Sunday, September 22, 2013

Gujju's:The Awesome-est people! :D

It has been 20 amazing years of my life since I'm living with these lovely,kind-hearted Gujarati's!Below are some specialities I find in them."We" has been used,beacuse I've started considering myself a Gujju too! :-D

  • We love eating!Wheather its The Khakras,the Fafdas,The Jalebis,The Farsi Puris..Name any oily food  and our mom knows to cook them the best!When it comes to Gujju's and eating,you can fairly relate us to Jethalal of Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma.We are exactly alike!
  • We love gossiping!Be it about Mr.Modi or any distant relative whose daughter recently had a love marraige,we know it all.Also,this gossiping habit seems to have no age bounds at all,although the topic of discussion may sometimes vary.
  • Yes!We agree that naphō (profits) and business is in our blood.We'll not bother to travel 5km. extra if we are getting a higher discount there.
  • Our marraiges are a heavenly experience.The band-bajaa-and the beautiful bride!
  • We'll atleast have one relative who's a NRI.Else,you cant call us Gujju's.
  • 'Atithi Devo Bhava' .We've always beleived it,We've always lived it.
  • We love reaching to our own weird conclusions."Beemar lagti ti jati vakhtey.Kadach hospital gayi hashey.Aavey to khabar kadiyey".
  • Nirma is Stanford for us."Nirma ma admission malyu!Arey wah!Taru career to set chey boss!".( :-/ )
  • Phones,were probably the best invention for us.When we are face-to-face,we talk for atmost an hour.Our phone conversations last for not less than 2.5hours!
  • Light=Electricity.(Accept it!We've all said "Mummy,light gayi")
  • We love sending our kids to English medium schools,inspite of the fact that we love our mother-tongue.
  • Navratri=Garba=Daya of TMKOC.(All said)
  • We dont hesitate to help people.We are unlike people who recently sold rice plates for Rs.80/kg during the Uttrakhand floods.
  • For us,South India,is a state.It has no further divisions in the form of states.Leave the languages!All seem weird to us,so all are the same.Over!
  • We wont let the outsiders say a word against our state.
  • Grotal's onion deal may have a Gujarati mastermind behind it(Just guessing!).We specialize the art of attracting people to our deals.
  • We are crazy for Ranbir,Katrina,Priyanka,Salman,etc.We'll stand in the queue for 6 long hours to get a 3-min glimpse of them.
No matter where you go, gujjus will always be the awesome-est people you'd meet.(This one's a Special input by Miss.Kinara Shah :P )

P.S:I know I am terribly bad at spellings! :D