Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Orangey Fanta Times: Laughter Knows No Bounds

First Day at the College. The Orientation Programme.Pin Drop Silence. One of the prominent person of the university is delivering a speech on Discipline and Rules and Regulations. Explains us with the help of a story. The story is about Frogs. A 650 people capacity auditorium. Pin Drop Silence. I am sitting with Aalisha-the first dost I made at the university. We both knew we can’t control laughter.Yet,we dared to sit together. The speaker addresses the frogs as ‘tinee(read:tee-nee::Actual:Tiny)’ Frogs(Maybe,by mistake).The next moment, bursts out our riot of laughter. Of course, there was Pin Drop Silence. But laughter knows no bounds. We start attracting creepy looks of people. Thank God, we were seated in the last row of the auditorium. Thank God, it was just a few minutes for break.Else,God knows what would have happened.

Thank God,We are not the only ones! :D

*This post in no ways tries to make fun of the  speaker. This is just a piece of those college memories which will forever remind me of my and Aalisha’s uncontrollable ‘hasi’!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Orangey Fanta Times: Exploring our Creativity!

Here's a sneak peak into an (to-be)engineer's creativity!All explored on the white benches and the rear pages of our notebooks!
Note:This is not the result of singular work!I have a friend who equally shares the credit! :P
Before you start awing and applauding our works and run to buy these autographed works on Olx(Also kept for bidding on Quikr!),we wholeheartedly thank you for the love and support you're showering upon us.Hope these paintings and scribbles look awesome when hung on your drawing room walls ! :)

This is a piece of conversation of my two friends :
Charu:Hathi merey Saathi
Jinal:Koi aur mila nahi?
Charu:Padh na Padh!

This is height!
aaj tak
har serial mai kal tak kyon hota hai?

It Reads:
Aap aayey merey liye..
Bittu..kon hai yeh aadmi!

(Ohh..That OLX and Quikr thing was just a non-sense!But,would you actually like to buy them?:P )

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Orangey Fanta Times: Oh..The Librarian Knows Me!

We had our 2013- MSE(Mid-Sem Exams) going on sometime in the Mid September. I had my second- last paper that day and as we engineering students usually are, I too hadn't purchased a lot many books and relied on the library. Each exam ended with the usual ritual of dropping the subjects’ book into the library’s dropbox. It was MIS paper that day and MIS and ERP being related, I had taken my ERP book (I owned it! :P) too that day for the last-minute-revision(RE-Vision? :P).Following the daily practice of dropping the library books into the dropbox in the evening-after the exams, I accidentally happened to drop my ERP book too. And guess what?I realized that much later when I returned back home to prepare for the next-days ERP paper!Sad,but I couldn't share my plight with anyone in the family and was left with the only option of e-book and my not-so-complete class notes.

And as far as my college is concerned you don’t get back things as easily as you drop/forget them. The next day, after my ERP paper, I had to go to my one of the favorite and most visited places of my university-the Library and had to request them to keep aside my personal copy. This was not an easy job. I had to recall all my scribbles and all the unique marks I had made in the book to confirm  that mine was not a false claim.
After around two to three days, I went there again, not to inquire about my lost book, but to issue another. I had almost lost all the hopes of getting my book back, for they had promised that they would inform me if they come across that book, and I hadn't received a single mail/call. Just when I was searching for a Core Java book in the third row(See, I remember all the nooks and corners and shelves of my library),the librarian comes there(and he’s not the one whom I had spoken to, regarding the lost book) and asks me:
“You are Pooja Karadgi,right?”
I am astonished. How does he me?
“You had dropped your ERP book?”
I said,”Oh Yes.”
Even if he came to know my name from that book,how did he recognize me?
He asks me to go straight from there and get my book at the specified section. When I reach the place, the moustached man, sitting there, asks me.
“Are you Pooja?”
 I say, “Yes.”
“Why did you drop your personal copy?”
“Sir, by mistake. Along with the rented books”
“Show me your Identity card. And tell me what have you written on the first page of book.?”

