Saturday, December 1, 2012

We love shopping !

“Crying is for plain women. Pretty women go shopping.” 
― Oscar Wilde

"Lets Go Shopping!" 
These are the three little words from mom which swings your mood in seconds!Walk straight into a shopping mall, and flaunt the latest styles.

I've had shared endless experiences rather creepy experiences on this site,whenever I've stepped out  for an 'intensional shopping'.So much so,that my dad was once so much fed up with this choosy nature of mine,that he suggested me to get a pair of 'JEans' stitched Imagine!Now,the usual scene is that,whenever we step out for 'my' shopping,my parents successfully manage to get a seat somewhere and its me,who go on to buy something for myself.

Shoppers Stop has always been the hot favorite shopping stop for both me and my sissy,for the wide variety it offers to choose from.This time,we chose to go for online shopping from SS!
Here are some things which have been bought by me or have been added to my wish list...After all,birthday and christmas on their way! :D

     Something I can always hunt for in my wardrobe!

W Mix and Match Short Kurta

For an addictive handbag that you'll crave just like 


Lavie Handbag - Molly collection

    Add some hardware to your wrist !

Casio Ladies Watches - Sheen Collection - SX028

         “ I don't know who invented high heels, but all

 women owe him a lot!”

  -Marilyn Monroe


HAUTE CURRY - Womens Evening Peep Toe

Mascaras and Lipsticks! <3

Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lip Color Plum Perfect

                                                                         Maybelline Define A Lash Mascara - Waterproof - Very Black

Whether,its just a get-together or a party or the most special day of your life-Wedding, these make you look glamorous and beautiful!

:  Way Out West!

Holidays means Partying! :D D:

Van Heusen Ladies Dress
Austin Reed Ladies Formal Dress

Yayyy! :D
Winter is back in action...can actually feel it :)
The season of hot muffins and natural blush!The season of wearing extra long sleeved sweaters and flaunting a pair of sexy jackets! Winter jackets are absolutely a craze! They classify the category of chic and trendy that you fit into.  So, go indulge!

Latin Quarters Ladies Parachute Jacket

Van Heusen Ladies Sweater

So,if you are one of my tribes,who loves shopping but half of the times return with empty hand bags simply wasting the Earth's natural resources,I suggest you to visit the Shoppers Stop online shopping site, !From offering a wide range of products like apparels to watches,from jewelley to perfumes,it promises you free shipping,cash on delivery and easy exchange and returns!I'm sure you wont be able to put a hold on your temptations!

This is an official entry to  SHOPPERS STOP PERFECT LOOK contest..