Friday, July 18, 2014


Change is the essence of nature.You try hard to resist it.You try to ignore it.You wish to hideaway from it.You yell at it.You try to crumble it.You love to hate it.Yet, there’s change. A change for a new beginning. A change for a new experience. A change for a better tomorrow. A change for delight. A change, sometimes, just for fun. A change to explore. A change because of monotony. A change to test how the change would change you.A change,simply to free yourself from all previous bonds.A change, indeed is inevitable.

Ensuing the rules of nature, here I decide to change my blog url to this change shall be made effective from 24th July,2014.Not a special day though, but now it’ll change into one! :),I'll miss you.Thankyou for bringing here,all the wonderful readers. :)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

the little night owl

Its 3:30 a.m. right now and this post is just a piece which’ll remind me of the present wonderful nocturnal days, someday, some years later .Tomorrow is going to be my first day at college as a Final Year Student :)
There's this Zzzz...Zzzz.. (the sound of the night wind,maybe),sound of the snores and the sound of the peacocks screaming(Monsoons!:D).And Wow,while I am writing this,my mom's alarm is buzzing.All the best Pooja,for all the questions that are going to pop up. And Good Night :)
But wait,at least let me complete my post!
What this vacation taught me?
Being a Night Owl! :P


Before you start behaving like my mommy and start listing out all the things which we learn at pre-schools(Yea,those Early to Bed…) or haunt me by making me imagine those big huge dark bags beneath my eyes, have a look at this :P
This is what I end up saying every morning to mommy when she comes to wake me up! :P

*On a Lighter Note.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

In Loving Memory,To My Bheem :)

Hey Bheem,

This is a 6-year-old-at-heart writing a letter to you! I know I was 16 then, when we first had a cute encounter, but my feelings for you ever since that  day have been like a 6-year-old kid! 6 years since you parted from me and I still cannot feel a tinge of fall in my love for you! You were and always be my first love/crush whatever!*shy shy*. The dark handsome cute lovely you.And on top of these characteristics, the way you used to take care of your triplet-siblings-Bacchi, Sacchi and Ram.You were so adorable Bheem! :*

Just today, I and momma were chatting about how you used to enact a charioteer for all your brothers and sisters while your momma used to be away finding some food for you, How you used to take them all for a stroll, your leadership qualities (Sic!  :p) in spite of being of their same age(1.5months), how you used to use your paws to shake hands with your love(Oh,I know, it was me! *blush*) and how you used to compliantly look at me whenever I used to address you from my balcony, even if it meant losing the race to your li’l darlings.

I also know that you knew the fact that I was a vegetarian and so you used to hide from me the fact that you had mastered the art of hunting the pigeons and stuff.But,I had secretly seen you doing that. That’s so Yuck! But it’s okay, when we Humans can kill those poor chickens and make them our delicacy, why can’t you?So,I was  fine with it.

And Sairi, your mom…
I feel sorry to break this news out to you,but years after you passed, Sairi had some mental attacks and she was taken by the Municipality people to some place where all unwell astray dogs are kept . I do not know how she is now and whether Alive or Dead. Your siblings, Sacchi and Ram are doing fine. Sacchi had 3kids but unfortunately, they all died in different road accidents.Slap Us,We Humans!:(

After you passed away, I  was in great pain . It was only the memories of your last sight which were revolving around in my brain. Of how I was forcing you to sip a li’l bit of milk ,while you were laying there with those almost-frozen eyes , under the Municipality bench,but you were so resilient that day . I  had begged for your life, a lot, to God. But as they say, God’s plans are always superior than ours. Later on, both mommy and my best friend’s grandma made me realize you were one of the few lucky ones from among your species who were relieved from the pains of the later-life. And today, when I see Sacchi, I actually feel so.Not that I pity her, but yes, you must admit, life isn’t even a tad easy for her.

Why this letter to you, after 6 years? It’s just that I was missing you more than a lot today. And do you know,I even have a soft-toy doggy named Bheem in your commemoration.(Attchd.)My sissy gifted me that. She too knows, how much I still love you.It’s similar to you,but its off-white in colour. I even thought of dipping it up in black-paint to make it resemble to you,but had to let-go of the idea imagining how sissy would feel. 
I miss you Bheem.
I’ll forever love you.

Silly Pooja



#Then#Above:Now :P

Thursday, July 3, 2014

How We Do Our Minor Projects #2

Today was a day of software discussions. We were recalling all the major softwares we had worked with in the past three years. One of them was ‘putty.exe’. An observant friend of mine, suddenly remarked “Such a name. People use Chinese, Spanish and Japanese names for their softwares and look at the makers of this putty.exe.I’ve overheard this word a lot many times in the South Indian songs!”.

My gut feeling had already alerted me that I was soon going to be the target(Only SI in the class!).Yet,I decided to delay the situation by keeping mum. Only a milli-second later,
She: “BTW,Pooja,What does this putty actually mean?”

I gave some weird looks sensing their moment-later-joy.

I answered with a poker face, “It means, DEAR”.

Just a second later , I could hear her shouting in her loud audible voice “Putty Pooja” in that typical South Indian tone.! Urggh! :D

When we were already done with the Introductory Kannada learning session,  my curious friends wanted to know the translations of many words now.
My minor-project-partner asked me the Kannada translation of “What are you doing?”.When I gave him the translation, he couldn’t comprehend my speech and decided to take help of Google. Once he was clear in his pronounciation,he shouts to a girl sitting at the other corner of the room Nīvu ēnu māḍuttiddīri? which lead to a pin drop silence with that girl questioning “Kya bol raha hai bey!”
When the meaning was revealed to her,it led her to say “Sirf  ‘What are you doing ‘ ke  liye itna bada bolneka!”

LOL! God Bless Google Translate! :D

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What Happens When I Suddenly Turn Off My Social Media!

Before you proceed I request you to watch this wonderful video which showcases how social media  has impacted our once-upon-a-time-beautiful life.

Wonderful, isn’t it?
Just a micro-second thought of shutting off from the illusionary world and living the present?

Well, this is what exactly happened to me when I had watched this video less than a week back. And then,I actually decided to try it out. And the consequences:

EverybodyPooja,Tell me,Is everything seriously Okay?Sab barabar toh hai na?

Guy FriendsPooja,Sacchi bata koi pareshan toh nahi kar raha na?If that’s the case,let us know,"Hum sidha karenge usko!".So much so,that I had to remind them of the nick-name (Ohh,thats Jhasi-Ki-Raani!:P) they themselves had given to me.

Guy FriendsA thousand times,"Pooja..Kya hua hai..Batana!" (Inspite of telling them the reason a thousand times!)

Tough Competitors“Pooja..yaar sahi hai.Sab SNS band ha?”

Tough Competitors again “Tu toh aaj ke Minor Project Session ka topic of discussion hai.Aakhir Pooja saare Whatsapp groups se delete kyon ho gayi!”(My God!)

Everybody"Pooja,Tuje kuch ho toh nahi gaya na? ".Making me feel,agar mujhe sach mai kuch ho gaya hai! :-/

A Close Friend : "Ooh..Implies you are looking for a partner by the street".(Distinctive! :D )(If you took the trouble of watching the video!)

PS:Leaving all this apart,I earnestly thank all these people who are so considerate for me.Especially the people mentioned in the second point.
Thankyou People! :)

And now you ought to believe me! I deactivated my accounts just for one simple reason : PEACE!