What if I wouldn’t have answered this way. There was a continuous whispering to my own self  of “Ohh God!” ,”Shitt!” with that smile on my face,recaliing all that. I sat there, rather tried to at least sit there for about 45 minutes. But then, the inside me prompted, “WHY?”.

I rose. For the first time in life, before the completion time.”Sir, I’m done”. Sir was obviously not surprised. But he also knew I had my interview and said “Okay Go. “And the strange thing is that, I didn’t feel ashamed of not having written anything or walking away like that.Afterall, I had to set up my priorities the previous day and I did that.
I went to the III cell(Placement Cell) and after a few minutes, I was called again. To continue the half-left interview. As soon as I went inside, the panel asks me “How was the Paper?”. By that time, I ,somewhere deep inside me, felt saddened to have appeared for the worst paper of my life. I  plainly replied, “Okay tha.”.They could read my face and sked “Nikal jayega?”.That brought a smile on my face again making me reply,”Shayad!”.Which further led them to say “Why don’t these college people postpone your exams? If not for all,atleast for you people.It would be too difficult to manage both no?”.
That brought the much needed relief and I said, “We have requested them so many times. But they don’t do it.And yes, too much pressure!”
Talking about the results, this was the subject whose marks were first declared. He was going to show us the papers in or lab sessions. He came to the lab and told “I’m going to show you your papers”. That made my mood and face stroppy. And accidently I was standing right in front of sir when he said so.He noticed the change in my facial expressions and ended up saying ,”I know the reason.” But the feeling yet dint get better. By that time, as there was a shortage of supervisors, I was called to invigilate for another company’s aptitude test that was in the campus for hiring that day. I was anyways in search of a reason to leave. A reason to be not in front of his eyes. I anyways knew I was not in any case going to make it in the paper.1.5 hours later I returned. Just to check out they were at least not in single digit, I went to the paper-pile and was searching. 
Sir asks me “Kya karogi paper dekhke?”
And I don’t know why,I ended up saying,“Mai bhi vahi soch rahi thi!” :P

All left aside, he called me and another friend of mine (who was in a similar situation that day too and even today) to ask us of why it went all wrong. Thank God, his cabin also houses faculties who’ve taught us before and know us. We were sure that if the situation worsened inside the cabin, at least they would support us and Take our side.

But everything went cool inside. He dint make us realize how badly we had written our papers. Instead he patiently listened to our situation that day, of how it was next to impossible to learn(yes learn) all the proofs the day before.

So this all describes varied emotions I went through ranging from nervousness of the next day’s interview, excitement too, Joy of getting placed, Pride, Fear.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"Its no 9-5 Job For Me"-God

So much we yell at our comfy 9-5 job, in spite of the fact that the returns are so amusing.You can do endless (not actually!) shopping with that amount; they become a source to fulfil your dreams and what not.

Today, while I was sitting in one of my lectures, although physically present, my mind was wandering over a thought. A thought wondering how difficult is God’s Job No? We all work hard, in return of something. Something monetary. Something tangible. But consider God. All he gets in the end is faith from we greedy humans- and he isn’t even sure about how long is that going to sustain. As long as he’s helping us(OH, he is always helping us. Sometimes it’s just that we humans do not understand the form of help. His way is complicated you see!) we claim to have so much faith in him. But the minute he decides to test us, we outpour all our fury on him. Plus, no 9-5 comfort.24*7 Job, with just faith in return.

Also, how does he decide what to hand over to whom and in what amount? Be it happiness,glory,peace,love,misery,stardom.How does he do such an amazing scheduling keeping in mind that nobody gets more than what he deserves and whatever is handed has to be taken back-sooner or later. How does he balance between the people’s prayers and people’s hard work? And all the record keeping of all the sins and all the good-doings so that they might help him when we reach there. The decision of who has to be dropped in this selfish world at what time and in what form.

I was just in awe of him. Not that it was today that I understood his role, but it’s just that today,my little surroundings deepened my thought process.

Monday, September 15, 2014

7th Semester.