I recall and repeat all my scribbles back and just when I’m trying hard to remove that hard-bar-coded id-card, the “You are Pooja Karadgi?” man comes there and says,
“આ તોહ આવતી જતી હોય છે . Id-કાર્ડ  ની કોઈ જરૂર નથી.હૂન ઓળખું છું આને .”
(She keeps on visiting the library very often. No need to cross-check. I know her)

And I’m like,”Wow! The Librarian knows me!”:D
Only God knows, how many more procedures he saved me from! 

PS: “Orangey Fanta Times” titled posts will be somehow related to my college-college friends, the masti,the lol moments, so that when I pass out this phase of my life, I’ll have something to laugh about and be nostalgic!
Orangey Fanta Times...because that’s the tune that I rhyme when I’m sad, happy, ecstatic, nervous, crazy!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Orangey Fanta Times: An Unforgettable LPW Viva!

I remember how nervous I was that day. We had the LPW (Laboratory Project Work) Examinations going on+ simultaneous SEE(Semester End Exams) preps to do, the index papers to be signed..In short a lot of walking plus studying plus persuading plus flattering!

It was Workshop viva that day. Workshop for first year IT students. It was the unusual carpentry, metal cutting, molding work, welding that they used to make us do!(Insert that boring+confused+sad smiley here).  
And the fact stays that we girls had an added advantage in this subject as far as the practical work was concerned. We used to try a lot, but the metal and the wood were adamant enough for not letting their posture off (Metal ego?:P).My first wood cutting prac was a disaster. After hitting the hammer in the right direction and getting the 3/4th of wood in shape, I had gotten so much excited that the next time I hammered it, I had two beautiful pieces in hand and each individually looked perfect!

Finally after surviving this WORKSHOP for 5 long months, we had the LPW Viva examinations. Disaster was expected, wondering myself, sitting there replying a NO to every question but I had never expected that I’ll return holding my stomach tight and tears in my eyes!

We were divided in a group of three. I was the only girl in my group. And one of the guy was the highest Workshop marks bearer and the 3rd one was all least concerned, waiting to board a flight to Kuwait the next day.

We entered the room, a typical Workshop smelling room with nearly all the workshop equips there. There was this large tray containing hammers, moulds, fitters, scissors etc. etc.!The faculty sitting there asked each one of us to pick one from the tray. I was the first one to take something (I don’t remember) but I was sure at the time I had picked up that I’ll be able to answer questions at least based on this. The Mr.HighestScorer picked up yet another.Mr.Kuwait is a funny man. He looks at ma’am for a long time and when ma’am taunts him saying the choice has to be made at that very moment itself, he decides to pick up some screws!(Which obviously weren't  kept as a choice!)

On being looked up with anger by the ma’am he finally decided to pick the Welding Safety Glasses. This Mr. Kuwait has original specs too. My turn for Viva: As said, as expected, I mingled all the processes and all the equipments up.Mr.Kuwait waits for his turn to answer.

Ma’am: What is this thing which you’re holding in hands?
Mr.Kuwait: Chashmai.
Ma’am:Who muje bhi dikh raha hai.But what is the difference between what you’re holding to what you’re wearing?

Mr. Kuwait removes his glasses off his eyes to examine both simultaneously.
He gives the most, most terrible answer.
Mr.Kuwait: Mine is RED in color. These are white.Also, my specs have a rectangular frame. These are circular.

If I were the examiner there, I would have literally started laughing there and then. Being a student din't alter the situation either.
Ma’am: What are you saying?
Mr. Kuwait held up the specs near his eyes to see if any other difference could be spotted but all in vain, because, before he could, we were given a “Its Over!” signal.
Any other person could have felt saddened ,at least by that harsh “It’s Over” signal. But in our case? No!

We were laughing out so loud that when we took an exit from the room, the others were like-“Itna acha gaya?!” LOL! 

PS: “Orangey Fanta Times” titled posts will be somehow related to my college-college friends, the masti,the lol moments, so that when I pass out this phase of my life, I’ll have something to laugh about and be nostalgic!
Orangey Fanta Times...because that’s the tune that I rhyme when I’m sad, happy, ecstatic, nervous, crazy!

