Sunday, September 23, 2012

Because I am a woman from Hollywood! I am the heroine of my life…

All along these years, I’ve seen people questioning us. Questioning us about the way I and many alike me, magically survive in this seemingly impossible world. A world where even the brightest sun shines only a ray upon us. A day which ends up sometimes with less than a penny earned. A day when even the appetite promises to compromise with the situation, a situation we are being put upon by the nature. A place where eyes seem to have gotten habituated of seeing the filthy food. A place where privacy is yet to be defined. A life so lucky that the metal roofs make us enjoy the rains all throughout the year. A life where my children gleefully play with the mud, the tires and the metal pieces. A life where problems seem to be the synonym of life..


Dark it may be, but our smiles lighten up the part. Less than a penny be our daily wage, we are helpfully being served by our neighbors when in need. However empty our stomachs be, whatever prepared gets shared equally. Though there may be rats, dirt, and uncleanliness all around, we still sit down together to watch the common television. Be it just the metal pieces or tyres,our children know how to run together shouting and enjoying behind one.

Buying a posh jewellery may be your dream, but for me, it’s my spirit which adorns me.

Because I am a woman from Hollywood!
I am the heroine of my life…

This post is dedicated to all the courageous and high spirited women of Hollywood,a slum area in the posh new city of Ahmedabad.It has been popularly known as HOLLYWOOD for the last 4 decades for the reason that the women living here have a rustic beauty and glamour which is found to resemble that of Hollywood stars.

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