Friday, November 23, 2012

CLicK MaNiaC

The Story behind lighting these 365 wicks: 
King Hima’s sixteen-year-old son was destined to die by snakebite on the fourth day of his marriage. On the fourth day, his wife did not allow him to sleep. She laid out ornaments & heaps of gold at the entrance of her husband’s chamber & lighted lamps all over the place. She spent the night telling stories & singing songs.When Yam, the God of Death arrived in the disguise of a serpent, his eyes were blinded by the sparkle of the lights & he could not enter the prince’s chamber. Instead, he climbed on top of the heap & sat there the whole night listening to the songs. In the morning, he went away & it was on that night that her husband was saved from death. This day is also known as Yamadeepdan & lamps are kept burning throughout the night, in commemoration of Yamraj. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Three Little Words

Beep Beep...SMS!
You open your inbox once again to read a "Happy New Year" message, rather just a formal reply by a person whom you forwarded one in the morning. The entire day, your mobile has beeped, hasn't it? Some people do bother of wishing back, either again by a text message or a call, Some simply mark it read.Truly, virtual world has reduced distances, but, I fear one day, personal human relations would end. While there are some like these I mentioned, there on the other side, are  people who are desperately waiting to meet their family and relatives, to invite Goddess Lakshmi to their place, but alas!,they are forced to guard other’s wealth and assets!
Yes! This one's for our Security Guards!
As a family tradition, we headed on to worship Lord Ram. Standing there at the temple gates, looking at the lightings of the nearby lofty buildings was a man dressed in grey .His Job: To guarantee security and to manage the mass. I never before bothered to notice the security guards, the sole people , because of whom we are able to enjoy a serene sleep every night. Silently imagining himself with his family in other’s was his job on this auspicious day of Deepavali.I could see his eyes turning to every kid whose eyes revealed the happiness of holding his favorite chocolate, every wife walking with her husband clad in gold and a beautiful saree.A man, desperate to return a "Happy New Year" wish to someone!
There I saw, a little girl, aged not more than 7,in a cute pink frock playing with an Orange balloon. The balloon flew towards the guard, as if it was intended to. She ran behind it as fast as possible to get hold of it .The Guard picked it up and handed it to its 7 year old owner.
"Thank you Uncle" said an innocent voice.
"Happy New Year, Uncle"
"Happy New Year Beta!"

The three little words!
It makes such a difference to someone!

A very Happy New Year to all the people who  protect us,our houses and our nation.

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Colours Of Festivity...

                                             Clicked with Canon PowerShot..What makes us Click!

Creepy Part Two!

List out some reasons why your parents might be fed up with you?
Yes,A hundred reasons..Homework nahin karta,padhti nahi nahi hai,classes bunk karte hai,Pura din FB pe bethi rehti hai...And the list continues!

But above all this,what irritates my parents is, when I forcibly take them out for shopping and return without a single bag in hand.And this is my second post related to same ( 1st one: Creepy ),only difference being,I was able to buy something then,but now,absolutely nothing!

I don't know,what goes wrong,when I leave for intentional shopping.Four days it has been,since we are roaming in the city malls.Its actually just I and Dad.Momma manages to find some place in the malls and prefers waiting there,watching us return empty handed.Its never the case,that I don't like something,when I simply go for a stroll around the city malls,I mean everything,every apparel,seems to attract me when I dont have to buy them and then it becomes so difficult to resist.
Just today,I went to one of the malls,known for its apparels,and when I described the kind,I wanted,they say,
"Iss size ke to khatam ho gaye.."

Part three may soon get published! :(