  • 7th semester.SecondLastSem.
  • SoMuchTension.SoManyHopes.
  • CrushingofHopes.LoosingFaithInEverything.
  • RisingAboveHoldingFaithInGodAndYourself.
  • OrMaybeGodMakingYouRiseUp.
  • RebuildingFaith.ReWorking.
  • #Placements.2ndCompanyInCampus.
  • ForRecruitment.PlacementDone.
  • FirstJob.FirstInterview.
  • #SoHappyParents.#SoExcitedSissy.
  • OngoingMidSemExamsDuringPlacement.
  • NextDayToughestExam.
  • AppearingWithoutEvenOpeningTheBook.
  • RealizingYouDontKnowAnything.
  • NotEven’A’CompleteQuestion.
  • LeavingTheExaminatonHallAnHourBefore.
  • WithThatAwesomeSoundOfFormalBellies.
  • InCompleteSilence.YetNotFeelingBad.
  • BecauseYouHadToAttendaHalfLeftInterview.
  • OrMaybeThereWasNoUseSittingThereAndStaringAtThePaper.
  • FailingMiserablyInMidsems.OrAtleastBeingMentallyPrepared.
  • InspiteOfKnowingYou’llCry.ForIt’llBeTheFirstTime.
  • FearOfFacingThatFaculty.AndHisNastyLooks.
  • Yet,HavingThatCourage.
  • ToGoToHimAndExplainYourSituationThatDay.
  • PromisingHimYou'llDoBetter.
  • KnowingYourTrueFriends.
  • Who’llAlwaysStandByYourThickAndThins.#AwesomeFriends.
  • YourNameIn<70%AttendanceReview.YetLaughing.
  • ItAllAlmostSumsUp.Thankyou.

10th September,2014

15th of September is pretty late for a post, I had long time back decided should be uploaded on the same ‘big day’. But you cannot dare to spoil all your ongoing midesems, rambling about your BIG day. No doubt, the crazy feelings were obviously going to.
So, this is about the first job of my life. My first interview experience .10th of September, 2014. Amidst all the exam and the placement hush-hush, I was campus-recruited for the first job of my life.They are always special,aren't they? Now when I recall, it can all be accommodated in a blink of an eye.All the hard work, all the prayers, all the anxiety, all fear, all excitement. It’s all ended. It was so difficult then. But now, it feels as if it was all worth it.Now, this reminds me of a quote, a quote I survived by, a quote I breathed during these times.

“They take pictures of mountain climbers at the top of the mountain. They’re smiling. Ecstatic. Triumphant. They don’t take pictures along the way. Cause who wants to remember the rest of it? We push ourselves because we have to. Not because we like it. The relentless climb. The pain and anguish of taking it to the next level. Nobody takes pictures of that. Nobody wants to remember. We just want to remember the view from the top. The breathtaking moment at the edge of the world. That’s what keeps us climbing. And it’s worth the pain. That’s the crazy part. It’s worth anything.” — Meredith Grey; Grey’s Anatomy.

All of the perseverance now seems so commendable. I wanted to write down my entire interview experience. But I don’t know. Maybe some other day. When this nostalgia sweeps in again.

But for now, one funny incident for you people.

As of now, we are two from our class who have been recruited. And incidentally both of us are South Indians. This leads our student placement coordinator to say,”Tum South Indians konse bhagwan ki pooja kartey ho?”lol

Another thing that had brightened up my day(night actually :P ) that day was, the name of the WhatsApp group of our batch being changed to ‘Congrats Pooja’.But sigh! I was in a state of social solitude then.(Now its all ended!).These are the little moments that bring joy to you.Dont they?

Yes, coming again to the name of the WhatsApp group.There’s one more Bangalorean in my class with the surname Nadig.The next day, it was changed to ‘Abki baar Nadig yaar’.Funny my classmates are!Arent they? :D

This post shouldn’t/cannot/will not end without a  Meredith Grey’s quote that  fits my entire experience so well!

"You never know the biggest day of your life is the biggest day. Not until its happening. You don’t recognize the biggest day of your life. Not until you’re right in the middle of it. The day you commit to something or someone… The day you get your heart broken. The day you meet your soul mate. The day you realize there’s not enough time… because you want to live forever. Those are the biggest days. The perfect days."


PS: I am placed at an MNC based in Hyderabad. Would you believe me, what was the first thing the blogger inside me checked after returning home?Haha! It was Indiblogger meets being held there and their frequency.How eager I am to attend one! :P

Friday, September 5, 2014


Clicked @ Nandankanan Zoological Park,Orissa,India