Monday, January 14, 2013

Let the Country awake!

26 days it has been since India lost her daughter!
Everybody's life seems to have become pretty much normal na?!Except a few friend's of hers,her shocked family,the troubled,suspended policemen for not performing their 'duties' well,the family of the accused,a few publicity-demanding-politicians ?
Just a little change for common man: Daughters of India praying to return back 'SAFE','UNMOLESTED','UNTEASED' from their offices,schools,colleges or "Kindergartens"?

TOI-30th December,2012

Much, more than I ever thought,has been said and written about this issue.Wonder what I was doing till these horrific 26 days?'SHOCK' held me tight,for maybe,this was the first time I heard something so ghastly as this one..I dont know,what relation I had with this brave girl,nobody knows ,yet the country united in grief and anger,surviving the cold water canons in the chilly month of December,the tear-gas & the human-less lathis!

Each time her news is being shown or printed,it drags me closer to the cheap mentality of some men.Today's edition of TOI reads "Nirbhaya's mother speaks up!"..Imagining the plight of the woman who gave birth to such a brave girl leaves me in tears .What her fault was?That her daughter was a bright student,that she got an opportunity in the Indian capital to complete her internships?That she loved wearing western clothes?That she went for a movie with a male friend ?Or that she boarded that White bus?

Today,marks the end of her last rites..The villagers say,its time to officially forget her.Forget her?Forget the ambitious girl who wanted to support her family financially,whose dreams of being a medical student were shattered just because of those shameless,inhumane six men ?Forget the girl who was the another victim of irresponsible government?

In these situations of distress,what does the so-much-adored by the 'superstitious'-Indians priest-'Asaram' has to say?
She should have pleaded those guys to leave her,fallen to their feet,addressed them as 'Bhaiya'! Shit!
Seems he is yet to know the real meaning of Bhaiya!Making those 'rapists' your bhaiya's is the cheapest statement I could have ever come across.It seems that everybody just wanted to be a media's attention seeker in this big-youth-issue,then be it by making 'dented-and-painted' comments or something as narrow-minded as the above one.

My heart goes out for her family who, today, received her bag of clothes.How her brothers now have just a lock of her hair as her remembrance and what her parents might be going through right now!Those parents who taught her to walk,eat and live a life of her own terms.Those brothers for whom Raksha Bandhan would forever freshen up this ghastly reality of their life..Never before,had I cried so much,on anybody's death,as her's!Never before was I so soul-drenched as now!Never before I have prayed so much as I now...

Let those accused experience a HELL here on this Earth so that no man ever dares of doing this again!
Let the brave-heart's soul rest in peace.
Let the Country awake!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tuney Meli choti khichi? :O

4:15 p.m. it was, when I, following a routine, was returning from the college. The bus drops me about half-a-kilometer away from my home. So I get a chance to lose at least a few pounds each day as I silently walk on the cold roads with giant trees on both sides accompanying  me ,watching the idle men at the cigar shops, women back from the grocery shopping or the teen-aged "future of India” returning from their tuition! But today was something different!

Just as I stepped out of my school-like-looking bus, I heard something that drifted my interest & forced me to gaze there for the next few minutes. What I saw?

Little kids, aged between five and eight  sitting in a yellow mini bus, which was at halt to drop one among them, shouting notoriously, crying

 "Mamma.. Mamma...!",
"Mujhe apni bottle wapus kar!" ,
 "Mummy ko keh doongi!" ,
"Tuney meli choti khichi?!" ,
"Kal tiffin mai bread butter lana!" ...

Such beautiful were those days,when we knew not ,what competition was,what jealousy meant.Days when  Daud Pakad” used to be just a game and not the race of/for life!

Sunday, January 6, 2013


The Sunset at Raja Seat,Coorg
   © Pooja Karadgi,

Amidst the din and madness
Of protests and lathi charges
I sit in silent contemplation
Seeking to unravel
The greater purpose
Behind Nirbhaya’s plunder

Was there a deeper soul purpose
To her boarding a barren bus
And offering her human sacrifice?
Did her soul choose to suffer
The gravest insanity
In order to awaken
A slumbering humanity?

This outrage that pours into the streets
Is it a calling from each soul?
To fight the darkness
To awaken;
To ascend;
To transition;
Into a new era of consciousness?
Where love wins over fear
And compassion and oneness
Guide our minds?

Will punishing the criminals kill the crime?
Will lighting candles overcome the darkness within?

Each one must allow Nirbhaya’s sacrifice
To touch and transform their lives
Each one must choose
Their own inner light
And forsake their darkness
Each one must remember
All forgotten sacrifices
And take personal responsibility

Delhi, your parched land
Is burning with the pyres of unsung, forgotten heroes
Who have been raped, shot, murdered and plundered
Earth heaves under your karmic weight
Wake up! You sleeping sons and daughters of power
Lead us no more into darkness
Rule us not through fear and indifference
Let the waters of the holy Ganges
Purify your hearts, minds and souls
Enough to allow compassion, love and concern
Into your hearts
So you may feel driven to restore
Justice, peace and order.

Time to raise your voice!