Monday, May 28, 2012

A Thanksgiving Note to God..:)

Dear God,

Its not that I dont remember you daily with my sweet and innocent prayers(:P)...But today,I thought I should give you a special thanksgiving note,as I realize that such a sweet sister you've given me who understands all my feelings(i.e. when I'm in the mood of shopping !! :P ) without troubling my mouth!I simply need to say her "I miss you" followed by the saddest smiley ( :( or :'( ) and the next moment she gets it!!One who reads all my posts(Well,I can only guess that! ) but publicizes only ones which has loads of her appreciation!!One who (as far as I remember) taught me ride the tricycle!(I'll upload the pic!! :P )..One who used to play  "Hide and seek" alias "Thappo" holding me in her little hands just because mommy wont let her go else(Thanks to my loud cries if she even dared to)!Oh..Not to create any false impression of hers!She had once left me all alone in one of the blocks..Bechari Poo was crying and sobbing and weeping but "Angel Priyanka" had got a little busy with her friends that day!And you know what?Today, I dont fear heights!!Experiences eradicates them all! I've fallen from staircases(3rd floor to second) and the grain storage silos!But then enjoyed the "Big Bang" too!!My sisi's the one who is  born with a business mind!Used to charge me..her li'l innocent Poo for the "Thought waali diary" and "The white cindrella waala pencil box"!I often wonder,that how you used to flatter dad,that every new and beautiful thing that came home was your's!!One who was ready to fight with her best friend and her brother near that electricity box in the society just for her li'l Poo!One who always used to take me to her friend's birthday parties and 'the return gifts'...So much they used to excite me-Pencils,pens,perfumes..Whoa!!One who used to eat way all my chocolates and have half of the Pepsi-cola (khol ke dene ke bahane! :-/)!(I actually came to know this,today!)

This is only what I am able to recall right now! But am sure..these aren't the only mischiefs of your's di and the pretty innocent tales of mine!
As you said,agar masti ki hi nahi hoti toh aaj kya yaad karte?!!
Miss you so much di!!(with no sad smiley)!!!!Am sure,we'll have lots of masti this time too when you come here!
:) :)

Starting from top(clockwise)
1.The Cindrella Pencil box
2.Hide and seek
3.The Pepsi-colas
4.The tricycle :)
5.Poo falling from staircases!
6.Business minded di counting her profits! :P