Friday, February 22, 2013

Title-less Post! :P

Finally the season of marriages comes to a halt. So much weight I’ve gained in these months!But can't help resisting the menu of "The Big Fat Gujarati Weddings". I simply eat, eat and eat these days and the Gujarati wedding foods!? The people here are so fond of celebrations because it involves eating (and fun of course!). Recall ‘Jethalal’ of the popular TV show ‘Taarak Mehta ka ulta Chashma’-the fafdas, jalebis, puri and the undhiyu!Yummm!

But the best thing was one of our faculties taking almost a month’s leave for her wedding. The free lectures in the engineering college-Indescribable bliss it is! All those days, we spent her lecture, talking, playing, exploring our creativity by drawing random weird things on the benches etc.

And imagine when she finally returns! The awesome bridal mehendi on her hands, the brand new dresses, totally changed hairstyle-completely straightened hair...!
All these days, we people have been observing her like some aspiring detectives. Looking at her shining new gold bracelet, her ‘mangalsootra ’ and her platinum ring! So keen observers we have become! All thanks to our engineering course...All round development it teaches you! :D

Dedicated to the group of intense observers: Charu, Kinara and Jinal .
I’m sure we gonna miss this in our later life! :( :(

Sorry Jinal! Couldn't find you in any of the group pics!
All time busy she is,clicking her insane friends! :P


Thursday, February 14, 2013


15th to 18th Feb,our college will be organizing its Annual Techno-cultural fest-Nu-Tech.Being a second year undergraduate,I thought should at least put in a bit of my effort in the management of the event before the entire responsibility comes upon us, the next year. Last year after experiencing how tough the publicity committee member's job is, I thought to join the sponsorship and the creative committee this year.Obviously, being a piscean,I love getting engrossed  in the latter job but the toughest part was undoubtedly getting the sponsors for the Mega Kailash Kher concert.

The job began some 2-3 weeks ago when the concert was finalized along with its lead singer. Initially we were like,'Okay,not a tough job.After all,”Kailash Kher” is coming to our college!.Who would not like to get their company's advertisement done in such a mega event.Easy!' But who knew,the same thing would teach us some life learning lessons! What initially began as just a fun event (We were granted attendance! :D  A big thing in engineering colleges!! ) started frustrating us. Morning to evening, we used to search for sponsors. All the city malls, famous indulging sites, hotels,car showrooms...everything!Helped me reduce my direction dyslexia by 0.001% at least! :P

Some situations used to be so annoying. They’ll ask everything about your event-the dates, the estimate cost of the event, the place etc. and what ends up is 'Sorry,we don't have the budget to fund you!' and we were like 'Wow!Happy Realization!'.Yet another category of people,on the phone,'Yea..Tell us about your event.' and when the phone balance dips like anything in explaining to them everything, they end up saying 'Call me after half an hour' and when you call back,'I'm driving right now!Call you back after an hour?'You wait and wait and wait!The next day you call back again 'Sir,wanted to know your response!' and they reply 'Oh!Very few days left for the event!We won’t be able to arrange for the models and their designer dresses' and we again end up saying 'Wow!One day delay becomes "So late" '!

This makes me think about the salesmen who knocks our door at the mid afternoon and we bang the door on his face saying 'Nahi chahiye!' without realizing he is working under someone,he too has a master and the fear of  getting fired from his job!

Very less sponsorships we may have brought but I've seen a change in many who now say 'Paise kamana kitna mushkil hai.Aur ham faltu mai waste kartey retey hai!'