Tuesday, March 27, 2012


8:00 P.M.

Mom : Yelling at me to leave that sofa for sometime & help her in the household chores!!
Dad : Having an altercation with me for the television  remote :)!!
: Lazily lying on my sofa with the remote in one hand & the sandwich in the other after a hectic schedule at the college!! I was switching on between the channels when I saw something like this flashing on the T.V screen 


President Pratibha Patil's foreign trips cost record Rs 205 crore!!

I was shocked!! 205 crore!! Rs.205000000!!!!!And she belongs to a country where almost 400000000 people are marked as 'people living below the poverty line'!!In a country where people prefer to die of hunger rather than eat from the penny earned through unfair means!!In a country where the person's half of his life's income goes in obediently paying taxes & bills!!In a country where about 5000 children die everyday  from hunger..!!In a country where 50% of the children dream of going to school but can't!! In a country where every hour a farmer or a laborer commits suicide leaving his family with only tears!!


I know,to establish foreign relationships you need to travel being a president,attend conferences,meetings etc. but the news(www.thehindu.com) also reads "A series of RTI applications has revealed that Air India incurred over Rs. 169 crore on use of chartered aircraft, always a Boeing 747-400, on the foreign visits by Ms. Patil, mostly accompanied by family members.A further sum of nearly Rs. 36 crore has been incurred by the External Affairs Ministry on accommodation, local travel, daily allowance and “miscellaneous” expenses, according to its information "

Oh God...!!You are the president of this country..The leader!! And as the saying goes"leaders must have followers", if it gets actually true in your case,I fear whats gonna happen!!You are indirectly injecting false thoughts into the minds of the innocent children-whom we call the future of the nation!!
An incident : Prerak,My neighbor ,a 12 year old boy who's brilliantly intelligent & smart..When people ask him what he would like to become in the future he says "I want to be a politician"..When i first heard this I was happy..I thought at least there are some who dream of being someone but not an engineer or a doctor!!Then I asked him why..Just a simple three letter word and I was aghast when i heard him say"They have so much of money..they travel in Audi's with a  driver wearing that uniform..They live in classy bungalows with the guards at the gate...etc."Not a single time did he say that he wanted to become a politician because he wanted to serve the society,to help those little kids go to the school,to help those destitute so that one day even they dare to  dream of these things ...But No...Entering politics means enjoying money,power,status!!What kind of wrong signals are these people sending!! People choose you because they have hopes from you!! They want you people to prove the saying "Politicians are the people who promise to build a bridge where there is no river" wrong!!

And this isn't the only case!!
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_politicians_in_India_charged_with_corruption shows a list of the Indian politicians charged with corruption!! I know..many of you might think "Yeh to wahi purana topic...Corruption..kitna sun aur padh chuke is baare me...Kuch nahi hoga is desh ka!!" ("The same old topic of corruption!!Something that has been heard by us a million times...Nothing's gonna happen!!")I realize that we all are busy...busy attending the parties,working hard to impress our bosses,busy flattering the promotion head for the rise,busy watching the daily soaps & what not!! But..Does this all really matter??Are we all so busy that we dont have the time not only to think but act??Hats off to Anna Hazare-the 72 year young man and his brave team who at least took a step..Annaji-The person whose shaky voice still  has a power to force the millions to think,with a body so fragile that it can tolerate a fast for 290 hours..
There were thousands who thought and acted as well..They joined the Anti-Corruption movement..But did you ?? No !! Even I didn't!! Why ?? Because we were busy & will always be---paying the bills,sending our children who were lucky to be born in well-to-do families to International Schools,Going to the posh restaurants and many simply enjoying their afternoon nap,isn't it?? 
1947:India attained Independence
20??:India declared corruption free..

We all have a part to play in this movement!! Stop giving bribes to that traffic police when the next time you get caught,to that greedy college trusty who promises to admit you to his engineering college,to that government official who promises to get you the permission to open your own saloon...!!!

I promise to play my role for "CORRUPTION FREE INDIA" because I dream of "CORRUPTION FREE INDIA"

Do you??

~ ~This post is written for "Stayfree:Time to change" contest..:)
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mumbai Ishtyle...

Mumbai-I think of it & the next moment I have images of people swaying out from the buses,trains and almost all other transportation means flashing across my mind.I have even heard that the people in possession of their own cars there or any other  personal vehicle also prefer to go by these public transports!!! I have actually never been to the main city!! I never had a chance to..I've heard the place is best for not so big budgeted shopaholics!!I've just seen the train stations surrounded by big skyscrapers and by chance its always a twilight when I have to catch a train for Bangalore via Mumbai from Ahmedabad.So I have been lucky to see the golden lit buildings there..And this sight of people drooping off the trains and buses actually has been witnessed by me there-at the lovely(sarcastic) railway stations!!.This is how I pass my 2 hours there..Observing people,listening to their different languages,their outfits,the weary faces of men and women,the food stalls(which seems damn unhygienic but these Mumbaikars have been gifted with a innate resistance I suppose!),the dogs smelling all the garbage bins hoping to find a little for their empty stomachs,the coolies and lot many other things !!

I always used to wonder that how these people manage to dangle out of these trains and buses!!And it was only today that I actually experienced a bit of it!! And believe me it was a boggling experience!!The case was, that I was waiting for an auto-rickshaw that could take me to my house.I was waiting there and I saw a girl ,her face clad in a blue duppata( to protect her beautiful skin from getting tanned!! ) and as stated in one of my earlier blogs , I love to talk to "sincere looking strangers"!! I asked her if she was waiting for a bus..It was already 6:15,the time when the last local bus passes by our college and I could see around 50-60 eager faces out there with a sense of competition sparkling on their faces to who would climb the bus first!!

