Sunday, June 29, 2014

Unwanted.Unloved.Uncared : An unmasked tale.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.” 
― Mahatma Gandhi

I smiled at her from the other end of the road.
She stood there staring at me, 
while her li’l brother kept gazing at the empty milk bottle in her hand.
I smiled, yet again from inside of my car.
Her expressions, however, were the same.

The traffic lights were soon going to turn green.
She thought of not losing an opportunity.
She ran towards my car.

I noticed how adorable her brother was, 
and how mature the 8 year old was.
She knocked at my car window hard. 
She made me notice the empty milk bottle that was in her hand.
I sat there numb.
 Thinking how hard life is for some.
She looked with eager eyes at me.
My smile, she thought, could turn to another reason of her temporary glee.

To bring life to her lifeless eyes, 
I thought of forms of help I could offer to her.
But, realizing how poor at heart we are, 
no matter how rich otherwise we are, 
I slided my car window, to deblur her expressions.

She took away the note I offered to her and ran towards another car, 
while her brother kept thinking, if this is what for he was brought into this world.

Monday, June 23, 2014

How We Do Our Minor Projects #1

All my friends and their friends and again their friends know that I don’t like listening to songs. I am kinda a bit allergic to them. Allergic in a way that I get a dreadful headache which no Crocin or Metacin can heal.So, I rarely take the risk of plugging in my earphones and at least giving a try to turn this hatred to love.

Today was the first day at college after a month long break. Not the official lectures and bunks and all, but just as every college has its own way of annoying the kids, my college too asks us to compulsorily come and do our minor projects there. And well, all ordinary Humans would agree to Brook’s law which states “The more the people, lesser the work”. Sigh! True. And above all this, if you have friends who just cannot accept somebody’s dislike for music,you are in a state of complete distress.Today,while I was getting irritated by the people shouting and talking so loudly around me, while I was studying my project content via YouTube lectures(which were a series of screenshots), my friend gave me a suggestion of putting in a light but loud music on the other tab .I thought the idea to be pretty much exciting and agreed. So I had a pretty good music on one side with the lectures on the other end. And I must confess, it was beautiful. :)

PS: #1,because I'm sure there are more interesting ways which are yet to be explored :P

Thursday, June 19, 2014


This is going to be my 76th post out for public with as large as 133 lying there, abandoned, in my drafts section. There are feelings stuffed inside each of those 133 but they are in need of apt words to scribble them out. Some feelings, some emotions fail to discover those appropriate set of alphabets to escape out of the hidden spaces of the soul. But, some need to break through .Here’s one such expression of an ever existing feeling !A feeling of love and respect for the wonderful people –Parents.

I am not the one who would put up photographs with daddy on father’s day on social networking sites, or wish him there on his birthday when I can hug him and let my feelings speak on my behalf. Neither am I the one who would write up something as good as “I love you momma”, just to get those likes from people who I don’t even know personally. An addressal in the 76th post is a little late for them because of whom I exist today, strong and confident, in this not-so-good world. But, as said I never had found the proper jumble of words before. And maybe, I’ll fail, even today.

Parents. Their hearts weep, when you cry. Their hearts laugh, when you smile. I’ve seen my mommy in pains illusioned as courage during my toughest times. Be it a bad board paper or the time I had to be hospitalized. I’ve seen my dad getting that proud smile and letting all his office colleagues know whenever I or my sissy accomplished something big. The human heart was not designed to beat outside the human body. But somehow, god thought of creating these wonderful species with this exceptional feature.Heart that beats for their kids. I’ve always felt their arms stretching out for me whenever I was in need of a hug or the best advice when I needed it the most.

They have been my armour, and at the same time, ripping that partly to let me experience and learn.I can sense their sacrifices behind those thousand smiles of mine. I can estimate their hardships behind each pleasure I’ve enjoyed. I can only worship their hard work in each word I write.

Thankyou Mommy Daddy ,for being my strength always :)
Pooja loves you a lot, even though she may not express it to you :)

(I won’t make them read this one. I am like that :P )
My Blogger is behaving weird :(

Friday, June 6, 2014

7 Types Of People You May Encounter In A Plane

If you are visiting this place ,not for the first time, then you might know that I’ve flown twice and incidentally both the times alone. The uncle(both times the same) who comes to drop me, drops me 2 hours earlier to avoid any possible risks.So,the only thing I’m left with, while yawning at the airport and the airplane is watching different kind of people it gets!

1)The Silent Sitter: He’ll just opt for a window seat. Sit there and watch the clouds. Nothing more interests him.At some point, you MAY notice him taking his phone out of his pocket and clicking the clouds.

2)The Ninja Lover : Nothing matters to him too. But the plain white clouds?Noo! He’s better off with his Ninja and his Android. Even if you try to talk to him, it’ll be like asking him if his Ninja minds mingling with you!Annoying looks!Urggh!

3)All-time Advisor: As soon as this person comes to know you haven’t  flown before, he’ll start advising you.Before the air-hostess advises you to tighten your seat-belts, this man will warn you of all the risks and mishaps that could strike if you do not!

4)The Puff Eater : A 20/- Lays packet at 50/- ? Oh No! Who spends that much?Specially in a flight which took off from A’bad-A land of Profits and Business.This person will have his puff/pizza/burger neatly packed and while the air hostess arrives with her tray of beverages and snacks he’ll nicely open his delicacies with the sole extent of irritating her and making the neighbors realize how foolish of them!

5)The Newspaper Nerd : He’s the one who loves Newspapers. He reads it as if some piece of news was going to affect his life strangely that day,sadly he doesn't know which and he is madly searching for it! He doesn't bother about what’s going on in the surroundings.You eat,you sleep on his shoulders,you stare at him,you irritate him..nothing!

6)The Sluggish Snorers : If it’s a morning flight, you’ll have observed this kind of species. They are the constant Snorers. One deep snore. One loud snore.Swap the head sides.One deep snore again.One loud again.Even if you ask them to stop, they cannot, they’ll not! Even when the air-hostess tries to wake them up to collect their tea-cups, they’ll snore hard at her!

7)The Quizzical Questioners’ : Why is this moving so fast?OMG!I hope I don’t die of asthma! Why does it make so much noise?OMG!I feel dizzy!And you get it!

Thursday, June 5, 2014


"When women are depressed, they eat or go shopping. Men invade another country. It's a whole different way of thinking." ~Elayne Boosler

I wonder why have I turned so lazy and weird (Yes, I can sense temporary changes in me!) these days. 
Blame it on the recently concluded celebrations which we still are trying to get through, blame it on all the misinterpreted conversations, on the dreadful mood swings or whatever!
The present phase is, if I try to jot down , a  phase when I've never hated the telephones so much before and neither have I loved the television so much before.

In these creepy times, I receive a mail from Swati, Indiblogger congratulating me on winning the Flipkart voucher and notifying me of my eGift voucher’s pin.

Bliss it is!Indescribable.And now I understand,why women have always considered shopping as a solution to their worst veins.Indeed,it works wonders!