Sunday, August 25, 2013

Letter to The BraveHeart

(The person addressed here as Nirbhaya is the same girl who was brutally gang raped by five men, last December-16th, in a moving bus at the National capital)

Dear Nirbhaya,

You know how much I had lamented your death no? How much the country grieved! You were proudly tagged the ‘Daughter of the Nation’. Those days made the media people incur losses as they could hardly find a space in their newspapers to rent for the advertisements.

I hope you remember the brave people who stood up for you and the nation’s rest of the daughters ,who were lathi charged, were the victims of the tear-gas used by the Great Indian Police? They still hold a great deal of respect from my side, seriously! Sorry Nirbhaya,I couldn't join the nation-wide movement, not that I live in a village,but,I was too like million others ,sitting cowardly in front of my television,cursing those police-men & ultimately the government, for whom they work,who showed no mercy to those protestants. 

Today, after almost 6 months since you left us-partially shaking the government and the judiciary, bringing some turmoil into the current system, I regret to inform you that your sacrifice went into vain. I know, it’s tough to accept, but how could have you ignored the fact that you were born in India, Nirbhaya?A country where people who console you in your presence, will leave no chance of mocking you behind your back? A country where a girl’s character is judged not by her conduct but by her clothes? A country where girls fear strolling on the streets of the national capital after 6 in the evening! And your fault? You tried to conquer that fear by daring to watch a post-evening movie show! You were born in a country,Nirbhaya,where the top leaders have forgotten to react & talk until & unless there’s some external force!Remember the ‘Theek Hai?’ mess by our own honorable PM?I tell you, he’s such an obedient man,yet,when he uttered those two words, just two extra words apart from what was pre-written in his speech, without “someone’s” permission, it resulted in a nationwide surge and anger!AH!How could I have left behind the great Indian Judiciary System?!I remember having spoken against the Indian Judiciary-tagged as the least corrupt systems of India (Sic!), and how the mister who was judging the event made me realize once again that the freedom of speech, granted by the Indian Constitution, is just a word of mouth! 

Nirbhaya, the country hasn't witnessed even the slightest of the changes since you passed. The rape cases are soaring higher than before. You see, the recent rape and assault case of the Mumbai based Journalist, who was out on a photo assignment to a mill? She too, was along with her male colleague but how can you expect a single man fight against such five devilish men? Its impossible no, Nirbhaya?

I wonder when we girls will learn to defend ourselves! When will a time come, when we don’t let our hearts skip a beat when someone tries an inappropriate touch and instead, learn to slap him back? The time when we all will dare to go alone for late night shows and return home without a single scratch on our body? 

I hope the day comes soon, Nirbhaya. The day when you’ll finally find peace in heaven. 

Good Bye, 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Mr.CM,Gujarat And The Religion Battle

All these days, I've been coming across the TOI link, about one of the malls of Ahmedabad charging entry fee from Muslims on the occasion of Eid.It has got viral on Mark Zuckerburg's worth multi-million social-networking site!

The mall is just a few kilometers away from my residential area and among the top five of the city. Heavy traffic & the amazing lightings is a usual sight if you pass by that road. You get a real feeling of being an Amdavadi when you’re strolling around this mall! A sight of people eating the chats, kids forcing their parents to buy them a balloon, teenagers idly sitting there with their gang and chatting, love birds sitting at its CCD branch and enjoying the Hot-Choc√≥ lava or some geeky guys smelling the new arrivals at the Croosword Store.In short, you’ll be able to observe all variety of people over there!

On the day of Eid-2013, a Friday, I had full plans of looting my sister, who recently received her first afterPG paycheck! How beautiful the city appeared that day, with Muslim men wearing their bright and beautiful Kurtas and women in their gorgeous dresses and high heels! The road was filled with them, the mall too was! Looking at the traffic there, at this mall, we decided to change our destination and hence headed towards the largest mall of A‘bad.

Joyous Shopping I had!

What shocked me was, when, the next day I read about my Muslim countrymen being charged with an entry fee of Rs.20/- in this particular mall. The report also read that they were victim of prejudice because the Hindus-entering the same mall, were allowed to get inside without shedding a single penny! You can read the full article here:

These days, whenever, any bias is witnessed against the Muslims,Mr.Modi's name gets associated with it. Be it this mall issue or the declining number of students from Arab/Muslim nations coming to Gujarat for higher studies.I,as a mere engineering student, cannot judge my state-ruler. I agree that being an Indian citizen, I am given a freedom of speech, but at the same time, I was taught to open up my mouth only if I'm fully aware of the affair. I don’t know who actually was responsible for the deadly Godhra riots or as to whether Mr.Modi's Sadbhavana is just another way of strengthening his position.

 I have already had many debates with my classmates, all of them in favor of Mr.CM,who make me count all the good that he has done to this state. And seriously there's no doubt in it. (Leave behind the education system Please!).Travel on the roads of Gujarat and you'll get to know why people vote for him! More than that, travel on the Ahmedabad-MP-border--Indore expressway and then on purely Gujju roads and you'll feel heaven! Mr.CM loves playing with the roads and the flyovers and the under bridges!

I would once again like to clearly mention that I'm neither against and nor am I speaking in support of Mr.Modi.Even if I’m paid hefty to do so, I’ll not,untill and unless I know the behind-the-netas fact!And,Muslims are indeed wonderful people. So are the Hindus, The Sikhs, The Parsis and the rest! My anxiety forces me to ask the mall-authorities that whether they’re even planning to charge the Bollywood Badshah,an entry fee, if his Chennai Express ever halts there!(Specially if he has read this news!)!

Mommy Daughter Talks #2

Sometimes you feel as if your life is running over with so many problems,is overflowed with so many secrets that you're no longer able to pour anything else into it.Its during these times when God reminds us to pour our heart out to Him.

For me,its my momma,patiently listening to my almost buried(into my heart) secrets.Its as if it was a snapshot of my past three years!An evening two hour talk..Lovely it was! Laughing and knowing how time teaches all of us important lessons!

I take a chance today,to thank my parents,to pass me on the strength and the zeal ,the patience and the attitude,the love and care.Teaching me how your self-respect is important above everything-even your friends and that your true friends are those who'll always try to bring out the best within you!I,as I'm passing through this phase right now,understand all that you have always tried teaching me...

Thankyou Momma,Daddy and Didi! :)
Love you.. <3 <3