There were many empty autos(which is a rare sight) that were passing by me and I wasn't impeding them!!Dunno why!! Maybe my brain cells had decided to try something new today! I waited with her for the last bus which finally arrived at around 6:40...And the first distant sight of it brought a "OMG" reaction on my face , looking at which , she said "This is a usual scene!!First day it'll seem weird but then when you commute daily in this you'll get  acquainted!!" And I was like "How do we climb in this..I mean it is so very crowded!!" But finally I was able to occupy a square cm area of the beautiful white bus!!So many people!!But I loved the experience... And now I realize that going in that yellow college bus was so damn boring!!The same people, same situations and you know what, every morning when I used to board the college bus , it was a common sight : People with the headphones plugged in their ears and only twice a sem with their books [:P]!!

Image Courtesy: shirindelsooz.com

MORAL: Get out of your comfort zone and try something different !! Stop sticking to the routines... There is so much of unspeakable joy!! :)
Mumbai Ishtyle...

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Two days to go!!And I'm pretty much excited..Dunno why..I mean yes..its my birthday-'a special day' but it'll be like any other birthdays.. Still I wonder something wondrous to happen that day(like the ones shown in the Cartoon network shows!!!).But then very soon I remind myself that "No baby!!Its not a fairy tale that people & birds & animals(flying from the sky) will sing for you the 'standard rhymed'  "Happy Birthday to you"!!"

Well...I've already troubled my parents a lot!!Just a single jeans and we've wandered the entire city!!My parents reaction.."Take this money..Go and buy yourself any alien jeans you want..".They are so much fed up with this choosy nature of mine!!Well,I had too decided that I wont go alone!!

Finally today I bought one!!An Indigo colored Lee Cooper jeans!! No..I was never crazy for a branded one but...!! Indigo doesn't here mean the one which we have been referring since our childhood as one of the color in the rainbow..Its a black+blue combo..And I'm Loving it!!One of my past experience(I mean this same time) is something which you call mirthful and what according to my parents was an alien behavior!!Before buying this, the last store that I had entered was Blue Buddha...The retailer put before me some 20-30 jeans to choose from..I decided to try one..Yes..it fitted me well but I dunno why I didn't like it..And I had decided never to come out of the trial room wearing the 'sample' because then my parents who are waiting outside with the mixture of exhausted & angry faces would react as if I was looking like a fairy wearing that(So that I finally buy one!!)...
So I came out wearing my own jeans...
The reason I gave.."No uncle...I'm looking weird in this!!"
Uncle:"Any problem in the size?'
I:"No..Fitting is perfectly fine..But this is looking weird on me"
And finally I say thank you & leave!!
Then my dearest sisi rings up at my dads cell & questions where we were.Daddy narrated the entire stuff i.e. the names of all the showrooms we had visited and the last statement that was indeed a taunt "The jeans  looked creepy on her..So she didn't buy!!"And then he says to me "Do one thing...Buy some cloth & get your jeans stitched!! "

Oh God!!

I'm lovin it!! :)

P.S. : I know I'm pretty good at exaggerating the situations!! :P :D

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sanctum Sanctorum

There’s a place on this Earth...
Where I, with million others love to flock!
A place where only the chirping of the birds is heard,
Where I get a chance to peep into their lives!
A place filled with serenity,
That no city or the town can gift!
A place where I feel relaxed...
Where I leave back all my tensions & pains…
Where I have the opportunity to be me,
Just my own self!!!

( Just a few months back, the photography bug had bit me...!! :P ...Here are a few pics clicked by me!
Have a look! [:)] )

This place is Nal Sarovar

Home to nearly 250 bird species

Wetlands and birds, are the key

To Earth’s ancient ‘life diversity’

A perfect retreat to those who want to 
absorb themselves in absolute serenity

Bird lovers should reach here at dawn since most 
of the avian flock is seen visible during that time.

Country boats hired on rent would suffice you
 with theunique opportunity of viewing the bird
 flock in a close angle ....


Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Quake & The Aftershocks!!

Don't you think that exams too make many good memories of college life...Like,opening your book for the first time(exceptional cases do exist),asking your friends about the 'next day' exam syllabus,reaching the college an hour before the time to console yourself that everybody is sailing in the same boat,the reactions of the people after the exams..Some with a smile as wide as that of the clown & the others giving simple normal expressions as if they want to explain that  "They are the part of our  life..Just as  happiness and sadness oscillate,this phase too is gonna pass out soon!!". Oh Yeah!!how did I forget to mention the importance of land line phones with the 111 scheme??They become more important than any  lecture notes or xerox copies..!!

Yes..I am talking about these all stuffs cause just today I gave my last paper of the Mid-Sems..A week since I had last heard the giggles and the smirks..!This week it was all replaced by the leg pulling..!!!I could everywhere see people with Big dark shadows under their eyes,pale faces,fragile & leaning bodies etc.

Just one question!How much should you study to get those dark bags under your eyes??Arey.. that's a serious question. Whenever I see people with such eyes I often wonder the same..I wanna at least for once experience them..( Of course the temporary ones).. At least to pretend that I too study[:P]!!

This week we'll get the after shocks..!!Every teacher entering the classroom wont leave until & unless she comments on our papers.Like"What all have you people have done in your papers?I had to drink 3-4 cupfuls of tea just to check the first half of the bundle!" And the facial expressions of the first half students is worth noticing at that time!! And unluckily I too belong to that first half of my class!! :(