Orangey Fanta Times: A Prank Call Proves it All!

Not long before, I used to doubt my classmates' talent. When they said, “I can fake my voice to an aunt’s voice or some rowdy’s voice and can threaten and fool anyone.”, I used to reply “You can fool the rest  but not me. I am very good at recognizing voices!”

Having heard such an arrogant reply of mine, my friend thought of teaching me a lesson. Here goes a phone conversation transcript with the description of the scenes, my ecstasy, my anger and finally the lol moment.(All in the same order!)

Date:11th November,2013.(Which also happened to be his birthday. And believe me, I had wished him in the morning itself. Still he did this to me! :( )
Time: Around 6:30 p.m.
I am trying my way best to get some Computer Networks stuff inside my li'l brain .

Phone rings.

I’m the only one in the house. Needless to mention, I pick up the receiver.

I: Hello.
He:Hello,Kya mai Pooja Karadgi se baat kar sakti hoon?
I:Line mai disturbance hai.Kon bol raha hai?
He:Miss Pooja Karadgi se baat kar sakti hoon?
I:Haa..Bol rahi hoon.
He:Ms.Pooja,mai GujNRE ki taraf se bol rahi hoon.

(GujNRE is an annual presentation contest held by the ISTE student’s chapter, Nirma University. We are supposed to submit a PPT Presentation proposing our solutions to the given problem. The best 5 are selected from the state wide accepted entries and a discussion is held wherein the winner gets 25000 bucks.)

He:Haa Mam.We just wanted to let you know that your presentation has been selected as our judge’s choice.
I:That Faulty business practices one?Why now?That ended a long time back na?Even the winners have been declared. Are you someone from the ISTE club?
He:No mam.I told you na.I am speaking to you on behalf of the GujNRE team.That club messed up all the results this time.
I:(No reaction :P )
Leave that.What am I supposed to do?
He: Mam, we are having a national level event being held at the Town hall, Ahmedabad on this Saturday, wherein you’ll have to present your views on the same topic.
Morever, it’s a mega event where we have participants from IIT’s (He also named a few ones. The rare ones too, like, IIT Mandi, which made me believe him to an extent), NIT’s. And just because we sponsor your annual event, we also have you.
Would you like to confirm your name as a participant or should I choose the next presentation?
I: No...No...I’ll present.(All ecstatic!)What’s the topic? The same one?
He:Yess Yess..What was that..Faulty (He actually doesn’t know.He recalls this from the last time I mentioned it in the same conversation.).
I: The Faulty Business Practices in India?!(One raised eyebrow)
He: Yes..Yes..The same. You’ll be given 10 minutes for the presentation and the prizes are 250000,100000,700000 for the first, second and third positions respectively.Also, the event will be telecasted live on BBGyandarshan.(Sic! Who knows that? This made me believe that the call was not a fake one!)
I :(I was all Yay..Yay) Oh that’s cool! What are the timings? And may I please know your name?
He: I’m Nidhi Lodha.And the timings and the other details will be mailed to you. Your mail id?
He:And yess.Please make sure you are there on time with proper preparation. We have Mrs.Anandiben Patel coming up as the chief guest.
I:Yea..Yea..Sure! Thankyou.

Next, without a moments delay, I call up my best friend and narrate the entire conversation. She’s the only one who understands all my craziness and acts the same in such situations! She ends up saying “Party,chahiye ab!”.

As soon as I end the call with her, my landline rings again.

He:Hello,Pooja mam se baat kar sakti hoon?
He:Mainey abhi call kiya tha..Regarding thet GujNRE?
I:Yess Yess.
He:I’m so sorry to inform you but we had to strike out your name as the participant.
I:What do you mean?
He:We had received a recommendation from your college for Kritika Jalan of which I was unaware of. Do you know her?
I:(All fuming!)Yess.But she works for that club. Isn’t it obvious that those people would want her to represent and not me?
He:I understand that mam.But what do I do? Some person named Aayush Singhal gave her name. I know it’s wrong but yours is a private uni-ver-sity(Add a pause after each dash. That was her/his accent! :P).It works that way. You say, what to do?
I:See,I am nobody to decide that.But,Don’t you feel that it’s getting unfair right here? Does this stuff work on the basis of some recommendations’ and not on the basis of the presentation?
He: We’re so sorry mam.
I: Fine.
And I bang the receiver. I,then decide “Aisa injustice nahi honey doongi.I’ll try all the possible ways out!”
You see how I am! :P

Next I call is Kinara, who is the admin for the club and also a very good friend of mine.

