Friday, February 17, 2012


Count your life by smiles,not tears...

Count your age by friends,not years..:)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Indians among world's happiest people: Poll

(An article from YAHOO news)

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Despite economic woes, wars, conflicts and natural disasters the world is ahappier place today than it was four years ago and Indonesians, Indians and Mexicans seem to be the most contented people on the planet.
More than three-quarters of people around the globe who were questioned in an international poll said they were happy with their lives and nearly a quarter described themselves as very happy.
"The world is a happier place today and we can actually measure it because we have been tracking it," said John Wright, senior vice president of Ipsos Global, which has surveyed the happiness of more than 18,000 people in 24 countries since 2007.
But he added that expectations of why people are happy should be carefully weighed.
"It is not just about the economy and their well being. It is about a whole series of other factors that make them who they are today."
Brazil and Turkey rounded out the top five happiest nations, while Hungary, South Korea, Russia, Spain and Italy had the fewest number of happy people.
Perhaps proving that money can't buy happiness, residents of some of the world biggest economic powers, including the United States, Canada and Britain, fell in the middle of the happiness scale.
"There is a pattern that suggests that there are many other factors beyond the economy that make people happy, so it does provide one element but it is not the whole story," said Wright.
"Sometimes the greatest happiness is a cooked meal or a roof over your head," he explained. "Relationships remain the No. 1 reason around the world where people say they have invested happiness and maybe in those cultures family has a much greater degree of impact."
Regionally Latin America had the highest number of happy people, followed by North America, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East and Africa. Only 15 percent of Europeans said they were very happy.
On a more personal note married couples tended to be happier than singles but men seemed to be as content as women. Education and age also had an impact with more people under 35 saying they are very happy than 25-49 year olds. Higher education also equated with higher happiness.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Smile-It adds to your face value!!

There is a face lift that you can perform yourself that is guaranteed to improve your appearance which to no extent can the Olay or Garnier do !! As said "Its a curve which can set a lot of things straight."A smile is like changing a baby's diaper-it solves your problems and can make things more acceptable!!

I had been taught this by one of my teachers and ever since I have been applying this funda..And it actually works !! Like I can make friends instantly just by this little curve,I can convince people more effectively etc.Life's lessons have taught me this: a smile is the number one feature that makes people attractive. It's a welcome mat. It's what makes folks approachable. People with a great smiles radiate a warmth that draws others to them instantly.

One way to become better at smiling is increasing your awareness. Take notice of those you find warm and inviting. Is it their smile? Make an effort to LOOK for great smiles. Notice the appeal of people who smile with their EYES, not just their mouth. The whole face gets involved. Consider these people your models. Study yourself in the mirror. How do you look in the rest room, when shopping, and while passing a reflective window? Do you look friendly? Approachable? Do you really LIKE the image you're projecting?

Life is like a frown at it & it frowns back at smile & it smiles back at you!!Accept every challenge with a smile ,deal with others with a smile & help others with a smile!!SPREAD A SMILE :) !! 

You can't..

Carly Simon song in Pooh's Heffalump Movie

No matter what luxuries you possess,how many Mercedes or Audi's you have & which brand of jeans or watches you wear...what matters is how many friends u have with whom you can go for long drives in the A or Q class or those who demand you a party for buying the Rolex!!! 
You can't cry on your own shoulders when problems come your way and nor can you tell your secrets to your own self..You cannot alone laugh on the stupid jokes & you cannot wish yourself on your birthdays & nor can you rub that cake on your face at 12:00 in the night...!!!You need a species called "F.R.I.E.N.D.S" for all these..
Dedicated to all my idiotic friends!! :P :D :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

What Happens When The Thing Which You Are Best At Betrays You!!

No!!!!!!! My acrylic colors haven't betrayed me(I am my own judge :P ) nor have the programming languages(I'm being sarcastic..Not at all good at PL :) )Well,here I'm talking about Laughter :D :D..The thing which I'm best at..!!! :D :D
And if you'll hear the reason ,I'm sure you'll get to know how well I execute this job..
Last Friday we had our first Yoga class at our college..whoa..We all were pretty excited (actually a bit sad too b'cause we would have to wake up early !! :O)
8:45 to 9:45 he gave us a BIG lecture on the benefits of yoga!!
9:45 to 10:45 he made us do some pranayams...
10:45 he told us to LAUGH!!! & at 10:47 he began to laugh like a giant HAHAHAHA....:D :D

There is a special name for the physiological study of laughter. It is called Gelotology. Scientists have discovered that within four- tenths of a second of seeing something humorous, an electrical wave moved through the cerebral cortex of the brain. If the wave took a negative charge, there was laughter. Source:

Yeah..Within four-tenths of a second I did began laughing but it was only after half an hour that I finally stopped!!!
I often wonder if someday something happens to me just because of over laughing!!!

