Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mommy Daughter Talks #1

Saturday noon’s turn out to be so good each week! Especially once when your five-days-a-week college reopens! This Saturday was no different. Instead of chatting and hanging out with old classmates, I was having a nostalgic talk with my mom about my and my sissy’s childhood.
She recalls how di, 6yrs elder to me, used to hate going to school during her kindergarten days. It wasn't that she hated studies or teachers or the infrastructure. It was all the language problem mess! Born and initially nurtured there for a few years, in a south-Indian state, all she knew was Kannada, Kannada and Kannada! No English, No Hindi. Finally when they shifted to Ahmedabad, they had to enroll her to school .Mamma recalls how daily she used to come back home crying and telling “I won’t go to school tomorrow! Nobody talks to me. I am the only one sitting alone during the recess time watching others play and enjoy!” Also, the school was quite far from their home, so an Auto wale uncle used to come & pick her up daily, while for other kids, it was their dearest mamma kissing them & hugging them & consoling them outside the campus gates! This made my sissy feel sad to which she used to say “Please, you too come to drop & pick me up daily as others mother do. I don’t want to go in an auto rickshaw!”
I can feel how much abandoned she would have felt in school during that time and I’m thankful that it passed out soon!

Having seen this state of my sis in her wonder years, when I was to be admitted to school, my mother was the most tensed! What pains a mother more than her child complaining of solitude? That too in an age when she should be having loads of friends and masti! Unlike as in my sissy’s case, My kindergarten school was just a few kilometers away from our home. So mamma used to drop me to the school daily. But each time she used to walk away from the gates. Never did she come to my class. The only reason behind it was she didn't want to see her younger one going through all that again-sitting all alone in the class, having lunch alone and stuff alike. A few days passed by and I never complained about anything to her. Considering me as one of the children who won’t wish to let their parents know about the happenings in the school, one day she decided to climb up the stairs and walk to my class but only after a few minutes of my entering it. What she noticed left her in tears!
I, was sitting atop the teacher’s desk (of course, before her arrival into the class!) and as soon as I did that, all the children gathered around me calling my name “Pooja...Poooja...Pooja”! A fan-following attention, I must say! :P

She still narrates this thing to my aunties and uncles, telling them how relieved she had felt that day!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Capturing the Rains :)

SG Highway,Ahmedabad
Captured this from inside the car using my 3.2MP mobile phone camera!

SG Highway,Ahmedabad
Captured this from inside the car using my 3.2MP mobile phone camera!

Spotted a weird insect inside my college campus!
Hope its visible ;)
Again with my phone camera! :)

Near my home,Ahmedabad
Captured this from inside the car using my 3.2MP mobile phone camera!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Letter to Mudra

Dear Mudra,

I know that you don’t know me and would be thinking why the hell am I writing a whole of a letter to someone whom I’ve never met & never had a talk with.Even you were a complete stranger to me just a month ago. Before you start guessing who I am, let me introduce myself to you. I’m Pooja, 3rd year B.Tech student, who just completed her one month internship as a volunteer at Loyola Evening School managed by St.Xaviers Social Service Society.
I sometimes wonder how a person gets so much emotionally attached to someone whom he/she has never met and in your case, when I know that I’ll never get a chance  to say a friendly ‘Hi’ or maybe flash a broad smile, imitating yours. It’s the same smile which has, for ever, made for itself a place in children’s hearts.
I used to teach them Computers, Mudra. The classes allotted to me were 8th,9th and 10th.The first day itself, when I went to Fr.Rajeev’s cabin, expressing my interest to share my knowledge with the school kids, he allotted me the subject which you used to teach. Only that day, I came to know about you. Although you were not there, I felt you near me...Somewhere listening and smiling to Fr.Rajeev’s praises for you. As they say, some things are beyond human understanding. No science can ever prove it for it has to be felt and only felt.
The first day, I entered the 9th class and asked them whether they at least knew the basics-the files and the folders, the icons, the cursors, and they were so proud to say that they were taught by you. They still remember you and with them, I’ll too, eternally! They’ll make it a point to mention your name at least once a day.
Your life, as told by Fr.Rajeev, has inspired me,ignited my soul. He feels so proud that you were a part of XSSS.The way you used to prepare children for the annual function, how for you there were no social barriers and how you made Computers fun for them.
I’m sure you are there somewhere, smiling each time when a kid thinks of you, reading each letter which is addressed to you, watching out the performances of children during each annual function and applauding them for their efforts.
You were an angel, as father says, you will always be there, shining bright in the sky.

Keep smiling,
With regards,
Pooja :)

PS: Mudra used to give voluntary teaching services to the marginalized and under privileged kids who used to come to Loyola Evening School. She was a 4th year Engineering student and had dreams a-load to fulfill. But God had some different plans for her. On the night of 30th December, 2012, suddenly she started experiencing a terrible headache followed by blood vomits. It was 31st, when doctors announced that she was in coma and would live not more than 24 hours. On Jan 1st ,2013,she flied there, to the heaven. When Father and the rest of the staff went there to her obituary, her parents handed over a packet to Fr. Which was addressed to him by Mudra.He unwrapped it only to find ₹ 25,000 ,all from her savings, to be donated to LES.

These are the people who leave footprints in the sand as their bodies walk away to heaven.

Friday, July 5, 2013

A Pack of Broken Dreams...

Life-It's like a small beautiful gift hamper.Much of the time goes in watching others adore the wrapper's beauty,the rest of it goes in smiling at people awing the skillfully decorated ribbons and then finally when it gets into your hands,you realize its just a box,a box with its fragrance lost !