I:Kinara pata hai ye GujNRE waalo ka phone aaya tha.Ye log koi event organize kar rahey hai.Town Hall mai.
And then I narrate the entire story to her.
Kinara:Oh aisa?I don’t even know that. And Aayush recommended Kritika?Trisha(President for the club) and Aayush(The GS) se baat karni hi padegi ab.
After a while.
Landline rings (She has the 111 BSNL-BSNL unlimited offer plan :P)
I:Haa bol Kinara.
Kinara:Abey,aisa kuch toh hamey pata hi nahi hai.Trisha and the rest of them are shocked.Aayush knows nothing about it.Koi pakka club ka naam kharab karney ke liye doing this.
I:Ohh really? Maybe!

Aayush calls me up from Kota,Rajasthan (We’re having our Diwali cum reading  vacations!)as Kinara is having a never ending WhatsApp discussion with her club-mates.

Aayush:Purey se bata kya hua?
I narrate it back for the 4th,5th time?!
Aayush:Pakka,kisi rival club ne kiya hoga.College mai milney de.Batata hoon usey!(We’re still assuming that I had a conversation with a female!)
I:Yea..Maybe.Chal bbye!

The next day.
Time:6:30 p.m.

He:Ha Hello.
I:Haa bol Vraj.(See..I can recognize normal unchanged voices!)
He:(Starts laughing)Kya batli(bottle) mai utara hai tuje bey!
I:Shitt Damnit!Tu tha!Idiot!
He:Haha..Bada kehti thi na..Koi ulloo nai bana sakta.See how easy it is!
I:Damn.Leave that.Bolkey dikha vaapus.(That’s an order!)
He:Nidhi Lodha  again repeats a few sentences.
I beg him to say that uni-ver-sity around 4-5 times.He does that all the times.
I:Damn.Masst that bey.
He:Haaha.Thankyou.Thankyou.I know! I am soo talented na?
I:Ha bhai..Ha!Bass?Pura syllabus nipta ke betha hai and bass ab logo ko pareshan karna hai tuje.Aunty kuch bolti nai hai tuje Pagal?
He:Mummy yahi samney hi bethi hai.Le baat kar.
I(to Aunty):Aunty isko pito.Khali fokat mai sabko pareshan karta rehta hai yeh.
Aunty:Chalo.Jhadoo se pit doon?
I:Haa Aunty.Pukka!

In the next hour.

Kinara:Damn,yaar.Kal toh uska birthday tha na.Wish nai kiya tha usko?
I:Kiya tha bey.Saarey velle log apni class mai.Woh Trisha ko bata dena okay?
Kinara:Kya bey.Ek toh club me mai akeli IT waali.Pehle hi yeh Chemical waaley IT ko velle samajtey hai and ab yeh bataungi to toh meri puri tarah se udney waali hai.Bolenge koi aur kaam nai hai terey classmates ko?
I:Hahhah!Bol dena ki see how talented my classmates are.Par bey,Masst tha.Mai usko bolungi tuje call karey ek din.

The conversation ends.

You see, how various people have varied ways of taking revenge.
Lesson Learnt: Never claim,that you’re excellent at something.You may encounter people waiting to prove you wrong!

PS: “Orangey Fanta Times” titled posts will be somehow related to my college-college friends, the masti,the lol moments, so that when I pass out this phase of my life, I’ll have something to laugh about and be nostalgic!
Orangey Fanta Times...because that’s the tune that I rhyme when I’m sad, happy, ecstatic, nervous, crazy!