The consequences :

I'm not able to speak..My voice is temporarily down!!! :(

I went to a medical shop to buy strepsils..
He was staring at me when I was speaking & asks "Did you eat plenty of sweets?? "
I couldn't of course tell him the actual reason..I said "YES"!!

All those friends with whom I only have a HI-Bye type friendship suddenly find me in their contact list and call me.OMG and my mom had to play the role of the mediator!! **

I was sleeping peacefully at my home . Mamma had gone to the bazaar to do some grocery shopping Suddenly , there was  someone knocking the door hard.I got so annoyed that I too opened it with a bang ..I stood there at the door making some weird faces (in sleep) & suddenly I hear "Pooja...U were sleeping beta?? "..I somehow managed to open my eyes & I see the neighbor aunt with a bowl of milk in her hand!! I , in some way managed to give her a smile..She suddenly started running towards my kitchen & put the bowl on the gas..I had already decided to keep mum after the previous incident..!!

Next one in the line to hear my voice was the salesman..He asked me to call some elder person of the family..I somehow managed to say that there was no one in the house..He points towards my kitchen and says "I saw someone there..Call her (Order...HUH)!!" ( God knows when did that man see my neighbor aunt !! ) I via actions told him "No, There's no-one there!!" He still kept staring at the kitchen from where,suddenly aunt comes.We both (salesman & I) stare at each other & I suddenly start explaining him(dunno why) that "Oh..she..she's my neighbor!! "Then Aunt speaks up the first sentence ( She didn't say a sorry for disturbing my dreams) in my house "Yeah..That house is mine..Don't knock...My children are studying!! "And I nodded with the See,I didn't lie feeling !!!Uh.....Speech's so much important!!!!!!

The next:The courier man!
He handed me an envelope & gave me some papers which wanted 'my' signatures ;) !! As a formal gesture I wanted to say Thank you & so did I..His reply "Take care of you voice & Get well soon !! " Oh God!!!!!!

Lesson : Don't laugh out too loud!!!!!!

Forgot to add a 'Don't' :(

** You aren't just restricted to my Hi-Bye friend list Ranju !!

P.S. The title of this post has been suggested by of my very(++) good friend !!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Weight Freak..

Who doesn't like to look good..??A slim & a  healthy body is what everyone of us dreams of. isn't it?Body weight has been a crazy issue for most of us..All of you might have been conscious about your body weight at some point of your life..There's nothing to hide or get embarrassed !! Obviously we aren't super models or A-grade actors that we appoint a  nutritionist to plan our diet !!

Frankly speaking,my entire family is a weight freak!! My sis stays in Indore.Every time she uploads her pics , the first thing we notice or comment is "Has she gained some weight or has she got slimmer?"Everyone of us has got a perfect weight but our aim is to prevent that spare tyre around our waists..It makes you feel confident about your own self..

Every fortnight I used to go the nearest hospital to check if I had added a few more kilos to this healthy body!! It was only a  few days ago that I decided to bring a weighing machine home..Its a bright white machine with a  few yellow chicks (the fatty ones on left side & the slender ones on the right..)painted on it..I believe that the idea (of painting the fatty ones on left side & the slender ones on the right..) is to inspire us to become like the right side ones ;)!!

Oh!!This has become a part of my family now!! I care for it(we have covered it with a transparent plastic so that it doesn't loose its fairness).Ever since it has come to our home,there's not a single day when I haven't looked at its tipping scale..!!In  morning before the breakfast,after the breakfast,before a walk,after a walk,before lunch,after lunch,in the afternoon,before the dinner & finally after the dinner..UH!!!(I told you,I am a weight freak..) & the good/bad news is the scale neither tilts right nor to its left!! But not a problem,I'm not fat !! I am perfect!! :)

:D :) :D